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Chemtrails mass depopulation or anti global warming (or both).
07-25-2007, 12:58 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-25-2007, 01:03 AM by buddha01.)
Chemtrails mass depopulation or anti global warming (or both).
I will be real frank to be honest I dont find chemtrails very interesting then again I guess a lot of germans never found it very interesting "where all the jews are going", or why did building 7 come down or, why is it the offical 1973 goverment sound tests done on the JFK hit proved there was more than one source of bullets.

Sorry were was I, yes Chemtrails, there must be various people involved in this plot and lets be honest it is a plot I dont remember seein Chemtrails when I was younger, Lets just be clear im not talking about the natural air turbulance caused by a fast moving object in the sky such as a plane were talking about Chemtrails which criss cross the whole sky and just look stupid.

Back to that point about people involved in this, the pilots involved must say, ok like what the f*** is this plaine doing to the sky, what is that pilots plaine doing to the sky.

We all know that in the years to come its going to be admitted as an anti global warming tatic, we hope.

But is this fair, is it fair for it to be done with out offical, how can we say, well explaining it to the public.

I think its very arogant to do chemtrails, it slaps in the face of what are culture is ment to stand up for, freedom yes, safety through security and suitable methods of public security from lone nut cases and real terorists, yes, cameras well yes kind of,

Cameras that talk to you and can listen to you, urhh,, No thats stepping over the f*** line that every body knows exsits.

Back to the subject at hand, Chemtrails, I put it that it has to be a unproven technolgy what ever it is.

Let me explain what I mean, supose there isa factory and it is poluting an area, legal illegally. Well suppose a perticillary thick Chemtrail session is booked over this area, and it just so happens that what ever the Chemtrails are it is a dangerious mix with the material that is being released by said factory.

Maybe the Chemtrails them selfs are dangerious un mass, how do I know me or you or your famliy will not be adversly affected by crop style spraying of materials which are undeclared.

Do Chemtrails change in volume, in ratio of compound to air, in desisty, are they ever mixed with exotic compounds ? if so why when, when have they been and lastly.

To me Chemtrails speak volumes of todays world. There are people out there, inteligent people and they say things like this.

Oh conspiracy nuts, I dont believe or, no thats not possible or goverments do only good.

Well I happend to believe goverments are countrys interfaces to the current dance of devils on this planit, Im all behind my goverment and on a more real level I believe in people and what comminitys can do.

Chemtrails are the oil wick stick that is telling us the F88ing enginee is out of oil and it needs a service.

What are Chemtrails and what is your take on them.

bud-normal inteligent guy asking a fair question-
08-03-2007, 05:09 AM,
Chemtrails mass depopulation or anti global warming (or both).
Personally I'm torn between two things, and they serve the same purpose. Al Whore had on his movie a depliction of how Global Warming happens. Beams get in bounce back into space but what if material that would reflect them back such as he shows greenhouse gasses? So I think chemtrails are cauising it. It also helps to aide in getting many dieses and nolds that never existed or were rare before.
08-03-2007, 06:04 AM,
Chemtrails mass depopulation or anti global warming (or both).
Well no matter what they are doing or using one thing I'm pretty sure of it's poison.What I think is it has something to do with haarp making the atmosphere more conductive to the frequencies they want to broadcast for mind or weather control.this is JMHO.
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