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Alex Jones is telling everyone to look at the base of WTC video
09-04-2007, 04:57 AM,
Alex Jones is telling everyone to look at the base of WTC video
Quote:i sound fucking awesome and my thinking process is huge!!!

LOL! Yuze crazy man!:)
09-04-2007, 09:02 PM,
Alex Jones is telling everyone to look at the base of WTC video
Yet again, noone has "debunked" a thing
09-19-2007, 10:49 PM,
Alex Jones is telling everyone to look at the base of WTC video
Ok, my first "real" post, I'd like to interject here...

Quote:dude you cant even prove it was the nose of the plane?

Something looking like a plane went in one end and something looking like the nose of a plane came out the other end. We all agree that plane nose cones are made of aluminium. Aluminium doesn't fare well when thrust at high speed into a steel structure, therefore we can safely assume it wasn't the nose of the plane.

This leaves two possibilities. Either a missile was used, in which case you'd need to fake the footage to make it look like a plane. Or there were just a bunch of explosives to create a fireball and, again, the footage was faked to make it appear as though a plane struck the tower. Neither of these scenarios have a real plane in them.

Quote:HAHAHAHA loose change crew interviewed a firemen first responder John Schroeder he saw a fucking plane..he doesnt count?

I would like to point out that I was banned from the LC forum last week for daring to question the possibility that a plane cannot pass through a steel structured building. I suspect that Dylan Avery has a bit of a vendetta against no-planers. With this in mind, he's likely to make damn sure he finds a witness that definately saw a plane and wants to talk about it in his movie...

I am intrigued by the constant use of the word "hologram". I suspect this is so far-fetched that the anti-no-plane people jump on it a little quickly. If you want my personal view, I think that a holywood script of plane hijackings and suicides worked well, but the planners decided that there were quite a few risks involved in getting dirty great big airliners to fly into large buildings. They decided that missiles would be far more accurate and easier to control. So they had the explosives and missiles ready. All they needed were some fake eye witnesses, some fake footage, a healthy time delay to the live feed and the constant repeating mantra of "look at the plane, look at the plane, oh my goodness, there's another one". Anyone on the street who saw something fly into the towers were convinced (by the end of the day) that it was a plane. Everyone else just saw fireballs and figured they just couldn't see the plane from the angle they were at. Once the buildings had been burning long enough, a good old demolition took them down, followed by the destruction of the command centre (wt7) later that afternoon.

Job done, war on terror, Global Police State - I thank you...

Are you listening?

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