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Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
11-09-2007, 07:04 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-09-2007, 08:08 PM by Hei Hu Quan.)
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
Amongst Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan, Arthur Bremer stands as one of the early prototype programmed assassins. The John Hinckley, Mark David Chapman models were small refinements made on the programming which was already then state-of-the-art. His mission from his handlers was to kill Governor George Wallace, who was due to make a bid for president of the US, despite being specifically instructed by the IllumiNazis not to. He didn't listen and was sent a message of near fatal lead which made him a paraplegic for the remainder of his life.

Link: Wallace Would-Be Assassin Released


Would-Be Wallace Assassin Freed From Maryland Prison

POSTED: 10:23 am EST November 8, 2007
UPDATED: 11:17 am EST November 9, 2007
HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- A Maryland prison system spokesman said the man who shot and wounded Alabama Gov. George Wallace in 1972 during a presidential campaign stop has been released.

Arthur H. Bremer shot Wallace during a presidential campaign stop in Laurel, Md.

Spokesman Mark A. Vernarelli said Bremer left the prison before sunrise Friday after serving 35 years of his sentence.

Bremer, a former busboy and janitor, was convicted of attempted murder in the shooting and was sentenced to 53 years. He had been held at the medium-security Maryland Correctional Institution near Hagerstown, about 70 miles from Baltimore, since 1979.

"The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services believes the public's interest, safety and security is best served by allowing Arthur Bremer to become acclimated to today's world at his own pace and with as much anonymity as possible," according to an agency statement.

Under the conditions of his release, Bremer must stay away from any local, state, federal or foreign elected officials and any current candidates. He would have to undergo a mental health evaluation and treatment if the state deemed that necessary. Bremer also can't leave Maryland without written permission from the state Parole Commission.

Wallace, who died in 1998, was paralyzed and abandoned his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination after he was wounded May 15, 1972.

Three other people were also injured in the shooting.

After his hospital stay, Wallace returned to his duties as governor. In the Democratic primaries of May 1974, Wallace easily won the gubernatorial nomination for a third term without a run-off election. He would go on to sponsor the largest highway expansion program in the state's history.

Bremer, 57, earned his release through good behavior and by working jobs in prison, officials said.

He will remain under the supervision of the Division of Parole and Probation until his sentence ends in 2025.

Bremer's diary, found in a landfill in 1980, made it clear he was motivated to attempt to kill Wallace by a desire for attention, not a political agenda. He had also stalked President Nixon.

George Wallace Jr. said he and his family have forgiven Bremer, but have doubts that he has been punished enough.

"My father forgave him and my family has forgiven him. That's consistent with God's law. Then there is man's law. I doubt the punishment has fit the crime. After watching all the years of pain my father went through, I don't think justice has prevailed in this case," Wallace said.

Peggy Wallace Kennedy, the governor's daughter, said of Bremer: "I think he's getting out 17½ years too early."

Bremer was partly the inspiration for the deranged Travis Bickle character in the 1976 film "Taxi Driver." The movie, in turn, fascinated John Hinckley, who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan in a twisted attempt to impress the film's co-star, Jodie Foster.
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11-09-2007, 07:14 PM,
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
Good find, would like more background as I didn't know this character
The InfoUnderground
TiU Radio
11-09-2007, 07:57 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-09-2007, 07:58 PM by Hei Hu Quan.)
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
Thanks, ask and you shall receive. The telling thing in this story is the involvement of E. Howard Hunt an admitted assassin and dirty black ops man. If I get some more time later I'll try and dig up more evidence of Bremer's programming.

Link: Arthur Bremer

Arthur Bremer, one of four sons, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 21 August 1950. His father, William Bremer, was a truck driver. Arthur hated school and later wrote: "No English or History test was ever as hard, no math final exam ever as difficult as waiting in a school lunch line alone, waiting to eat alone... while hundreds huddeled & gossiped & roared, & laughed & stared at me."

After leaving school Bremer worked as a busboy at the Milwaukee Athletic Club. However, his habit of talking to himself disturbed the customers and some believed he was suffering from paranoia. In October, 1971 it was decided to give him a new job working in the kitchen. Bremer was unhappy with this demotion and the following month obtained a job as a school janitor.

