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Stinky Sulfur Awards are Dedicated to things that STINK!
10-31-2007, 12:39 AM,
Stinky Sulfur Awards are Dedicated to things that STINK!
See who else wins these great awards at

Stinky Sulfur Awards are Dedicated to things that STINK!

No book, no product, nobody is safe from this award. If it STINKS it Wins! It's controversial. It's offensive. It's fun. And it ensures that our health does not get skunked by such stink.

Updated Often!
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Award Recipient #2 - Pfizer Do-Gooder Dr. Robert Jarvik

If you can't fool all the people all the time, then just fool some "experts" and the rest will follow behind. Pfizer knows this. And to do it, they bought the "Dracula of medical technology" to fool everyone into taking Lipitor for the prevention of heart disease. Meet Dr. Robert Jarvik, el numero uno cholesterol-lowering drug pusher on your tube. If Jarvik is reading this he'll need that translated: the number one drug pusher on your tube.

Jarvik is touted as the inventor of the artificial heart. But it sucked - as in sucked the life out of patients. And that is why The New York Times famously referred to him in 1988 as the Dracula of medical technology. Apparently, his "crude machine" had noisy pumps and simply "wore out the human body and spirit." The invention never made it to market - thank God. And Dr. Jarvik has never practiced medicine - thank God. Today, he struggles with his invention and works on making it better. But his real source of income comes from Pfizer. They say jump, he asks how high. As a rep for their statin drug Lipitor, he is seen pushing the cholesterol-lowering drug on television commercials nationwide.

Discussing Dr. Jarvik, NBC asked viewers, "Would you buy a heart medication from someone whose own efforts to cure heart disease led to failure?"

Large sums of money have a way of making people believe anything. I bet Dr. Jarvik is taking Lipitor himself. Therefore, I don't think the commercials will last. He looks pretty old and crumbly as it is, surely his body can't handle the poison for too long. Like all other users of Lipitor, perhaps he'll be buried prematurely with "great cholesterol levels." I'd sacrifice one pharmaceutical mouth-piece to save the millions of grandma's and grandpa's being exposed to such propaganda and subsequent poor health and early death. Ouch! I should have stopped writing three sentences ago. From here on out I wont be able to walk into an airport without the security threat rising to orange...Drug compliant government frowns upon anti-prescription drug chemists, or rather the anti-prescription drug chemist.

As the People's Chemist, I've exposed the entire cholesterol myth in my book - The Hidden Truth about Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs. The underlying theme, which most people cannot seem to wrap their brain cells around, is that cholesterol is protective not damaging. Numerous clinical trials have shown that the higher the cholesterol the longer we live (write that down and post it on your refrigerator). And, when a person consumes Lipitor, they face the negative consequence of low cholesterol AND the the side-effects of the drug. All kinds of nasty things happen. Users lose memory. Users get weak. Users have heart failure. Users get cancer. All of these effects are documented in my book. But the best part about my little book: You will learn the real cause of heart disease and how to avoid it - even with a cholesterol level of say 350! Believe that!

Imagining myself as a producer of a commercial dedicated to exposing the cholesterol myth, I'd bring in the real doctors - the real health heroes of today. Here is what some of them have said publicly, without fear and without the need to conform to medical dogma just to be accepted by their peers:

“Fighting heart disease isn't glamorous. It requires a commitment to your health – not a $20 co pay at the prescription counter [for cholesterol-lowering drug]. But you can do it with high protein, low carb natural foods and effective exercise. Whether you have high cholesterol or not, you’ll be taking care of ALL of your risk factors – not just the one that pads the drug companies bottom line."

Dr. Al Sears, MD - Author The Doctors Heart Cure

"At the Hotze Clinic, we are not concerned with cholesterol. We look at the real risk factors of heart disease and curb them naturally - with diet, exercise and nutritional supplements. Cholesterol lowering drugs are not used by any of our doctors or nurses. And we have had tremendous success."

Dr. Steven Hotze, MD - Author Hormones Health and Happiness

"I had followed the cholesterol issue superficially since a Framingham paper published in 1961 claimed that high cholesterol was the cause of atherosclerosis and heart disease. The authors based their hypothesis on the finding that people who got a heart attack on average had had a little higher cholesterol a few years earlier. Such findings do not prove causality, this is elementary, and knowing the central role of that molecule in human biology I couldn't´t understand why researchers kept such a whimsy hypothesis alive year after year."

Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, MD - Author Cholesterol Myths

"Many studies have refuted the "lower cholesterol equals lower heart disease" hypothesis."

Dr. David Brownstein, MD - Author Drugs that Don't Work and Natural Therapies that Do

By Shane Ellison, M.Sc.
Author Health Myths Exposed and Hidden Truth about Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
Organic Chemist
More Stinky Sulfur Awards Coming Soon!

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