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about resistance and hatred
08-31-2007, 09:38 AM,
about resistance and hatred
as this goes into psychology, I thought I put that into the science forum.

Is resistance against an oppressor justified? Of course it is. Is anger and hatred a natural reaction when your brothers and sisters get killed? Of course it is. But, either you are the culprit or the victim, there is something you have in common, and that is hatred. The culprit/aggressor/oppressor hates the weak and unprotected, and the unprotected hate the aggressors. So the only way out of this vicious circle of violence is leaving the path of hatred. This is difficult, in most cases almost impossible, but from a psychological point of view the only choice if we are to evade that vicious circle.

This is all naked theory, and doesn't help anyone. Therefore I want to illustrate what I mean with a story I heard about Olivier Messiaen, a French composer who lived in the 20th century. I do not know if this story is true, but I find it a very good example how to step out of the violence game.

Mr. Messiaen was in a concentration camp during World War 2. Like all inmates, he received only few food, but unlike the others, he showed no visible sign of starvation. When he got free, he was asked if he had privileges during that time, like many artists had sometimes in concentration camps. He said no, he didn't, he suffered from hunger like the others. But why did he keep his shape and health, the people asked. He said, he doesn't know. He also said that he had some sort of compassion for the German soldiers. He saw that they are forced to brutalize the inmates, that they are not evil in their core, rather victims of power and fearful of repression. To sum it up: he did not hate the Germans.

So, when you oppose injustice and fight for your right, your actions are justified and natural. But you have to watch your feelings; if you fall into the very easy sentiment of hate, you may win the fight, but in a spiritual way you have already lost it, because there's no difference between you and the enemy: both are driven by vile hatred. From my own experience, I can only confirm that my feelings towards a person or group has much impact, it may even have more impact than words or deeds.
In the attempt to explain that fact scientifically, I lack of words. It must have something to do with resonance. It doesn't matter on what side you are, if you resonate with the same attitude (which can also be defined as a particular "vibration"), you're on the same spot, and you will stay there until you change your attitude or judgment or "vibration". Or, to put it into simpler words: you have to be stronger than the weak. Strengthening your will and character is something that will award you in all situations. It is your best survival strategy.
I am my savior

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