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Volcanos And C02 Emissions
04-13-2007, 04:49 PM,
Volcanos And C02 Emissions
hi peeps,
i was wondering if someone might be able to offer their advice on the subject of Volcano's and c02 emissions. I heard alex jones on his radio show recently said something to the effect that, 'volcanos are responsible for 70% of greenhouse emissions, and one volcano errupting causes more greenhouse gas than all of man kind for 200 years.' I may have misquoted a little hear but that was the general gist of it.

I searched the internet looking for some supporting documentation but the only relevant information i could find contradicted this statement. what i did find was this;

"Carbon Dioxide

Present-day carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from subaerial and submarine volcanoes are uncertain at the present time. Gerlach (1991) estimated a total global release of 3-4 x 10E12 mol/yr from volcanoes. This is a conservative estimate. Man-made (anthropogenic) CO2 emissions overwhelm this estimate by at least 150 times. "

This says that humans are causing 150 x times the amount of volcanos.

Would appreciate any advice on this?


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