While working as a school janitor he met 15-year-old girl, Joan Pemrich. After three dates Joan refused to see him anymore as she considered him to be "goofy" and "weird". On 13th January, 1972, Joan's mother told Bremer to leave her daughter alone. Soon afterwards Bremer purchased two handguns, a .38 caliber pistol and a 9-mm Browning automatic. After a incident where he fired bullets into a ceiling he was arrested by the police in Milwaukee. After undergoing a psychiatric evaluation he was charged with and fined for disorderly conduct.

In March, 1972, Bremer attended a George Wallace campaign meeting at Milwaukee's Red Carpet Airport Inn. At the end of the evening Bremer picked up a bundle of posters, bumper stickers and a Wallace lapel button. Over the next few days he began pasting posters on the lamposts in Milwaukee.

On 15th May, 1972, Bremer tried to assassinate George Wallace at a presidential campaign rally in Laurel, Maryland. Wallace was hit four times. Three other people, Alabama State Trooper Captain E. C. Dothard, Dora Thompson, a Wallace campaign volunteer, and Nick Zarvos, a Secret Service agent, were also wounded in the attack.

The arrest of Arthur Bremer (15th May, 1972)

Mark Felt of the Federal Bureau of Investigation immediately took charge of the case. According to the historian Dan T. Carter (The Politics of Rage), Felt had a trusted contact in the White House: Charles Colson. Felt gave Colson the news. Within 90 minutes of the shooting Richard Nixon and Colson are recorded discussing the case. Nixon told Colson that he was concerned that Bremer “might have ties to the Republican Party or, even worse, the President’s re-election committee”. Nixon also asked Colson to find a way of blaming George McGovern for the shooting.

Over the next few hours, Colson and Felt talk six times on the telephone. Felt gave Colson the address of Bremer's home. Colson now phoned E. Howard Hunt and asked him to break-in to Bremer's apartment to discover if he had any documents that linked him to Nixon or George McGovern. According to Hunt's autobiography, Undercover, he disliked this idea but made preparations for the trip. He claimed that later that night Colson calls off the operation.

At 5:00 p.m. Thomas Farrow, head of the Baltimore FBI, passed details of Bremer’s address to the FBI office in Milwaukee. Soon afterwards two FBI agents arrived at Bremer’s apartment block and begin interviewing neighbours. However, they do not have a search warrant and do not go into Bremer’s apartment.

At around the same time, James Rowley, head of the Secret Service, ordered one of his Milwaukee agents to break into Bremer’s apartment. It has never been revealed why Rowley took this action. It is while this agent is searching the apartment that the FBI discover what is happening. According to John Ehrlichman, the FBI was so angry when they discovered the Secret Service in the apartment that they nearly opened fire on them.

The Secret Service took away documents from Bremer’s apartment. It is not known if they planted anything before they left. Anyway, the FBI discovered material published by the Black Panther Party and the American Civil Liberties Union in the apartment. Both sets of agents now left Bremer’s apartment unsealed. Over the next 80 minutes several reporters enter the apartment and take away documents.

Charles Colson also phoned journalists at the Washington Post and Detroit News with the news that evidence had been found that Bremer is a left-winger and was connected to the campaign of George McGovern. The reporters were also told that Bremer is a “dues-paying member of the Young Democrats of Milwaukee”. The next day Bob Woodward (Washington Post) and Gerald terHost (Detroit News) publish this story.

The following day that the FBI discovered Bremer’s 137-page written diary in his blue Rambler car. The opening sentence was: "Now I start my diary of my personal plot to kill by pistol either Richard Nixon or George Wallace." Nixon was initially suspected of being behind the assassination but the diary gets him off the hook. The diary was eventually published as a book, An Assassin's Diary (1973).

Bremer’s trial lasted only five days. His attorney, Benjamin Lipsitz argued that Bremer was was a "schizophrenic" who could not be held responsible for his actions. Eight psychiatrists and two psychologists testified but they were divided on the issue of his sanity. Bremer was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 63 years in prison. In August 1972, three appeal judges reduced Bremer's sentence to 53 years.

