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Jasmuheen - Living on Light
08-24-2007, 10:59 PM,
Jasmuheen - Living on Light
Jasmuheen - Living on Light (without meditation)

Watch (YouTube - 7 minutes)

Jasmuheen (born 1957 as Ellen Greve) is an Australia based advocate of what she calls 'pranic nourishment', sometimes referred to as breatharianism, or living without food.
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RE: Jasmuheen - Living on Light
Jasmuheen on Supreme Master TV on Pranic Living:

More by Jasmuheen re "Living on Light"

Prana = chi = mana = divine love = universal life force.

As many are now aware, metaphysical author Jasmuheen has spent the last four decades studying the rhythms of the field of Divine Love to the degree that in 1993 she discovered its ability to provide nourishment on not just emotional, mental and spiritual levels but also on a physical level. There are now approximately 40,000 people in the West who have the ability to choose where they wish to get their physical body nourishment from. As a result of this freedom of choice they are far less dependant on the world’s food resources. Click here for videos on some of their experiences.

On Pranic Living Jasmuheen writes: “Nourishment from prana happens as a direct response to our desire for it and as a natural response to our vibration. The capacity to live on light is directly related to our ability to attract, absorb and radiate Divine Love which is determined by our lifestyle. When we are well tuned and four body fit, we can access an inner power which has the ability to love us, guide us, heal us and also nourish our cells. As vast multi-dimensional beings, we have limitless access to a source of internal nourishment (prana-chi) that constantly bubbles champagne-like throughout the matrix of life. This supremely loving pranic pulse acts as a type of glue to bind our creations and help with our manifestations to bring more Grace into our lives. A specific lifestyle allows us to go deep within the inner silence to discover and experience this pranic flow in all its forms and as we focus upon it we become immersed within it and so find ourselves transformed. Increasing our personal internal and external chi flow can rid our world of all of all its hungers and bring about a state of global harmony and permanent peace.”

Jasmuheen Background regarding Pranic Living:- Jasmuheen writes: “I am an Ambassador of Peace. My focus is to feed the children of our world the nourishment that they need. While a child dies every 2 seconds we cannot say that we live in a civilized world. Some may say that this is due to lack of both correct resource distribution and holistic education. Yes it is true that since the early 1970’s, I have been experientially researching ancient, alternate nourishment sources that can feed us all – on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels – so that we can co-create a peace filled, healthy and harmonized world. Yes it is true that there is a free, limitless inner resource that can unhook us from our dependence of our world’s resources and release us from many perceived human limitations. I call the more recent research we have done on this resource, The Prana Program.”
* What if the solution is simple & free?:
* Choose Freedom & Be the Change:

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