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Nicaragua`s Ortega Says U.S. Intelligence Planned Honduran Coup
07-22-2009, 01:12 AM,
Nicaragua`s Ortega Says U.S. Intelligence Planned Honduran Coup
Nicaragua`s Ortega Says U.S. Intelligence Planned Honduran Coup
Posted: 2009/07/21
From: Mathaba
@mathaba | Re-Tweet | FaceBook

The Obama administration has not moved to warn the military regime about its human rights abuses with the murder, beating and abductions being carried out since the coup some weeks ago, whilst closing down TV and radio stations which have refused to be silenced.

Nicaraguan democratically-elected President Daniel Ortega has accused U.S. intelligence agencies of planning the coup that overthrew the democratically-elected Honduran President Manuel Zelaya which installed a brutal military dictatorship in its place.

Ortega said at a celebration in Managua for the anniversary of the 1979 Sandinista revolution: "I believe U.S. intelligence didn’t tell Obama they were planning a coup."

Ortega called Costa Rican President Oscar Arias a “Yankee instrument” for mediating U.S.-backed talks to ostensibly to resolve the crisis in Honduras which in reality snubbed the legitimate President and imposed unacceptable conditions.

Ortega said the acting government’s demands are “unacceptable” and demanded Zelaya be restored immediately as president.

Ortega's word isn't worth much at all anymore imho even if it is true.

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