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General Motors Fuel-cell cars test drive
10-03-2007, 04:46 PM,
General Motors Fuel-cell cars test drive
RIP EV-1 :err:

Quote:<span style="color:#CCFFFF"><span style="color:#CCFFFF">Fuel-cell cars to get test drive
By Jon Stewart
Science reporter

A leading car manufacturer is to give drivers the chance to try out hydrogen-powered vehicles.
As part of "Project Driveway", General Motors (GM) will put more than 100 fuel-cell vehicles in the hands of customers before the end of the year.

[Image: _44153313_equinox_gm_203body.jpg]

The cars will be based on the Chevrolet Equinox SUV.

GM says they will initially go to celebrities, policymakers, the military and other "influentials", but the public can also sign up online. "We're going to get feedback from customers to help us understand this market, and that's going to help set us up, hopefully early in the next decade, to really go to market for real with fuel-cell electric vehicles," said Larry Burns, vice president of research and development and strategic planning for GM.

Water vapour exhaust

The vehicles will be tested in the US, Germany, South Korea, China and Japan. Those countries have been chosen because they have refuelling facilities in place. People selected to take part in the trial will have to live within a reasonable distance of a hydrogen station. The hydrogen is fed into a fuel cell onboard the vehicle to produce electricity, which powers an electric motor connected to the front wheels.

The exhaust is water vapour, which is vented through slots in the rear bumper rather than a conventional exhaust pipe. Industry experts told the BBC's Discovery programme that hydrogen would be just one of the propulsion, or "drivetrain", technologies used to make cars greener in the future. "The car of the future will have a modular approach to [its] drivetrain," said Derek Charters from the British motor industry consultants Mira.

"The car will be able to be fitted with a number of power units. At the stage of buying the car, you will define your requirements by your lifestyle. "You'll go into a dealership and tell them what you want to do, and they will then recommend what type of drivetrain to put in." That might mean that if you do mostly city driving you would have a large electric motor and a big battery pack fitted. But if you do some urban work and some long-distance driving, you might opt for a hybrid, with a smaller electric motor coupled to a petrol engine.

Plug in at home

Today's hybrid cars either generate electricity using the petrol engine or during braking by using the motor as a generator. In the future we are likely to see cars with much higher capacity batteries, so they can be plugged in at home overnight. "I think you're going see two or three companies introducing the plug-in hybrid by 2010," said Joseph Romm of the Center for American Progress and previously responsible for clean transportation programmes at the US Department of Energy.

"You take a hybrid, and you put on it a battery capable of taking an electric charge from the grid, and running for maybe 20 to 40 miles in all-electric mode before reverting to be a gasoline-powered vehicle - because most people don't travel more than 20 or 25 miles a day, and even less so in Europe than the United States. "The opportunity is you could run most of the time on electricity, and only use gasoline on longer trips," he said. "These cars, like all early model cars, will probably be on the expensive side, but I think there will be a great interest in them."
&Advertising has these people chasing cars and clothes they don't need.
Generations have been working in jobs they hate, just so they can buy what they don't really need.&
Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Chapter 19
10-07-2007, 03:31 PM,
General Motors Fuel-cell cars test drive
The electric car is the only real way to keep car companies going. hjydrogen is a misnomer. You need electricity to get hydrogen.

TBH this is all just some way to sell more cars. If you guys had a decent rail system as we dont aswell, we might not need the car at all.

Cars mean:

You cant get a job if you dont own one as all "business parks" are out of town.

You cant get a girl if you dont have a car as it makes you appear to be going nowhere.

The car is a status symbol and not a means of travel. It is sold as such and is regarded as such. You can justify its use as a way of getting from A to B but that is like a heroin addict saying he needs herion to live. You dont need a car to get from A to B you just wish to get from A to B with style.

Show me one advert out there with the catchphrase "Gets you from A to B"

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