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Baby P killers unmasked: Evil mother who stood by as son was tortured... and the neo-Nazi boyfriend who abused him
08-11-2009, 01:02 PM,
Baby P killers unmasked: Evil mother who stood by as son was tortured... and the neo-Nazi boyfriend who abused him
Quote:Tracey Connelly can today be identified as the woman who did nothing while her tiny son was tortured to death.

For months she and the two men who abused Peter have hidden behind a series of court orders which barred newspapers from revealing their identities.
But these orders were lifted at 11.59pm last night, allowing us at last to reveal the truth about them.

Connelly, 28, is a sex-obsessed slob who viciously attacked two of her other children while she helped to cover up her son's months of abuse.

Her lover Steven Barker, 33, is a sadistic neo-Nazi who raped a two-year-old girl, tortured his own grandmother and is suspected of sex attacks on other children.
And their 'lodger' Jason Owen, 37 - who is in fact Barker's older brother - is a crack cocaine addict and convicted arsonist who was accused of raping a girl of 11.
It is difficult to comprehend a more terrifying combination of adults to be entrusted with the care and welfare of an innocent toddler.

Yet Peter, initially identified only as Baby P, was far from the only helpless child left to suffer in their power.

Haringey Council's failure to investigate his mother's pathetic tissue of lies meant Peter and eight other children were left inside their squalid home in North London.
Peter and his three sisters were sharing the four-bedroom house with their mother, her boyfriend Barker, his paedophile brother Owen and his four children, plus Owen's 15-year-old girlfriend.

Three of the children - Peter and two of his siblings - were on Haringey's Child Protection Register because of fears they were being neglected by their mother.

Social workers, health visitors and doctors saw the family 60 times before 17-month-old Peter died from his horrific injuries, which included a snapped spine and eight broken ribs.

But shockingly none of these professionals realised that two men were living in the house, despite a family support official meeting 6ft 4in Barker during a home visit.

The most basic check into their backgrounds would have revealed that Barker had been prosecuted by the RSPCA for abusing animals, and that he and his brother were investigated for torturing their own grandmother.

Owen, who changed his name after a family row, has a string of convictions for burglaries, arson and assault, and was accused of raping an 11-year-old when he was only 13.

Not only did the stream of social workers and health visitors fail to spot any sign of the two men, but they seemingly failed to check Connelly's own disturbing background.

Prison security around the evil trio was stepped up last night amid fears that today's disclosures could provoke attacks against them inside prison, or even lead them to attempt suicide.

A senior police source told the Mail: 'They're all on solitary. They don't seem to get it, but it feels like they're the most hated people on the planet.'

Peter's grandfather claimed that fascist Barker had trained 17-month-old Peter to give the Nazi salute, and even to call him Hitler.

He said: 'The little lad would be stuck in his playpen and whenever his stepdad came into the room he would call out "Hi Hitler!" and give him a Nazi salute.

'The poor little lad was desperate to be cuddled and loved. He was crying out to be picked up but nobody ever did.'

Barker and Owen were both convicted last year of causing or allowing Peter's death after he was found in his blood-spattered cot on August 3, 2007.

Barker was given 12 years while Owen was handed an indeterminate sentence but told he would be eligible for parole in three years.

Connelly admitted allowing her son's death and was also given an indeterminate sentence. Her five-year minimum tariff means she would be eligible for release in 2012.

At a subsequent trial in April, Barker was given a life sentence for the rape of the two-year-old, with a 20-year minimum.

Connelly has been moved from Holloway Prison in London to Low Newton near Durham, a Category A jail which holds high-risk female prisoners.

Both she and Barker are expected to ask for new identities and police protection if they are released, at a potential cost to the taxpayer of more than £1million a year.

Haringey has faced huge criticism over Peter's case. Council leader Claire Kober said: 'We have apologised unreservedly for the shortcomings in our child protection service which failed him so badly.'

The Labour-run council has dismissed five employees including the family's social worker Maria Ward and the former head of children's services, Sharon Shoesmith.

Fathered by a convicted paedophile and raised by a drug addict, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Tracey Connelly is today Britain's most reviled mother.

