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The Global Warming Doctrine
09-01-2007, 02:50 AM,
The Global Warming Doctrine
Interesting.... and most people now are bored with hearing about global warming. But I believe it is important because there is a motive behind gw invention and it's publications. Only understanding the motive and generating enough knowledge to convince people of this motive would break the dogma.

I'm going to tell you how I arrived at my feelings from memory.

I remember seeing alot of shows about the Arctic, the melting sea ice, the polar bear tear jerkers, and they were all blamed on PEOPLE and global warming.

These shows have done a VERY good job at creating guilt, fear, and urgency in people.

The motives success or failure will be based on the degree of urgency, haste, and the size of the shadow it creates over peoples capacity for sound and careful judgement.

I believe the motive consists of making people feel guilty enough to allow a pouring in of funds to do "research" into the resource "hot spots"... like the Arctic... and also to lay claim to the Arctic passage when it opens up. I can't be certain yet if the profiteers are contributing to the melting to get at the resources faster? Does anyone have more than an incling about that?

It seems to tie in quite nicely to me.

How to end the dogma? All we can do is to keep an eye on where the money goes, the research, and where they are doing their research.

There may exist some truth in the warming of the planet.... but the reasons why its happening, the sense of urgency, why they need money, and where they are using the money has been skewed to fit the Profit Science.
09-01-2007, 04:19 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-01-2007, 04:22 PM by Phil999.)
The Global Warming Doctrine
Quote:the polar bear tear jerkers

Quote:. . .to lay claim to the Arctic passage when it opens up. I can't be certain yet if the profiteers are contributing to the melting to get at the resources faster? Does anyone have more than an incling about that?
That's a new thought to me. I can imagine that with warmer temperatures and less ice, resources can be reached better. That could even summit in a new theory, that indeed certain warming tendencies of the globe were human made, but not from carbon dioxide, but from HAARP or other weather experiments.

What is clear to me that the GWD (global warming doctrine) supports strongly the nuclear industry. They have green light now to build new plants (except Iran). Without GWD, it would be impossible.

Humans have made errors, and so I'm not alarmed when they continue to do so. What really disturbs me is the environmental movement. Without knowing it, they play for their worst enemy. This I find really sad. The GWD has neutralized the opposing forces with a single clever strike. And now there is no opposition anymore. Even green politicians favor nuclear energy. That's a bad thing. And I don't see any remedy in sight, because politicians will embrace the new green light now and make new regulations and contracts with the nuclear industry, even if they know that the GWD is false. The world faces an enormous increase in power consumption. Without the GWD, the politicians would be forced to search for real solution that would include much more work, less profits for the industry, less money, . . . they would have a hard time. We all would face a hard time, even worse, we would be forced to share with others. The GWD wipes these problems out of the way. We (the industry nations) can continue our blasphemy and loot the resources, and continue to throw a few crumbles to the poor. This is not only clever, this is demonic.
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09-04-2007, 05:01 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-04-2007, 05:08 PM by evesky.)
The Global Warming Doctrine
SO Chemtrails are real and for the past 7 years or so. But the younger generation are not even going to notice, as they have always seen them on cartoons and films, and have been trained to only look to the ground or their mobile phones,. This saddens me so much. I have seen old spanish men point up to the sky and proclaim it changes the weather. This was the only time I have witnessed such observances. Otherwise its now a mundane thing. Please tell me we are not fcked?
09-05-2007, 09:29 PM,
The Global Warming Doctrine
Quote:What is clear to me that the GWD (global warming doctrine) supports strongly the nuclear industry. They have green light now to build new plants (except Iran). Without GWD, it would be impossible.
Yup, and this aspect of it is one of the reasons I get so frustrated with proponents of the GWD. Governments are ALREADY building them in some places, with this as an excuse. They want to put a big one in northern Alberta near the BC border, to help with the tar sands oil extraction.

Cognitive dissonance anyone?
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09-20-2007, 06:41 AM,
The Global Warming Doctrine
Where will these plants be in Alberta? I was through McBride bc not too long ago, workers and industry are going crazy there, living at hotels... The town had a really weird feeling to it.
09-20-2007, 07:09 AM,
The Global Warming Doctrine
Quote:In medieval times, there was a "scientific consensus" that the Earth was flat. Today, there is a "scientific consensus" global warming is real.

No, there is not. End of comment.
09-23-2007, 12:04 PM,
The Global Warming Doctrine
One man takes to the streets of New York.
09-25-2007, 10:04 PM,
The Global Warming Doctrine
I think the quote by the honorable Dr Dyson pretty much neatly sums it up:

Freeman Dyson summarises the global warming controversy: "My first heresy says that all the fuss about global warming is grossly exaggerated. Here I am opposing the holy brotherhood of climate model experts and the crowd of deluded citizens who believe the numbers predicted by the computer models.

Of course, they say, I have no degree in meteorology and I am therefore not qualified to speak. But I have studied the climate models and I know what they can do. The models solve the equations of fluid dynamics, and they do a very good job of describing the fluid motions of the atmosphere and the oceans.

<span style="color:#FFFFFF">They do a very poor job of describing the clouds, the dust, the chemistry and the biology of fields and farms and forests. They do not begin to describe the real world that we live in. The real world is muddy and messy and full of things that we do not yet understand. It is much easier for a scientist to sit in an air-conditioned building and run computer models, than to put on winter clothes and measure what is really happening outside in the swamps and the clouds. That is why the climate model experts end up believing their own models."
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