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Wise - Woodrow Wilson - Disciple of Revolution (sensational biography)(1938)
08-04-2009, 02:04 PM,
Wise - Woodrow Wilson - Disciple of Revolution (sensational biography)(1938)
This is Jennings C. Wise's monumental book Woodrow Wilson - Disciple of Revolution (1938) which is an outright sensational and controversial biography of the 28th President of the United States Thomas Woodrow Wilson and the secret revolutionary agenda he was pursuing. He is represented as early in life to have developed his own philosophy, which he made no attempt to conform to the facts of life, and abandoned to shape his public utterances for the political stage. Much indebted to Bridges and Page, friends of college days who systematically gave him what is called a build-up, he came under the somewhat sinister influence of Colonel House, always an Internationalist of advanced type. In 1913-14, House - 'the silent partner' - was Mr. Wilson's leader as often as he was his follower. Wilson's NEW FREEDOM and House's PHILIP DRU appeared simultaneously, though the latter had been written much earlier, with authorship undisclosed. Its hero was educated as a soldier, who triumphs in one bloody battle and sets himself up as a Dictator under the title of Administrator and proceeds to reshape the American Government. As the author shows the revolutionary activities and influence of House have continued unabated and that the program first presented anonymously in 1913 in 'Philip Dru-Administrator' by this 'mystery man' is, in fact, the program of the New Deal. The reader may trace the workings of the subtle and heavily financed plot to involve the United States in an international league for the preservation of capitalism by the use of force. And, more interesting than anything else, he will be made aware of the chameleon-like quality of Mr. Wilson himself and of the mysterious contrast between what Colonel Wise contends he really was and what countless millions of people have believed him to be. Woodrow Wilson - Disciple of Revolution constitutes a reasonably adequate biography of Wilson from his birth until America's entry into the World War. But more than that, it constitutes an absorbing story, painstakingly gathered and elaborately documented - a behind-the-scenes story of our political and international history in those tense months when war or peace for the United States hung in the balance. Wise finds Wilson the victim of powerful revolutionary forces, forces which are still loose in the country today and which he believes are dominating the present administration. Woodrow Wilson is shown to be a dual personality in whom the higher was dominated by the lower; as a Federalist who became a Democrat in the furtherance of personal ambition; as a democrat for politics but an autocrat by nature; as an internationalist who regarded the World War as an incident on the march to a League of Nations; a product himself of a materialistic age, selfish, coldly ambitious, not always loyal to those who served him. The reader is astonished at the mass of material which the author has examined in getting the background of his subject and in drawing his conclusions. Much like Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope it gives an inside account of the somehow different agenda behind all those world wars. 690 pages. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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