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11 Months 9/11
09-30-2007, 06:27 PM,
11 Months 9/11
Special clip from Zeitgeist.

Rockefeller tells of 911 - 11 months before it happened (Video)

This may have been in other CT videos.

Rockefeller bashing or in on the planning.

Or as the JFK II or JFK JR videos points out, bring in extras to blame from incriminating purposes.
10-02-2007, 03:33 AM,
11 Months 9/11

Quote:9-11 Insider Nicholas Rockefeller's Proprietary Cashless Society Technology and Databases
author: J'accuse
[This is original reporting, and very timely, please post.] The Very Visible Nicholas Rockefeller's Invisible Panopticon: His United Nations Aired Ideas for a Private Proprietary Database and Technology for a Global Wireless Cashless Consumer Panopticon, all under Nicholas Rockefeller, a 9-11 Insider.

9-11 "security" issues only set up wider "state driven appeal" for the his proprietary technology platform for a cashless society. 9-11 Insider Nicholas Rockefeller, predicts 9-11 justified Middle East invasions a year in advance--and only months before 9-11 sees fit as well to start up a pilot project for a cashless society. He has additionally been involved in THREE separate global people monitoring database corporations detailed below.

"The cashless society will be controlled by the Rockefellers, and it will be microwave based, wireless, and controlled off the phone tower network"--if he has his way. China is his model. See what he is doing in China below, and see how there is huge synergy between his fingers and his minions' fingers i

Gee, is he taking over the old money changers job or putting them back to work...a global gravy train of paydays and paychecks for the uber class
10-06-2007, 09:40 PM,
11 Months 9/11
11 Months Before 9/11, now part of Zeitgeist
That was the title...

I found a page with a huge array of links for 9/11 analysis,
Tower Of Lights with strange lights in the sky, rods with electron
lighting, chem trails and more good for reference or use in
other threads.

Some NYC photos with time exposures must make those
lines in the sky from normal planes.

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