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A Blueprint for a Better World
09-30-2007, 06:12 AM,
A Blueprint for a Better World


Chapter 1 Culpable Evidence
The 9/11 incidents were perpetrated by American elements within and without the United States government, not by Arab terrorists. The role of the Illuminati High Council of the United States in the abduction of Chandra Levy and the destruction of the World Trade Center. Why Barbara Olson's supposed phone call from the doomed airliner couldn't have been made.

Chapter 2 Planet Earth is Alive—But Not Well
Why the Earth is a living entity and not an inanimate object. The cross breeding of totally dissimilar species by means of advanced technology. Morphic fields. Water is a detector of emotional stimuli. The detection by George Lawrence of intelligent signals from the cosmos. Chronobiology and the human body. Astrology and the human endocrine system.

Chapter 3 Water—the Lifeblood of Planet Earth
How Stephan Reiss was able to obtain potable water by drilling into rock formations. Why the Hydrological Cycle, as understood by hydrologists, is badly flawed. Air wells and dewponds. The Illuminati attempt to privatize global water availability.

Chapter 4 Viktor Schauberger—Nature's Ambassador
How Schauberger learned to harness diamagnetic energy. Schauberger's encounter with Adolf Hitler. Schauberger's successful flying saucer propulsion system.

Chapter 5 Putting Schauberger's Technology to Work
Schauberger's use of longitudinal vortices as a flood control method. How the ecology of the Yangtze river can be preserved through application of Schauberger technology.

Chapter 6 Better Forests for a Better World
The ecology of a primeval forest. Reforesting the deserts. The politics of agricultural hemp. The amazing Paulownia tree. The role of monoliths and tumuli in ancient weather engineering.

Chapter 7 Survival Gardening
The problems of finding water and food in war zones. Growing healthier plants with the aid of rock dust and sea salt. A low cost hydroponic system using sea water as a nutrient system. Successful horticulture in extreme climates. The interrelationship between rock dust and microorganisms. Crop protection methods in times of war.

Chapter 8 Into the Vortex
Einstein's Special Theoiy of Relativity and the slippery slope known as mainstream science. The error of theoretical physicists in rejecting nature. The vortex as an implement of nature. The atomic vortex theory of Lord Kelvin. The atomic vortex theory of the author, which postulates the unification of everything within the holographic multiverse, by means of a phase conjugated heterodyned energy and intelligence system, which emanates from a non physical intelligence. The falling body experiments of Lloyd Zirbes.

Chapter 9 De-Energizing the Energy Cartel
The corrupt politics behind energy utilization. The 525 horsepower Rory Johnson free energy motor that was classified by the U.S. government, in order to prevent its use in Greyhound buses. The free energy systems of Nikola Tesla, John Bedini, Don Smith and Edwin Gray. Hydrodynamic free energy systems. Alternating current free energy systems. High speed pulse systems. Pulse systems and the law. Some of the author's free energy developments.

Chapter 10 Land of the Free?
Why Americans are not covered by the United States Constitution. Why Patrick Henry refused to sign the Constitution, stating that "something smelled." The 1783 Treaty of Paris, ratified on behalf of the Founding Fathers by Ben Franklin, John Adams and John Jay, which presents King George III as still being king of the United States after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. Why the United States of America is a private corporation and body politic, acting under the jurisdiction of the British Crown. How the Knights Templar created the Inns of Court. The treaty signed by King John, which conveyed ownership of England and Ireland to the Vatican Corporation Sole in perpetuity. Why Pope Innocent III declared the Magna Charta invalid. The Mondragon cooperative system.

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