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Some Intersting Facts About The Shooting In Va
04-17-2007, 12:12 AM,
Some Intersting Facts About The Shooting In Va
1. Same MO: Another school shooting, following the MO of Columbine, of course the shooter blew his head off before we got to ask him any questions.

2. Students said that the shooter never said one word, he simply marches forth and shot people mercilessly.

3. The number of people killed? 33 including the shooter. 33 and numbers that are mutliples of 11 are important to the illuminati.

Something that bothers me greatly is that the facts surrounding Oklahoma Society prove Mcveigh could not have possible destroyed the building with a Rider Truck Bomb, yet he confessed to the crime. Mcveigh always looks lost, not there.

My hypothesis: I do not put it past the elite to be able to develope neurlogical interfaces which could be implanted into the motor cortex of the brain and give someone complete control over another. Could this be a manufactured crisis, to take away guns from Americans?

I know this is out there, based on a lot of hypothesis, and sounds simmilar to the Manchurian Candidate, but it will be interesting to see how the government responds to this. If their solution is more gun control I will be even more skeptical.
04-17-2007, 03:52 AM,
Some Intersting Facts About The Shooting In Va
IMHO, after the first 3 were shot, the rest should have KNOWN they had nothing to lose.
They SHOULD have rushed him en masse and dis-armed him. But they were total FUCKING COWARDS
thinking only about their OWN precious lives. They had no fucking balls, and I'm personally GLAD such
weak pieces of shit are off the face of the Earth.

If I was in a room where I just witnessed 3 people blown away in front of me, and I KNEW I had nothing to
lose, I'd at LEAST try to zig-zag, dodge and duck and boot fuck the mofo.

The world's better off without most of them...fucking cowards.

Oh, and btw, YES I have been shot at.... drive-by in Broward Co. and I ran AFTER the cocksucker,
as God is my witness.

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