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33 Stars On The United States Flag On
05-26-2007, 10:21 AM,
33 Stars On The United States Flag On
[Image: logo_exportgov.jpg]
How interesting, The flag at the top of has only 33 visible stars.
&Having raised the earth's temperature 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last three decades, we're facing another increase of 4 degrees over the next century. That would imply changes that constitute practically a different planet. It's not something we can adapt to. We can't let it go on another 10 years like this.& - NASA's Goddard Space Institute Director James Hansen

ConspiracyCentral Tracker Style Mod
05-26-2007, 10:34 AM,
33 Stars On The United States Flag On
From the website:

Myth: The SPP infringes on the sovereignty of the United States.

Fact: The SPP respects and leaves the unique cultural and legal framework of each of the three countries intact. Nothing in the SPP undermines the U.S. Constitution. In no way does the SPP infringe upon the sovereignty of the United States.

If you say so.....

Myth: U.S. Government officials sponsored a secret SPP planning meeting in Banff, Alberta in September 2006.

Fact: The U.S. Government did not sponsor the meeting in Banff. The North American Forum, a private initiative that is separate from the U.S. Government, hosted the September 12-14, 2006 conference “Continental Prosperity in the New Security Environment.” Academics, businesspersons, private citizens, and government officials([/i]illumanati, NWO,Freemasons,and jesuits) from the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian governments attended the conference. The North American Forum is not a product of the SPP.

[i]They are assuming that most Americans have not read the Constitution and they are right, however if that is the case how would the average even know if the Constitutional rights were being infringed upon.
05-26-2007, 02:39 PM,
33 Stars On The United States Flag On
WOuldnt supprise me coming from the people who want to make the new law of the land around here. SPP is just a load of shit that needs to be picked up and cleaned before someone steps on it, then it will smell really bad and everyonse gonna die from the shit smell of SPP (lol).

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