Almost from birth she was exposed to every vice conceivable and she revelled in a life of promiscuity and violence which was halted only by her arrest.

She spent her days chain-smoking, binge-drinking and watching hard-core porn and television poker, while failing to lift a finger to halt the horrific abuse of her only son.

Connelly's life - and that of Baby Peter - provides a shocking insight into the conditions in which a child could be raised without any meaningful intervention by the social workers who surrounded the family.

Her disturbing background provides no excuse for the tortures she allowed against the toddler, but it does lay bare the sheer extent of Haringey Council's failure to investigate Peter's horrific family life.

By the time of Peter's death on August 3, 2007, he and two of his sisters had been placed on Haringey's Child Protection Register.

Their lazy mother was suspected of abusing Peter and neglecting one of his sisters, and a second girl was put on the register when Connelly slapped her in a fit of temper in front of a horrified school nurse.

Relatives described another occasion when the obese mother lifted her third daughter by her hair before hitting her with a hairbrush.

Yet the social workers and health visitors who poured through the front door of the filthy four-bedroom house in Haringey all failed to stop the abuse until it was too late.

They appear to have been unfazed by the overwhelming stench of urine which hit visitors to the flea-infested home, or by the dog faeces on the floor.

More worryingly still, they were prepared to overlook the lice which crawled over the children's bruised skin, and even the bruises themselves.

Only after Peter was found dead in his blood-spattered cot, his emaciated body covered with 22 separate injuries, did the full horror of the family's life begin to emerge.
Meanwhile his manipulative mother has boasted of her lazy, comfort-filled life in prison and has bragged of her plans for 'one long party' on her release.

In letters to a pen friend, she wrote: 'When I get out, I'm in no rush to get in a relationship with a man again, but I might have fun playing the field and travelling (one long party!).

'I would love to visit Egypt and Greece and Rome. I would love to see the Pyramids and go down the Nile.

'Plus I hope to move out of London as this place has been a living hell for me since I was very little.'

Raised by a drug-addicted single mother, Connelly was nicknamed 'Tracey the Tramp' as a child because she was sent to school in ripped and dirty clothes. Schoolmates noted the string of men who passed through the family's home in Islington, North London, and whispered that her cannabis-smoking mother was a prostitute.

A friend who visited the filthy home said there were no sheets on the beds and dog mess on floor - scenes of squalor which would be repeated in Connelly's adult home.

Friends were shocked by her Irish-born mother's careless attitude to her daughter.
One girl from the same primary school said Connelly would play 'rough and tumble games' with a local misfit in return for cigarettes, adding: 'Her mum knew but she didn't care.'

Worse was to follow, when the mother told 12-year-old Connelly that the man she had believed was her father - Garry Cox, a football pools salesman in Leicester - had died and was not her real father anyway.

Connelly flew into a rage and told her Old Bailey trial: 'It sent me wild for a while.' Police have investigated whether that 'wild' time included a spell as a prostitute, although she was never arrested or cautioned.

Social services funded a place for her at a boarding school in the Home Counties which specialised in dealing with children with emotional and social problems.
Schoolmates recalled Connelly was 'very moody and promiscuous' and would kiss other girls in her class for attention, but said she was one of many deeply troubled teenagers placed in the school.

When Connelly was in her GCSE year, a 15-year-old in the year below her was jailed for 12 years for raping a 92-year-old woman in a churchyard as she visited her late husband's grave.

The schoolmate said other pupils at the school had died from sniffing glue, while another hanged himself in prison while on remand for petty crime.

Meanwhile a close male relative of Connelly was investigated over his alleged involvement in the Islington children's home scandal in the 1990s, in which youngsters in care were said to have been abused by paedophiles.

Connelly left her boarding school at 15 and worked briefly as a hairdresser and barmaid until she met Peter's father, when she was 16 and he was in his 30s.

She was soon pregnant and the couple moved in together before their daughter was born.
She was treated for post-natal depression after the birth of a second girl, following which she and the father finally married at Haringey Civic Centre.

