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Video - HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project - Many Videos Inc The Holy Grail Vortex, Avebury & St
08-24-2007, 06:38 PM,
Video - HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project - Many Videos Inc The Holy Grail Vortex, Avebury & St
Madizims, I had watched a portion of the series of The Holy Grail Vortex, Avebury and Stonehenge, tonight I will watch the rest and comment after looking at them again. (This topic is very interesting.)

Years ago I had a really nice book on the geometry of the area and I was trying to locate that book to see what was referenced in book that would be in context with the video. (No luck finding the book here, a bunch of books never made it back during a moving process and are at my parents house.)
08-25-2007, 01:53 AM,
Video - HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project - Many Videos Inc The Holy Grail Vortex, Avebury & St
Nope, my book is in the "good" state; I'm in the "helly" one. Won't have much time till late tonight though, so it will be HAARP stories like modern betime stories.
08-25-2007, 09:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-25-2007, 09:39 AM by SerialExpLain.)
Video - HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project - Many Videos Inc The Holy Grail Vortex, Avebury & St
As I watched the videos, I thought of a lot of things.

Firstly, just what is levitation? I think it is something that requires perhaps the right conditions. I believe that there are parts of the brain that we do not ordinarily use. Like a radio with a wide band selection, with part of those bands unused -- until we are in for lack of a better word a proper resonance frequency and then feats attributed to assistance by spirits, aliens, etc. are manifested when in actuality they could theoretically be dormant potentials witin each of us. I believe that some people have default settings that are either more receptive or more telekinetic, i.e. you can feel pushes from their chi, but levitation I believe is something different still.

This was my only experience with it, but I feel it respresents a law of physics in some sense.

I was in high school and my girlfriend was having a birthday party. It was at night and there were maybe eight girls there. In addition, her older sister who was home from college and her mother. Her sister was really into transcendental meditation ™ which was very popular at that time. Anyhoo, her sister had been into this for a long time in groups in a major US city where she was going to college.

The sister decided it would be cool to try to levitate my friend's mother, who was quite a heavy woman. We also thought that would be ubercool so off went the lights, maybe there was a candle burning somewhere in the background, but it was basically very dark. We each had only two fingers not even placed the whole way underneath the woman - all surrounding her. The woman laying there was to represent a dead woman, and the story told in repeated verse built up momentum around the eight of us and told how she died, culminating with she's dead and on the count of three she shall rise --- Well, she did and was totally weightless and was up over our heads -- literally, we all had our arms fully outstretched. Then someone screemed and ran for a light, and this woman who had seconds ago been weightless or light as a feather suddenly was totally heavy and we had to struggle to get her safely to the ground.

Correlating this experience with the information from watching the videos, I have focused on severals points which may be relevant in explaining the phenomena which I believe is a natural potential in all of us.

What did it require to achieve the levitation of the woman.

1) About 8 girls (I believe we were high school freshman). That age has been linked with increases in telekinetic activity, one possibility.

2) A leader who was an expert TM practioner. TM has long been linked with the secrets of levitation. The sister was the one who proposed the idea. Perhaps she was able to faciitate a wave of resonance for the rest of us in the room.

3)We were in a circle around the woman and we were using sound short phrases repeated by each of the eight of us, we were building up a momentum in the sound-resonance around the woman.

4) We all really loved each other. There was unity and trust.

5) We all were very innocent and totally trusted the older sister that we were going to witness this levitation. So we were true believers. Open and without doubt.

NOTE: The woman who was a very heavy woman was weightless, not lighter --- absolutely weightless. So theorectically she could have literally weighed a ton because what happened there was something that superceded weight --- it was a state where weight became weightless.

What broke the levitation. Someone screamed. We had most likely achieved a different brain wave state and felt like we were in a light trance during the repetition of the phrase, in a darkened room and building up this momentum.

At the end, we had to struggle to get a very heavy woman down from a point above us that we each had our arms fully extended as we stood -- she was up THAT high. Getting her down safely was a struggle after someone screamed and ran and turned on the light.

Were we in contact with a spirit that faciitated it. Possibly. We had left ourselves to the guidance of the older sister who may have been in contact with a spirit through her TM practices.

I believe that if you ever saw one levitation occur. Then you would KNOW that it is definitely possible.

* * *

I used to take metaphysical clases from a private teacher who used the Great Invocation. I was about 21 at the time. Also, there was a book on the Great White Brotherhood that this class of about 25 were told to obtain and we all did. The lessons were once a week and basically it was training to use psychic abiities. The woman did a reading for me which blew my mind. She said I had a grandfather in spirit, correct. She said he was my spirit guide. I always felt he remained absolutely close to me after his death when I was 11 as our personalities were very similar and there was much love. But then she told me something that was absolutely specific: She say as a "sign" to identify himself, he kept small animals in cages. Yes, this was true. He had domesticated a squirrel and a racoon that were his pets.

She also told me that she saw a jeweled bracelet around my wrist and that some day I would earn my living through inspirational writing. (Well, my writing never paid well. Doing transcription did though, lol)

We all sat around and had great visions and it was very interesting.

I have come to associate the Great Invocation though as not something that is alright. The groups behind those love and light groups are not about love and light at all. But there front groups are. Kind of a best foot forward endeavor.

* * *

Resonance! It exists. I am sure that was how everything was created with sound. With the right resonant frequency.

* * *

I understand that fertility rites were very important in Celtic countries due to infant-maternal mortality, etc. The need for a populace. So I understand what Beltane meant to those living in that time period. Live was much different then.

* * *

The way I see the use of natural principle energy is that it can be used for good or ill, like most other energy sources available. Perhaps it was never intended to be used to extent it was technologically because the natural resonance could not be duplicated exactly by technology.

This is known because of the adverse afects of ELF etc on physiobiology and the planet.

* * *

I personally think HAARP has an occult agenda. I believe I have expressed that on other threads so I would expound on that here.

I view the Stonehenge Templars and the HAARP Templars as just two sides of the same coin. There are forces that should not have been manipulated to begin with.

* * *

Regarding UFOs, I have had two sightings in my lifetime. The last one being in 1993 and it was relitively close so I could really get a good look at it. It was a fluorescent green color and appeared about the size of a bastetball at treeline. I do not believe in aliens in the 3D and I believe that UFOs are unmaned.
I believe in extradimensional or intradimensional entities which may appear alien but I believe they are demonic and seek to deceive with illusions, seeking people to attribute natural phenomena as something they are becoming more powerful or having an influence in creating when in actuality it is just the way the place is made. I believe UFOs are technology that was probably black budget technology that have been around for a long time, owing probably to Tesla and I believe crop circles are created by those that have this technology. So yes, they can make pictures in the wheat of whatever they want, they like fractals and the cabala - a lot.

Very interesting Madizims. I want to watch the techy-HAARP ones next. Thanks again for posting them.
09-21-2007, 03:16 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-21-2007, 03:17 AM by SerialExpLain.)
Video - HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project - Many Videos Inc The Holy Grail Vortex, Avebury & St
Hahahahah.....I just read that Edgar Cayce (Freemason) in one of his visons or however he did it, stated that in 1958 it would be revealed how the Egyptians created the pyramids.

I laughed and thought of this post as I am sure that is how they did it AND hey, maybe it wasn't revealed in 1958 BUT I was born in 1958 and if what I am telling you I think it is is right, maybe there is his 1958..


Its Party Levitation - the wiki

I swear, may God stike me dead right here right now and I forfit my soul, the lady went up over our heads and our arms were fully extended upward so only our very fingertips of two fingertips each were touching and she was TOTALLY WEIGHTLESS....

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