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One million Swedes have had swine flu vaccine
10-28-2009, 11:34 AM,
One million Swedes have had swine flu vaccine
One million Swedes have had swine flu vaccine

Published: 28 Oct 09 07:43 CET

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Around one million Swedes have been vaccinated for the swine flu, according to the country’s public health authorities.

* Further deaths linked to swine flu vaccine (24 Oct 09)
* Swine flu cases at record high (23 Oct 09)
* Swine flu vaccinations underway in Sweden (12 Oct 09)

“That means that a few hundred thousand people will avoid getting ill, and a thousand people will avoid becoming seriously ill,” said Anders Tegnell of the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) during a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Tegnell reviewed the current vaccination situation with public health minister Maria Larsson and also addressed the ongoing spread of rumours alleging the vaccine is dangerous.

“It’s been said, for example, that Germany is going to switch vaccines. But that is a myth. Germany is not thinking about buying a new vaccine,” he said.

“I understand that people want to be careful. But it’s also important to not be misled. The Swedish vaccination programme isn’t unique and we're not doing anything out of the ordinary in this country.”

Jan Liljemark of the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) said that roughly 100 cases of side effects had been reported thus far.

“That figure was very much expected,” he said.

Larsson said that the spread of the flu is increasing.

“A million Swedes have been vaccinated and we have very little time before the big spread of infection is expected to start,” she told the TT news agency.

She hopes that as many people as possible get vaccinated, adding that there have yet to be any “strange side effects”.

“So people should feel secure with the vaccine,” she added.

Next week, Stockholm’s public schools will commence with a swine flu vaccination programme for the school system's roughly 95,000 students and staff.

TT/The Local ( 656 6518)

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09:06 October 28, 2009 by just a question
How many of this one million Swedes are sick because of the vaccine?
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09:49 October 28, 2009 by andilla
I can't get that already 1 million fell for this very dangerous hoax.

"...that there have yet to be any "strange side effects".

"So people should feel secure with the vaccine,..." - pardon me????????????

Start to THINK, people!

A good read on the subject, with FACTS and not the propaganda the Swedish government is saying:
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10:20 October 28, 2009 by Osokin
2.5 billion kronor ... ka-ching !
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10:26 October 28, 2009 by MTTRN
"One million Swedes have had swine flu vaccine"

Clearly this is an outright lie.

"100 cases of side effects had been reported thus far"

Why even bother reporting anything like this. Just buy some antibiotics as your immune system wears down as a result of this and other vaccinations and you will have bought the whole fish

Stupidity should and shall be painful

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