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Aspartame- My Own Shocking Experiment
10-21-2007, 03:50 PM,
Aspartame- My Own Shocking Experiment
Hi people here is a copy of a recent bulletin post I put on My MySpace site

Hi friends, every so often i will post a bulletin of the dangers of artificial sweetener- Aspartame (E951).
But I have now my own proof of the toxicity of this additive, my girl has had headaches for over 6 years, some days really bad, tablets, cool patches, dark room treatments etc. The local doctor (pharmaceutical salesman) gave her migraine tablets,more tablets and more tablets to no effect even anti-depressants!! which lasted 2 days after i saw them before they met the bin.
It would annoy me so much I could do nothing for her, then around 3 years ago, i found the truth circuit and got pretty interested in the food side too, I first came across Aspartame in David Icke's books as he had some chapters in some of his books and told of the history and warned of the dangers there. I then came off any sweeteners and cut down on most additives in my foods.
To convince the girlfriend was hard, but i tried to no avail.
I then saw Sweet Misery and was totally shocked of the evidence the film portrayed of the history and dangers of this product, and also bought the book- Health & Nutrition Secrets that could save your life by Russell L. Blaylock M.D (who gave evidence on Sweet Misery). Then that was it, I would print out mainstream documents of the dangers of this product and place them in front of her every so often trying my best to explain the evidence i brought forward, I even made her sit and watch Sweet Misery, showed her/read to her from the above book and that just got her slightly aware where i was coming from. Then this year was the ultimatum I would have no more Aspartame in the house, I would buy no more for her at shopping time and would nag her every time I saw her with an Aspartame product, then after this years holidays and agreement was made, no more after we came back.
Well she stuck to her word, every label was read, every drink was checked.
This was 4 weeks ago-
No Headaches since the day of extraction, let me repeat that
NO HEADACHES (that have lasted 6 years!!) SINCE THE DAY OF EXTRACTION.
I/she was totally knocked back at this result and she felt such a fool to ignore my preaching.
I can honestly say this Excitotoxin is one of the most dangerous products in our foods today, it can create brain nerve damage, cause swelling and finish off with fatal tumors as Excitotoxins do.
Please take heed at this post, research yourself and any people especially those with children who are unaware, make them.
I will be writing to my and her doctor and produce a copy of Sweet Misery to them and would like them to explain themselves on these results and findings."

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10-21-2007, 05:09 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-21-2007, 05:37 PM by ephilution.)
Aspartame- My Own Shocking Experiment
Praise the lord it didn't get to the point of her developing a brain-tumor or some (lethal) organ disease to learn that aspartame really is a no goody.
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10-21-2007, 05:14 PM,
Aspartame- My Own Shocking Experiment
yep i second that, thanks
10-21-2007, 05:36 PM,
Aspartame- My Own Shocking Experiment
Yeah I had one coworker who was getting strange nerve symptoms -- numbness, headaches. She always chewed Trident. I told her it was the aspartame. She stopped and her symptoms went away.

Another coworker always chewed someother --- Extra gum.. All the time. He got migraines and then, even after I warned him... he got a brain tumor....

At least butt breath is natural. haha.

Naw -- I just do tea tree oil and peppermint extract.... and GARLIC and CAYENNE and SPIRULINA and FLAX SEEDS.... and CURRY and GINGER....

alright African Chew Sticks PEELU -- Miswax... -- have fluoride in them.... it's natural. But whatever. I know that there's different kinds of fluoride -- sodium fluoride is not natural I guess....
10-21-2007, 07:45 PM,
Aspartame- My Own Shocking Experiment
Persistence does pay off. You just have to stay the course and you will get results. It has taken me almost 5 years of battling to get my Dad to wake up, he still drags his feet, but he’s not buying the garbage he used to. Aspartame has been on my list for years as something I preach against. But that battle was easy as all I did was get rid of my parents ant problem and they said we’ve tried ever poison imaginable to get rid of the ants and a single freaking pack of Equal got rid of them in 24 hours. That was the end of my Aspartame war.

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