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Illuminati latest from Italy...
10-04-2007, 10:33 PM,
Illuminati latest from Italy...
A couple of months ago we talked about Magistrate
Luigi De Magistris who was in charge of the 'Why Not'
and 'Poseidone' investigations which denounce power
lobbies and associations belonging to the corrupt
branches of italian freemasonry connected with E.U.
funding and so on... Also the prime minister Romano
Prodi is under the same investigation, and suddentely
De Magistris ends up himself under investigation and
has to leave his work in Catanzaro in the hands of his
superiors, very strange indeed so maybe we should all
just say ´Why Not? '
The evil hand of the Vatican and his Catholic
politicians like Mastella (so called Minister of
Justice ) ends the great job started by dedicated
Magistrate De Magistris and once again kills the
Italian justice system in the name of the usual
corruption . We are witnessing the influence of these
powerstructures connected to the illuminati in the
italian justice system . What should we do? What can
we do?
Some people in Italy react saying and writing on the

Forza De Magistris

and others want to gather for De Magistris on Monday
the 8th of October in front of the Supreme Court (CSM)
in Piazza indipendenza in Rome :

The situation is very hot in Italy at the moment and
the other Magistrate investigating irregular
Freemasonry Henry John Woodcock is also put under
extreme pressure by his superiors lately .
But it seems more and more people are gathering in the
last few days in the city of Catanzaro and around the
south of Italy to openly support the courageous work
of Magistrate De Magistris . The italian RAI TV this
evening his even dedicating a whole TV Show to the
subject with popular TV journalist Santoro. Let's hope
the work of De Magistris can still go on , let's hope
this is the begining of a true war against the Vatican
illuminati and their irrregular masonic lodges spread
accross italy like a plague , a bad plague that rules
the elite of the Mafia's So Why not? And can we trust
the so called "Regulars" of the Grande Oriente
D'Italia that in past was behind the P2 Lodge scandal
to fight them...Mmm I'm not to sure about that...the
P2 was and still his under different names very
present in the south of Italy, and the Andrangheta are
the army of the Jesuits in this desolate land:
De Magistris needs to work without any problems and he
needs to stay in Catanzaro so he can fight his enemy
from his roots , De Magistris his a hero for the
young people of the Calabria region in Italy and i
hope soon a hero for the whole world fighting this
evil illuminazi scum.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

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