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Government Official Says 9/11 DEW Research "Worthy"
07-26-2007, 05:40 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-26-2007, 06:36 PM by solar.)
Government Official Says 9/11 DEW Research "Worthy"
Quote:Well, besides that, show me the Boeing 747 or satellite that can fire directed energy weapons. Without the murder weapon, it's fairly hard to establish how the murder happened.
In high school, I read a terrific book about the development of atomic weapons during World War II via the U.S. Manhattan Project, et al., entitled BRIGHTER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS--A PERSONAL HISTORY OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS, by author Robert Jungk.

The book was originally published in 1956 in Germany under the title HELLER ALS TAUSEND SONNEN. The English translation was published in 1958 in both the UK and the United States.

Author Jungk presented this history based on direct personal accounts by atomic scientists in America, Germany, etc.

On page 87 of the 1958 American edition, author Jungk states in a footnote the following concerning the German military and its corollary World War II Third Reich research and development:

"The only exception to the lack of interest shown by authority was constituted by the Air Ministry. The Air Force research workers were in a peculiar position. They produced interesting new types of aircraft such as the Delta (triangular) and 'flying discs'. The first of these 'flying saucers,' as they were later called--circular in shape, with a diameter of some 45 yards--were built by the specialists Schriever, Habermohl and Miethe. They were first airborne on February 14, 1945, over Prague and reached in three minutes a height of nearly eight miles. They had a flying speed of 1250 m.p.h. which was doubled in subsequent tests. It is believed that after the war Habermohl fell into the hands of the Russians. Miethe developed at a later date similar 'flying saucers' at A. V. Roe and Company for the United States."

In that entire book, that footnote was the book's only reference to the World War II development of "flying discs".

As I recall, official history states that the "sound barrier" was broken in 1947 ...

... but the prototype "flying discs" apparently "had a flying speed of 1250 m.p.h. which was doubled in subsequent tests."

Some possible speculative questions follow:

Is it possible that antigravity was successfully researched in the 1940's ?

Lyne's PENTAGON ALIENS, and Steven's HITLER'S FLYING SAUCERS both suggest that the "cover story" for antigravity research was "alien visitation". (Both books on the tracker.)

Is it possible that "free energy" was successfully developed in the 1940's to power these "discs" ? The implications of "free energy" would imply that people could go "off the grid".

No power meters ...

... hence no metered "billing".

Which just may have caused the suppression of public access to "free energy" technology !

The original "discs" were apparently 45 yards in diameter ...

... and that was sixty years ago.

Could "directed energy weapons" be mounted on an aerial "disc" platform ...

... an aerial disc platform that utilized "stealth" visual and electromagnetic cloaking ?

In World War II, the Manhattan Project employed several hundred thousand people ...

... but it was so secret and "compartmentalized" that only a tiny group of people were aware of the true nature of the Project.

Was that model (secrecy and compartmentalization, along with a good dose of misleading disinformation) applied to "directed energy" weapons research and development ?

Is the nexus of this research at ...

... Los Alamos and vicinity (such as Kirtland AFB, Sandia, etc.) ?

Los Alamos was the original nexus of the Manhattan Project.

Again, the above are speculative questions.

Greyfalcon, and TeslaandLyne may want to weigh in on these speculations ...
07-29-2007, 07:58 PM,
Government Official Says 9/11 DEW Research "Worthy"
Quote:Well, besides that, show me the Boeing 747 or satellite that can fire directed energy weapons. Without the murder weapon, it's fairly hard to establish how the murder happened.

I think stick to what you can prove is the best strategy when dealing with 9/11, because the point is to stop any more false flag operations & the subsequent wars & loss of freedom. All this is more important than 9/11 itself so best to stick to what you can use to debunk the official story & prove insider involvement & we have that direct evidence from what I can tell when it comes to Steven Jones' documentation of the use of thermate. If anything directed energy was used in addition to explosives because we know explosives were used, this is where the directed energy people are shady b/c I think they try to say there were no explosives which is a joke. I don't agree that it has to be all one thing though.

You know I was looking at some other demolition footage recently & in it internal elements of the buildings did have that disintegration into dust effect post explosion. So I'm gonna stick w/the thermite evidence b/c that's what we have direct evidence of, & unconvential weaponry had to be used in addition to the explosives at best because the evidence proves they were there so fuck it imo. I care more about showing it was a false flag operation for the good of humanity/survival than jeopardize this by presenting evidence that I'm not confident in.
[Image: paulbanneroc1.gif]
08-01-2007, 04:09 PM,
Government Official Says 9/11 DEW Research "Worthy"
There is a page at Rense with two white dot in the air around the WTC towers.

The super weapon may have come along way from the Foo with the CIA and Hitler working together.
Tesla said he could explode the enemy's weapons thus no need for war or the making of weapons.

OK its a high frequency high electric field column from a flat coil design, but it could explode
any pile of explosive material left in the WTC towers.

Tesla never thought that if explosives didn't work the next guy would build a beam to go against
beam. Not good. Just like old space ray gun movies of Tesla time and cartoons of today with
beams coming from nowhere.

No reason not to put a beam active in 9/11. After all photos of Belgian Triangle aether craft
exist and similar objects may be on YouTube videos and CYRAX's photos.

A beam would definitely help and easy to suspect the aether beam can explode armorments as Tesla

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