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Rummel - Never Again Novel Series (secret Society Travels Back In Time To Change World History)
06-25-2007, 12:12 PM,
Rummel - Never Again Novel Series (secret Society Travels Back In Time To Change World History)
This is R. J. Rummel's monumental book series entitled Never Again which features 6 what-if or alternative history novels where this world's foremost authority on the phenomenon of democide tries to show the reader how all the disasters of 20th century could have been avoided by establishing a democratic society in the first place. As the story goes a secret society sends two of its members back in time to 1906 with modern weapons and 38 billion 1906 dollars. Their mission is to prevent the rise of fascism and communism, avert the major 20th Century wars, including World Wars I and II, and forestall such democides as those by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. The society, comprising victims of war and democide, has discovered that democracies do not wage war on one another and commit the least violence. In 1st part War & Democide (2004) John and Joy are charged with this mission impossible: travel back to 1906 San Francisco and from then on promote global democracy and eliminate the causes and progenitors of the 20th century genocides and major wars that killed over 200,000,000 people - to make the often repeated, post-Holocaust cry - Never Again, true. To accomplish this end, the time travelers are prepared to use any means - bribery, lies, deception, frame-ups, and political intervention, but John promises himself, not assassination. Except for one person, that is. In 2nd part Nuclear Holocaust (2004) the clock is turned back again to their arrival in 1906 where they receive a message from the future of the universe they will create - Islamic fundamentalists have attacked the unarmed democracies with nuclear weapons and enslaved them. It is now up to them to prevent this horrible future. Will they prepare everything necessary to create a peaceful alternative universe - one that never experienced the horrors of world war, the Holocaust, and the other atrocities of the 20th century? In 3rd part Reset (2004) the new peaceful democratic world the lovers created in response to the message they received about a nuclear war becomes known in the far future as their achievement, and this sets a dangerous example of what time travelers can do. Electrified by this possibility, a Muslim religious dictatorship illegally constructs a time machine and sends back to 1906 a mismatched pair of warrior assassins. Their mission is to kill the lovers and to fight a global jihad for Islam. Unprepared for the deadly attacks of these assassins, the lovers are in the fight of their life to survive and carry out their democratic peace mission. Then they unknowingly accept as a partner in their mission a Chinese Muslim warrior also sent back to 1906 to kill them. In 4th part Red Terror (2004) the lovers and the assassin soon discover that Bolsheviks have already changed the universe with a successful Russian Revolution in 1905. Changed? What could change their past? How could the Russian Revolution occur in 1905 and not 1917 as it did in the universe they left? When the lovers realize the incredible answer, they must confront it as they try to stop the Red Terror, Bread War, and Russian Civil War killing millions. They are faced with unimaginably deadly weapons and power. With the future of the universe at stake, with John and Joy's only choice being between a future democratic peace and a global communist dictatorship, they launch a dangerous plan. Its nightmarish result realizes their worst fear. But not for the assassin that had been sent to kill them. In 5th part Genocide (2005) a strange and beautiful woman appears murdering high German officers; a warp in the chronology of time that changes the face and nature of certain wars; the breaking out of a genocide years earlier than expected and on its way to the murder of millions, the near sinking of an historic passenger liner. All these events come together in a shocking and horrible way that endangers John's mission to end wars and promote a democratic peace. All finally hinges on an assassination and a terrible and deadly battle whose outcome portends a horrible future of dictatorships, continues wars, unspeakable democides, and a Niagara of blood. The time police of the far future are aware of this catastrophic danger, but their rules do not allow intervention to change the past, and no one will . . . except possibly for one time policewomen. Will she intervene? All depends on her willingness to sacrifice everything, including herself. In 6th and final conclusion part the time traveling John Banks' Remembrance, Book 1 in this series, and his chronology of 20th Century events, all from the new universe he and Joy Phim created beginning in 1906. Foremost, this series is character driven entertainment, filled with strong action, humor, pathos, high emotion, sex, conflict, and maybe even tears. There are a large number of docudramas in the books that provide a true background or context for the action and conflicts, such as Pol Pot's killing fields, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Holocaust, Stalin's starvation of the Ukraine, Turkey's genocide of the Armenians, Rwanda's genocide of the Tutsi, the Russian abortive 1905 communist uprising, the Battle of the Somme in World War I, the Vietnam War and defeat of the South and resulting communist transformation of the country, and finally the Boat People. The series also includes a factual supplement called Never Again: Ending War, Democide, & Famine Through Democratic Freedom. A must read for everyone.


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