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Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
04-25-2007, 08:31 AM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
Quote:I feel you man, I'm in the same situation. The people I live w/ will fight tooth and nail to defend mainstream media views. I just stopped talking with them about it.

Same here, people at work think the same.. if its not from mainstream news it cant be the truth, decided not to speak to people at work about it due to it making my work like a living hell.
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04-25-2007, 10:21 AM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
Quote:At work just now it was me vs. about 10 people, several were engineers.
Well Henry, as a retired engineer myself I can only apologize for the stupidity and closed mindedness of what might have been my colleagues at one time. One of the things school is supposed to do is to teach students to think critically, but the schools and colleges these days are obviously miserable failures at it.

I agree with FlungPup, who said earlier: "Give em copies of 9/11 Mysteries and make them your bitches" except that I would give a group of engineers the documentary: "Improbable Collapse: Demolition of our Republic" because it seems to deal with all the aspects from more of an engineering standpoint than the other films do. If however, I were giving a DVD to a non-technical person, "9/11 Mysteries" would be my choice because it mostly avoids the mathematics and technical details that "Improbable Collapse" deals with. My view is that if the people I'm conversing with aren't willing to even view the information I have to present to them in the form of a video documentary on DVD, then I would just be wasting my time to try to convince them without being able to present any concrete evidence except for my own words (and speaking of "concrete evidence", don't forget the evidence about all the pulverized and powered concrete all over the place because of the explosives! :wink: ). If they want to close their eyes and ears to objective evidence, then well..., all I can say is that I guess there are sheeple in every profession I suppose.

Anyhow, just remember the famous words of General "Vinegar Joe" Stilwell of World War II fame who said:

Illegitimi Non Carborundum!

Incidentally, I just received a very nice email from Kristina Kissner, who is General Manager of the company Louder Than Words, LLC that made the documentary "Loose Change 2nd Edition." Ms. Kissner graciously invited me to add their documentary to my Crypt archive, so I've uploaded the AVI file and am uploading the 6 GB ISO image as we speak. :smile:
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04-25-2007, 12:24 PM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
They cling to the official story of 9-11, not because they don't know, but because they are defending their comfortables lifestyles which they know is built on the oppression that their government is exporting all around the globe.

They are willing to defend the satus quo, the don't-make-waves spirit, rather than face the uncertainty and commotion that will result from exposing and arresting the criminals. After all, what's the big deal ?, they are thinking. It is only some brown looking people with some weird religion who are getting burned alive with bombs in some distant country.

They have became so good at it, that they believe their own lies. Denial has became a part of who they are. It is now a part of their survival mechanism.

Don't feel sorry for them and don't waste your time trying to convince them of anything. You can however write their names on the list of 'Terrorism Enablers'. G W Bush was right when he said : "You are either with us or you are with the terrorists.", but stated from our side.

It is parasites like them who are the NWO's best assets.
04-25-2007, 02:12 PM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience

ive been in this situation many times. and most of them are at about 7 am at some after party, which sees me drunk as hell telling everyone else at the party how it is. most sit there and listen, probly rollin from E. atleast they are listening and taking it in tho... but i always get a few of them who are like what was just described in the above posts. sometimes its fun to get engaged like this, other times it gets plain frustrating and annoying. (especially when your this drunk..hard to keep a train of thought going :wink: ) you can only say so much, play the game for so long until it becomes clear that the few, or in your case, the whole bunch of them, just arent going accept this idea; not from some chump like me who has no credentials, and they have no reason to believe me when everything in them is saying this guy is mad, this cannot be true.

its hard trying to get ppl to change their entire views of life in general. this makes no sense to them. they were told what they were told, by the NEWS. who would never lie, and why would they? what, are they in it on? lol your crazy. the govt would never do something like this. thats silly, your fucked, go away blablabla etc.

i just laugh at them and let them know that i think of them to be just as fucked as how they think of me. when they see that, see the confidence you have in what your saying, it'll atleast get them to secretively question shit a little later on..say hmmm i wonder if he does know what the hell he's talking about. cuz remember, these ppl dont. they're just regurgitating the same nonsense they hear over and over. they dont know any facts, they dont know anything really. just stories. they just know the fairytales they hear on tv.

