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***sicko***michael Moores Latest Movie***must See Video***
07-11-2007, 07:47 PM,
***sicko***michael Moores Latest Movie***must See Video***
Quote:Come on people. Whether or not you don't like Michael Moore doesn't change the pertinence of the topics he discusses. The American Health"care" system is completely fucked. I have friends with broken thumbs and noses they've had for years because they couldn't afford to have it fixed. I haven't seen a doctor in 6 years, at least. In Canada people go to the hospital when their stomach doesn't feel quite right for fucks sake. In the US that'd net you a couple hundred dollar bill!

Unless you can offer a documentary on the same topic in lieu of Michael Moore's, why can't you at least watch it and see what he has to say? You can always independently verify what he reports if you don't trust him.

Attacking the author and not the work trying to discredit the material and message.

Moore is quick to jump into controversy. I read "Where's My country Dude" and seemed just
a compilation of news stories.

Yet an important historical record as I viewed Fahrenheit 9/11 in light of all the
9/11 video being posted and you sort of see what the surface effects were leading
up to 9/11. I mean the presidential parade to the White House, unbelievable.

Where are the Clinton's now.. they were pipe dreams just like the Universal Health Care.
Democrats feed the minions pipe dreams and Republican give them trauma, war, as
mind control over the masses. Perhaps another Ruling Class 101: Fool the people all the time.

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