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Micheal Moore New Film "sicko"
06-15-2007, 08:06 PM,
Micheal Moore New Film "sicko"
Just watched Micheal Moore's new film "Sicko". This is his best film so far, period. Heart wrenching Documentary about the people of the US who have no free health service or have insurance and got screwed by the greedy american corporations, while seemingly most of the world has health care that is given by your condition and not by your donation to corrupt health insurance companies.
A full 2 hours long, even living in the UK this got me furious and upset the way the American government treats its citizens, yet again.
Great section on the 9/11 rescuers and there ailments and there lack of care and treatment.
While being more of an Alex Jones and David Icke follower this has turned the tables on my outlook of Moore.
Trailer here:-

Torrent here:-

P.s. if you get the torrent, buy the film when it comes out as of course i will be doing, it is worth it, thanks.

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