we know lots. and if any one of them want to debate, accept with open arms. sit them down, just a cpl of them at a time or somethin...and get a debate going, if they think they are so on top of things.

the one thing we will always have on our side is the fact that what we are saying, in all aspects, makes one hell of a lot more sense than anything they could ever come back with, or anything they've ever heard in the "news".

thats what we can always fall back on when things seem to be getting a little stressful -- the truth.

the way they act like your completely fucked for believing this...act that same way right back at them. as we all know..they are the dummies.
you seriously believe that fire could bring those towers down? or that pancaking floors can come down in free fall speeds? haha ok then, have fun with that. byebye.

i bet they will ponder over those things for the remainder of the day. in those situations, thats all you need to do. get them thinking just a little. about just one of the obvious, blatant parts of the 9/11 lies.

and if they dont wanna know, then fuck'em. let them wait for it to come out in their beloved "news". cuz thats the only way a lot of ppl will finally open their eyes and finally believe it. they need Brokaw to tell them.
04-25-2007, 02:39 PM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
i think its a bitch how it works. you tell them some truth, they in turn make up some unbelievable story about how youre wrong. and in turn that creates disinfo. now thats a bitch.
[Image: terrorists_230606.gif]
04-25-2007, 02:46 PM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
Dude, I know just how you feel. My wife and I periodically go thorough rounds of argument whenever I bring up conspiracy related stuff. This evening is prime example. My wife whole-heartedly believes in the "global warming is man-made" hype and she asked me to provide her with a few articles to back up my contention that it's a hoax. Long story short she read them and had a few questions, namely what is the purpose if it is a hoax. Well, I'm not the most knowledgeable on that subject or any other, as I am still in to the initial stages of educating myself. So, I basically told her the agenda with global warming is to take away our rights, change our lifestyles to accommodate the loss of our rights, and usher in one world government. Again she said why, and I said to kill all of us useless eaters off. That did it for her; she had had enough "nonsense" out of me and was too exasperated to continue.

The point is even with the little that I do know and am aware of it's hard to condense it and make it coherent, even with a mildly sympathetic listener.
But then again, I heard time and again that presenting this kind of stuff to family is not the best thing to do.

I know that as far as I am concerned, I have a LONG way to go insofar as getting my facts straight and being able to present them concisely and coherently is concerned. But then again, since everything is twisted and convoluted that is a tall order as well.

In any case, that's why we come here, right? To know that we aren't the lunatic "minority of one".

Keep your chin up Henry! In the end, people will wake up or get their comeuppances!
04-25-2007, 04:04 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-25-2007, 04:14 PM by j0osh.)
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
When I got to the "Useless eaters" g/f used to start freaking out.

She's very much an optimist and even though she believes me now..she thinks we are going to win. "There's just to many people who will understand it, when it happens."...anyway, it took alot to get to this point. It's like eating a big steak or something...little bites, one at a time.

And like someone said, these idiots (they are idiots) are going to get smacked HARD in the near future. So just let them. It's harsh...but when they are homeless and bombs are going off every week maybe they will understand what you tried to tell them..Just keep going and never look back

Once you are comfortable with someone, just say something in passing about NWO, global government, global warming, federal reserve, TTC, chemtrails, toll roads, NAU, 9/11..there are many different areas and they all lead to the same place.

The federal reserve (freedom to fascism) is what got my girl. 9-11/government drug dealing/political assassnations got my dad. Chemtrails and morgellons got my friend..mind control/Montauk got my other got my brother is still kind of a slug, but he knows 9/11 was an black's pretty easy, just have your facts and don't let people intimidate you into copictulating with there fairytale world view.

Quotes work good too.
04-25-2007, 08:15 PM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
Check this...first thing this morning a really vocal dude from yesterday privately asked me to lunch on Friday in order to talk more about this stuff. I have good rapport with the dude so he WILL fuckin' watch Terrorstorm, then Mysteries, and he'll be our bitch like FlungPup says.

