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Joseph Papp: US Patent # 4,428,193;
10-12-2007, 10:41 PM,
Joseph Papp: US Patent # 4,428,193;

From a Google search

Quote:On its face, Papp's engine appears inconceivable --- until the evidence is weighed very carefully. Once the battery-driven electric starter revved up the Papp engine (according to dozens of initially skeptical witnesses), the engine --- equipped with an alternator --- ran with no outside electrical input. And, even if such "miracle" reactions of noble gases should produce interminable explosions from a tiny volume of gas, pushing pistons and driving a large flywheel, why didn't such an engine run very hot? It didn't. What about the supposed need for a much lower temperature reservoir to make this "heat" engine work at all? If the engine is a monumental "fraud," it is a very, very challenging one to try to pull off.

Quote:Papp's noble gas engine is that the noble gases employed --- argon, helium, krypton, neon, and xenon --- are essentially non-reactive chemical elements (except in certain exotic combinations known to modern chemists); that's why they are called noble. How can such gases, "pre-treated" or otherwise, explode with unusual violence and drive a reciprocating single-cycle engine --- a retrofit device from an ordinary gasoline engine (lubricated with oil to be sure), but one with no cooling system, no fuel system, and no exhaust?

There is another that may work in mod mazada 6 or volks 4 ... but sounds similar.

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