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Your Views On Manly Palmer Hall.
08-26-2007, 01:21 PM,
Your Views On Manly Palmer Hall.
some lectures of Hall are on googlevid..

Search for the essential meaning of Life


LI , your take on Hall ?
If Thine I that I spy with my own little I Doeth Offend thee ; Pluck It out.

08-27-2007, 07:30 AM,
Your Views On Manly Palmer Hall.
though i would not have employed the same semantic framework as he did with the words "God" and "divine", this quote from the final pages of STOE really got me thinking: (seems to confirm my suspicions of conspiracies.)

Quote:In this era of "practical" things men ridicule even the existence of God. They scoff at goodness while they ponder with befuddled minds the phantasmagoria of materiality. They have forgotten the path which leads beyond the stars. The great mystical institutions of antiquity which invited man to enter into his divine inheritance have crumbled, and institutions of human scheming now stand where once the ancient homes of learning rose a mystery of fluted columns and polished marble.
The white robed sages who gave to the world in ideals of culture and beauty have gathered their robes and departed from the sight of men." - p.671-672

I have not read enough of his work to be sure what exactly he means by "culture" and "beauty". Those seem to me two very loaded words which could elicit a vast array of responses from individual belief systems.
10-19-2007, 04:26 PM,
Your Views On Manly Palmer Hall.
manly p.hall(us) sounds like one of those masonic joke names
10-19-2007, 10:07 PM,
Your Views On Manly Palmer Hall.
Quote:I think it may go something like IllumiNa-Z

Sure does in my book!

Quote:I don't even like the word Zionist

I don't like it because it automatically makes you an easy target for people to say you don't like Jews.

Thats only because Jews are always attached to Zionism ergo "its the Jews fault" etc, then people say "no, not all Jews" but it never matters, if Jews are involved anywhere in any discussion, they have to be treated unequally in that all talk about Jews is bad, it makes discussing it impossible if shouts of "denier!" are going to stop any discussion. No its not like that on this forum but the mainstream news = bias against Arabs and Persians. Use their own "politically correct" bullshit against them by saying Bush is an anti-Persian warmongering racist extremist! Anti-Persian though! How isn't he? Along with the western media... damn I WISH it was just Bush, but I live in the UK and only look at Bush as a facist US President who rigged 2 elections. The guy has no real positive attributes that warrant him being President.

Racism is bad... but Zionists are white, the typical "King of Jerusalem" look is what I imagine a Jewish Zionist to look like!
&Everybody thinks everybody else thinks on their level& - LeveL

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