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The Secrets of the Icewhale
09-20-2007, 02:07 PM,
The Secrets of the Icewhale
<span style="color:#33FF33">The Secrets of the Icewhale

This radio programme formed part of the BBC Radio 4 series - Document - which examined the story behind newly declassified UK Goverment documents. The Secrets of the Icewhale tells the story of the UK Government's involvement with Biological Warfare (BW) experiments, which were carried out in public areas of the United Kingdom during the Cold War.

During the early 1960s millions of people across England were exposed to large aerosols (composed of a mixture of radioactive xenon gas and zinc cadium sulphide), which were clandestinely released from the Harwell Nuclear Research Establishment.

Over four lunchtimes in July 1961, men in white body suits released large clouds of the gas over English towns and villages to help estimate what effect a biological or chemical warfare attack would have on Britain.

Also contained in the programme, are details of the extensive BW experiments which were conducted over large parts of Southern England by military scientists from the Microbiological Research Establishment (MRE), Porton Down. These latter experiments, known as the Lyme Bay Trials, exposed local residents to massive clouds of two types of live bacteria - E. coli MRE162 and Baclillus subtilis var niger (aka Bacillus globigii or BG).

Listen or download - The Secrets of the Icewhale at:


8. The substance to be dispersed will be silicone-treated F.P. (zinc cadmium sulphide). This substance is quite innocuous in the concentrations that will occur near the ground, and the cloud will moreover be so diffuse that members of the public will be oblivious of its presence. - CDEE Porton Down Instructions for the 1964 Norwich Biological Warfare experiments (Porton Programme Report 2/64)&

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