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New Law Gives Government Six Months to Link Internet and Phone Systems to Permanent Spying Technology
08-17-2007, 10:34 PM,
New Law Gives Government Six Months to Link Internet and Phone Systems to Permanent Spying Technology
It seems to me that the new law 641a allows the Bush Administration to carry on doing what it's been (most likely) doing for as long as it's been able to do it but, now a little more legally! The only point which baffles me is that it had to hurry the legislation through... why? And why is it not called the 'Protect Bush Act'?

I can't see how it will protect Americans in general, it may, however, make a difference to the lives of America's free-thinkers & those who aren't taken in by the government's propaganda & lies.

The almost unbelievable acts of the administrative dictators on 9/11 have eased the way for many frightening changes to take place in the US, & millions of citizens - easily led by Bush & the Corporate Media - had better awaken soon & realize just what's going on behind closed doors in the ivory towers of Washington D.C. before all is in place & the 'Point of No Return' is reached - I sense it's not far away! This new surveillance law is another brick in a very high wall!

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