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Are These Chemtrails ?
11-23-2007, 04:02 PM,
Are These Chemtrails ?
i have not noticed chem trails over london now for atleast a week.

i find this realy interesting as of 5 weeks ago till 3 weeks ago there was a 2 week period where i saw them nearly everyday, and now... none.

i cant realy explain this myself, say im crazy and its all con trails, wouldnt they be consistent ? why would i not see any for weeks and then see them non stop for another few weeks.

is it possible that CONtrails would do this, depending on climate conditions?
11-25-2007, 11:06 AM,
Are These Chemtrails ?
To respond to nataraja's question first, the answer is yes, contrails COULD do that. In fact though, the real question is, were those contrails that you saw 3-5 weeks ago? To know that for sure you need to have a fairly comprehensive set of parameters, including the height of the aircraft, the humidity and the air temperature. Each of these is available, but first, you need to know the conditions under which contrails USUALLY form. Definitions vary a little and I'm not going to give you mine simply because I'd rather you found out for yourself, but you'll find as a GENERALLY agreed rule, contrails almost never form under 27,000ft (ie roughly 5 MILES). In addition, contrails lasting more than 10 seconds are very rare indeed under ANY circumstances. This and the approximate height are the most important indicators for the layperson really, because you will VERY OFTEN see chemtrail spray planes working at around 10,000ft or even 3,000ft. A rough, but surprisingly accurate method of calibrating a digital camera so it can be used estimate the height of an aircraft will be included on the site in good time. (You could find one now with an internet search I expect). Bottom line is, chances are, back in October which was quite a warm month, with daytime ground-level air temperatures in the south at around 10 degrees C what you saw WASN'T a contrail, but as I've tried to explain, it's not a straightforward thing!

(That said, if the trails you saw lasted more than 30 seconds AND the planes that laid them were under 10,000ft then I'd have to say I'm more than 99% certain you saw chemtrails - because that's what the acknowledged scientific FACT dictates).

Thx for the support MaDiZmS. You are of course free to call me what you will, but friend is always good.

In terms of contributing, anything would be considered really, especially good pics, time exposures, animations, videos or links to well argued articles. It's about presenting the "best evidence" in convincing way in order to win minds for keeps (thereby sidestepping much of the tiresome co-intel debunking nonsense and the time-wasting perils of boards like these [NOI CC peeps]). Another thing that might be useful would be the annual water report of your local water provider, here in the UK the companies usually provide their report for free on demand and they can be quite revealing. An hourly record of outside air temperature might be very useful too, especially over the daylight hours in summer (pet theory of mine - long story). Also, if anyone has a microscope they might try putting a slide out each day just to see what turns up (you'll likely be VERY surprised) - or someone with a bit of cash might like to collect some water samples to be analyzed. Passing millionaires might even consider paying someone to go up there and grab some samples from the source. That would be great.

In truth, just about anything MIGHT be valuable evidence. One thing I've learned during the course of my chemtrail education has been just how complex and pervasive this issue this really is. Seemingly unrelated news stories, such as the recent salmon farm failure in Ireland for example CAN be fairly convincingly if somewhat tenuously traced back to the publication of a report in 1991 linked with chemtrails. Chemtrail stories are quite often very effectively smoke-screened by the wailing of the big money behind the climate change "issue" as it has been defined for us.

It's a huge topic, especially as one pushes the boundaries beyond weather mod and into less well defined areas such as Morgellons and 3D environment modeling to name but two. The aim of the site will be to inform in a particularly structured way though, so the complete novice and expert can both benefit without the novice being overwhelmed or frightened by the sheer breadth and depth of the material they might approach later.

I spent probably two years noticing unusual lines in the sky and I performed every conceivable mind contortion to convince myself they'd always been like that, so I know how incredibly hard it can be to accept the reality of the situation. What makes it worse is that younger readers are becoming harder to educate because they've known nothing else (not to mention the fact they've been programmed aggressively to accept them anyway). This in itself is one of the keys to understanding the way the CT issue has been "controlled" and the reasoning behind it as it suggests very strongly (in my view) that the central tenet of this operation, ie the weather mod, is intended to run for a very long time and perhaps indefinitely. Obviously, I'm not terribly keen on that idea.

Apologies for the fairly unilluminating rant but we're being sprayed constantly this morning and I'm just so terribly sick of these criminals - and the widespread ignorance surrounding the topic.
The three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together. Zbig the Ruthless.

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