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Top NATO Generals Set to Meet in Victoria
09-06-2007, 09:31 PM,
Top NATO Generals Set to Meet in Victoria
From Here: Monday Magazine

With top NATO generals set to meet in Victoria this week, local peace activists planning a September 8 rally are calling for the organization to be disbanded.

“Canada needs to rethink its role being in NATO,” says Francisco Juarez, founder of the newly formed group Military Communities Speak Out. Juarez left the army during officer training because he disagreed with Canada’s role in Afghanistan. He set up the new organization, aimed at people connected to the military, to encourage dialogue about the role of the armed forces.

“Canadians need to have a broad discussion across our society about what kind of missions we want our armed forces to be involved in,” he says. The forces should only be used for things that are widely supported and reflect broadly held Canadian values, he says. As for NATO, he says, we need to have a realistic look at what the organization has done lately and decide whether we should be part of it.

“We’re just concerned about the spread of militarism and NATO is part of that push to militarize the world,” says Fran Thoburn, a Raging Granny who says the group will be part of Saturday’s protest. “NATO is no longer needed. The Cold War’s over.”

Author Bo Filter says the rally will also draw attention to the effects of depleted uranium. American and NATO forces have dropped bombs containing about 1,200 tonnes of depleted uranium on Iraq and Afghanistan, he says. “It’s the equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki atom bombs.”

The rate of birth defects have gone up incredibly because of the large amount of depleted uranium in Afghanistan, Iraq and the former Yugoslavia, he says, later providing a link to a website with many pictures of Iraqi babies with malformed limbs, genitals and heads. The NATO generals, he says, should be tried in the international criminal court for war crimes.

The Victoria Peace Coalition, Canada Out of Afghanistan Campaign and other groups will host a rally meeting at noon on September 8 on the legislature lawn

Just don't wear any masks while you carry a big rock or you'll be mistaken for a cop that's an agent provocateur...
luceo no uro
09-07-2007, 04:50 AM,
Top NATO Generals Set to Meet in Victoria
Rides are being coordinated on both Friday and
Saturday for this weekend's anti-NATO protests in
Victoria. If you are looking for a ride, or are able
to offer carpool spaces in your vehicle, contact Marla
(604)696-9254 or Mable (604)783-5171.



The military chiefs of all 26 NATO countries are
meeting in Victoria September 7, 8, 9, 2007. Join us
to protest against NATO's ongoing destruction of the
planet through its use of Depleted Uranium munitions,
White Phosphorus and Cluster Bombs. Help us expose
NATO's numerous and ongoing violations of
international law and the horrors of NATO's wars as we
call for the abolition of NATO.

This is an all hands on deck effort to turn out as
many people as possible. Spread this message to the
four winds. Forward it to all of your contacts in
Victoria, Vancouver, and on Vancouver Island and help
us send a message to the world that NATO is a danger
to us all and must be abolished.

Daily Presence

We will have a daily presence during all 3 days -
September 7th, 8th and 9th. If you are interested in
"manning the lines" for any or all of the 3 days,
please call (250) 381-5120.

Mass Demonstration
Sept. 8th 12:00 - 2:00 pm

We will be having a Mass Demonstration at the Hotel
Grand Pacific on Belleville Street. We will
gather/rally 12 noon at the B.C. Legislature at the
corner of Belleville and Government streets before
moving to the Grand Pacific Hotel.

Please visit the website
for the latest updates on the demonstration and the
full call-out.


This event is sponsored by the Canada Out of
Afghanistan Campaign, Council of Canadians, BCGEU,
Greater Victoria Seniors, Raging Grannies, Students
Against War, Military Communities Speakout,, Victoria Anarchist Bookfair Collective and
Victoria Peace Coalition.
luceo no uro

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