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Eat Right for your Type
09-20-2007, 04:19 AM,
Eat Right for your Type
I found this link in the Lymphoma Board, apparently they've decided to grace me with their presence again. Unfortunately I don't see any familiar names of my buddies there. Anyway, it deals with foods that are your blood type, what's good for one isn't for another. 4 Your type

Things must have changed, talking stuff like that got me banned. I took out the names.

"Glad to see you are breast is the right thing to do..just based on the research presented here. Vaccines are notorious for problems in the manufacturing who knows if what shots we all got..... if there was not a bad batch or one that had some causative effect negatively. They are finding the same is true with antibiotics and this is why they do not prescribe them like they used to. I had an allergic reaction to ampenicillin and was prescribed the wrong antibiotic several times. I had no tests to determine the proper antibiotic for the doctor to with the wrong parasites killed anything is possible. How would you know if it was wouldn' one would admit it. I have never heard of an annoucement with billions of vaccines and antibiotics dispensed that one was ever bad and the company was liable...have you? I hear.... we just don't know from the medical community all the time.

Flax seed oil is great stuff....I did use it and I am still 1a for about 15 years now. I did not use the cottage cheese because I found out I am lactose intolerant at age 53...I was actually lactose intolerant my whole life...I just did not recognize the symptoms and had not read the Eat Right 4 Your Blood which told me to avoid all dairy products. Being a blood type O I should never of had dairy in my diet and I had tons.....since I was a child.
Here is a sight that you can check the fax seed against your blood type.

Wrong foods are considered antigens and effect the immune system and health state negatively!

Good Luck,
stage 1a Sun, Tanning, Diet ER4YBT, Organics"
10-07-2007, 01:09 AM,
Eat Right for your Type
Something I'll look into

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