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Some Energy Secrets At Google
04-23-2007, 06:10 AM,
Some Energy Secrets At Google
I saw this interview once before but tried to pay attention
so I could search the net on some of the topics.

Change of State: The Hydrogen added energy has been posted on the net
by Bearden. This seems valid. The compressed gases or liquid air to vapor
also might show up as finds. Germans used liquid air to recoil cannons as
far back as WWI for the Paris gun and the WWII for Big Bertha.

Iron and Aluminum: The use of Aluminum at high voltage and frequency as the Iron
for that range is interesting. I say its true, but will the internet. Who else traces
electrical science back to an originator other than this guy.

Unipolar Engine: This was a big topic at one time. The watt-hour meter seems out
of his league since the disk rotation is nulled a no load and the house load varies
the spin rate. But I have never fully analyzed the meter or seen much detail as
a fluorescent lamp operation.

Tesla Oscillator: The piston that vibrates springs to vary an air gap of a low frequency
transformer cooled by liquid air is just genius. Though not familiar with boat power
frequencies, I was aware the 400Hz is favored over 60Hz.

Lots of Names: Kierfot, Sperry, Willy Ley, Goddard, Van Dresser

Aether Momentum: The Alfer and JJ Thompson work on momentum and the devices
seem unknown.

Books and Technology: Something about the CIA in charge of our school books.

link to interview

same video at google, different link
04-24-2007, 05:42 PM,
Some Energy Secrets At Google
Adding some metals info and Tesla experiments:

Tesla says cover the box in zinc:
The box:

It is contained in a box B (Fig. 3) of thick boards of hard wood, covered on the outside with zinc sheet Z, which is carefully soldered all around. It might be advisable, in a strictly scientific investigation, when accuracy is of great importance, to do away with the metal covet, as it might introduce many errors, principally on account of its complex action upon the coil, as a condenser of very small capacity and as an electrostatic and electromagnetic screen. When the coil is used for such experiments as are here contemplated, the employment of the metal cover offers some practical advantages, but these are not of sufficient importance to be dwelt upon.

So high voltage low amp effects need a zinc cover in practice
except for strictly scientific investigation, when accuracy is of great importance, to do away with the metal covet.

Looks like neglect on all points here, only hear about this on the web.

Hey guys and gals I bought this book from hardcover and it had no diagrams, I had a IMUS moment.

Science suppression as far as Tesla goes seems all too real.

Delivered before the Institution of Electrical Engineers, London, February 1892.

Get ready for another hundred years, science is
so boring.

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