Connelly wore a strange purple-bodiced wedding dress and white veil, and said she had only got married because she was under pressure from her mother-in-law.
Her wedding pictures show her belting out a karaoke song, a glass of her favourite vodka and Coke in hand, and guests said the couple sang the Sonny and Cher duet 'I Got You Babe'.

Within a couple of years she had given birth to a third daughter and had made contact with her own biological father, who became a regular visitor to the young family's house in Haringey.
He has since been revealed as a paedophile who was convicted of a sexual assault on a child in the 1970s, although it is not clear if Connelly knew of his sordid past.

The man told the Mail he fathered Connelly during a drunken one-night fling with her mother while the woman's husband was in the house, adding: 'It was the biggest regret of my life.'
Connelly's marriage proved to be an unhappy one. Within three months she kicked her husband out of their council house amid rumours that she was having an affair with one of his friends.

The couple reconciled but in 2004 she met Steven Barker, and by the time of Peter's birth in March 2006 her marriage was effectively over.
Her husband moved out three months later after a row and police believe Barker, a 6ft 4in neo-Nazi, moved in during that summer.

Connelly boasted she had met 'every girl's dream' and had his initials - S.R.B. - tattooed into her shoulder in black ink. But she kept his presence in her house a secret as she was desperate to hang on to the £450 a week she received in benefits and financial handouts from her ex-husband.

Social services seemingly accepted the manipulative mother's assurances that she was a 'damn good Mum' who was trying to raise her children alone.
In fact she showed little interest in the youngsters unless she was expecting social workers, when she would conceal Peter's injuries with chocolate and nappy cream.
Such was Connelly's lack of thought for her own child that in the final week of Peter's life, when eight of his ribs were broken and his spine snapped, leaving him semi-paralysed, she claimed she had not noticed his injuries.

And when paramedics were called to the house on August 3, 2007, to find Peter blue and cold in his blood-spattered cot, they were horrified when his mother kept the ambulance waiting while she searched for her cigarettes.

She was pregnant with Barker's child - a girl born while she was on remand in Holloway Prison.
Social workers initially asked to leave the baby with her to 'bond' but were overruled.
Connelly applied to meet her surviving children during her trial, but has been told she will never see them again.She whined to the trial judge that she cried every day and punished herself for allowing Peter's abuse, but her jail letters rarely mention her children.

Instead she moaned of missing sex, writing: 'I've been obsessed lately about it. I need sex like a heroin addict needs a fix.'
Connelly has been disowned by her family and now blames Barker for Peter's death. She has vowed never to see him again, adding: 'I hope he rots in Hell.'

She was given an indeterminate sentence after pleading guilty to causing or allowing Peter's death, but could be released in as little as three years, and has appealed against her sentence.
But she confided to her pen friend that she had no idea about her future, adding: 'Coming to prison has messed up all my plans.'

Quote:Both she and Barker are expected to ask for new identities and police protection if they are released, at a potential cost to the taxpayer of more than £1million a year.

Fuck them... lets waste tax payers money on a bunch of fucking baby killers fuck this.. AHHHH
The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. - Che Guevara

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08-11-2009, 04:16 PM,
Baby P killers unmasked: Evil mother who stood by as son was tortured... and the neo-Nazi boyfriend who abused him
08-12-2009, 01:27 AM,
Baby P killers unmasked: Evil mother who stood by as son was tortured... and the neo-Nazi boyfriend who abused him
Couldn't even finish the read. Tall tree and a short rope is what these people need.
08-12-2009, 02:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-12-2009, 02:05 AM by ---.)
Baby P killers unmasked: Evil mother who stood by as son was tortured... and the neo-Nazi boyfriend who abused him
fucking horrible:(

I guess we can expect a dramatic increase in the powers delegated to the social services soon then.

Someone will get to that guy in prison, sooner or later..I hope. As for the 'mother' wtf can one say? sounds like she's completely gone in the head.

Brings out the eugenicist in me.
08-12-2009, 06:01 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-12-2009, 06:03 AM by ---.)
Baby P killers unmasked: Evil mother who stood by as son was tortured... and the neo-Nazi boyfriend who abused him
Quote:Fuck them... lets waste tax payers money on a bunch of fucking baby killers fuck this.. AHHHH


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