Movies are the way to go - they serve the exact same function as the pre-Revolutionary War pamphlets that patriots printed in their basements with printing presses. We're doing the same thing, whether we realize it or not. I like Terrorstorm before Mysteries or LS2, because showing the larger context of false flag terror softens them up for the 911 details I think. Opinions?
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04-25-2007, 08:30 PM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
i find terrorstorm too dense with facts and too long for newbies... but i don't have a better suggestion.

"Asymmetrical damage does not cause symmetrical collapse"

is a line i have found works well with engineer/surveyor types.... not 3 times in one day, anyway.

Good luck!
everything is true. nothing is permissible.
04-25-2007, 11:38 PM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
i feel for you Henry. Been there and these days unless i feel someone is particularly receptive i try to start with much softer arguments - about conflicts of interests, motivation, corruption...

having said that, i am an engineer (or was in my past life) and i'd not really paid you conspiracy nuts much attention - until that is i saw Steven Jones lecture on the structural collapse. And then i thought, gee... yeah... where did all that steel go? how come the buildings disintegrated to powder? it was like a bolt from the blue, and what's more, it's so bloody obvious. in fact, the realisation made me feel pretty bloody stupid. then i started digging and i don't think i need to tell you guys what i found.

engineers are a funny bunch, and i hate talking in generalisations, but from my experience, which covers 25 years i would say what you generally get are people who are by and large honest, loyal and largely fixed within their own realm of expertise, they are also often a bit slow - that doesn't mean stupid, it means taking time to understand. engineers tend not to concern themselves with the bigger picture of the world.

one of the biggest problems is that because of their honest, simplicity, they find it incredibly difficult to come to terms with people behaving in such a monstrous way. really piss them off though, betray their trust and you can have a potent enemy - bin Laden was an engineer, as was Yassir Arafat and Che could have as easily chosen engineering as medicine.
Vitam Impendere Vero
04-26-2007, 01:45 AM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
9/11 Press for Truth is one of my first choices for n00bs because it shows the familes of victims at the forefront of this movement; giving them background on how/why the whole 9/11 whitewash commission was even formed. Hook them by showing that some of the family members are disgusted and then begin dishing even more facts, prehaps maybe some David Ray Griffin and/or Steven Jones. I think Terrorstorm or any AJ for that matter is a bit over the top for 9/11 n00bs. Let them get some basics down first, then hit them with bigger stuff.
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n then after that.. ya drop in.. ride the barrel..
and get pitted.. sooo pitted like that&
- surfer dood

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check it out:
04-26-2007, 02:38 AM,
Ugh! What An Ugly Truther Experience
Ya, brother, Im sure we all know your pain here. In the entire time Ive been at my university I have told many, many poeple, showed many documentaries, and woken up none. And, every time I get called crazy or get made fun of or lose a friend it hurts a lot. Often I wish I could just forget about everything and focus on my jiu jitsu.

But, there is something that happens when you meet someone who fights in this struggle. It is like meeting an alive person when all you see are dolls or effigies, imitations of life and emotion. The feelings and thoughts you experience when going after the truth and fighting for humanity's future are more real than anything else I see. It is that stuff that keeps me going, that keeps me in this fight. There is no where else where one can whitness such beauty in humanity as in this movement.

I have faced many groups of 5+ people all by myself. Sometimes I hold my own, some times I dont. I am really good in debate, but I often trip up when I am way outnumbered and feel threatened. It Sometimes it gets hard when an entire lecture hall is against you, especially when the only validation most sheep need is condemnation by the professor.

Now, I will be the first to admit that my tactics are poor. Most disagree with me, but I am all about complete honesty. I learn really far towards believing that strategic wording or presentation is disengenuous. In my mind, the truth and the facts are the only stradegy I need.

I agree with Zion Brother about not giving the retarded any more attention than is required to establish their retardation. If some one really cant handle strait facts, I am not going to finess them or spend any time working with them on the issues. I shouldnt have to feel weird or guilty or anything else. It isnt me who has a problem with the truth. I didnt instictively fight off the implications during my waking. The people who would ridicule you or team up on you are scum and aid the enemy. Dont give them any of your compassion, especially because there are many out there that genuinely deserve a hand up to understand this world.

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