George Wallace survived the assassination attempt. He gradually developed the view that one Nixon’s aides ordered the assassination. To gain revenge he announces he is to become a third party candidate. However, Wallace’s health has been severely damaged and reluctantly he had to pull out of the race.

In a comprehensive analysis of Hunt’s work published in The New York Review of Books in 1973, Gore Vidal argued that Hunt might have written the diary that was found in the car of Bremer, the man who attempted to assassinate George Wallace of Alabama.

In May, 1974, Martha Mitchell visited Wallace in Montgomery. She told him that her husband, John N. Mitchell, had confessed that Charles Colson had a meeting with Arthur Bremer four days before the assassination attempt.

In his book, The Taking of America, Richard E. Sprague argued that Donald Segretti and Dennis Cassini, supplied money to Bremer before he attempted to assassinate George Wallace. Others have claimed that Bernard L. Barker, one of the Watergate burglars, was used to pass this money to Bremer. Gore Vidal has also suggested that Bremer's diary was a forgery and had been written by E. Howard Hunt.
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11-09-2007, 08:03 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-09-2007, 08:42 PM by solar.)
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
Arthur Bremer: [Image: Arthur_bremer.jpg]

Quote:[...] His mission from his handlers was to kill Governor George Wallace, who was due to make a bid for president of the US, despite being specifically instructed by the IllumiNazis not to. He didn't listen and was sent a message of near fatal lead which made him a paraplegic for the remainder of his life [...]
Thanks, for posting this, Hei Hu Quan !

Wallace specifically was drawing voters away from Republican Richard Nixon's bid for his second term in office.

Derailing Wallace essentially brought about Nixon's second term as U. S. President.

The 1972 bid by Democratic presidential candidate, George McGovern, was derailed when it became public knowledge that his running mate, Thomas Eagleton, had undergone electroshock therapy in the sixties for "depression" ...

... or as some speculated: perhaps that was part of his MK-ULTRA programming !!

1972 was a very pivotal year:

The Vietnam "War" was in full swing.

The ruling elites were utilizing various covert military and intelligence groups to bring in high quality heroin and other drugs into the United States (a good overview of this is the classic text by Alfred McCoy entitled THE POLITICS OF HEROIN IN SOUTHEAST ASIA).

The Apollo Moon flights were at their "peak".:rolleyes:

Allegedly, Soviet Russia and Communist China "blackmailed" the United States over these (so-called) "moon flights" ...

... that is: the Soviet Union received a full quarter of the American wheat production that year, and Nixon visited China to open up the gates of "globalization".

And this is while China and Soviet Russia were openly backing North Vietnam and the Viet Cong insurgents in the Vietnam conflict.

And in the Spring of 1972, somebody (allegedly) slipped a hallucinogen into presidential candidate Ed Muskie's coffee in New Hampshire ...

... causing him to ultimately drop out of the race.

What a year !! :D

Thanks, again, Hei Hu Quan for posting this !:)
11-09-2007, 08:15 PM,
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
You're welcome and thanks for the spot-on follow-up.
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11-09-2007, 08:17 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-09-2007, 08:23 PM by solar.)
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
Quote:In his book, The Taking of America, Richard E. Sprague argued that Donald Segretti and Dennis Cassini, supplied money to Bremer before he attempted to assassinate George Wallace. Others have claimed that Bernard L. Barker, one of the Watergate burglars, was used to pass this money to Bremer. Gore Vidal has also suggested that Bremer's diary was a forgery and had been written by E. Howard Hunt.
Concerning Donald Segretti, Wikipedia (at this link) says the following about Segretti's protege, Karl Rove:

"He [Karl Rove] was an active participant in Richard Nixon's 1972 Presidential campaign. As a protégé of Donald Segretti (later convicted as a Watergate conspirator), Rove painted the Nixon opponent George McGovern as a "left-wing peacenik", in spite of McGovern's World War II stint piloting a B-24."

Small world, huh ?:P

And also: didn't E. Howard Hunt write "spy" novels under a pseudonym ?

So, yes, he would have the professional writing skills to forge a diary !!B)

Thanks, Hei Hu Quan, for initiating this fascinating thread !:)
11-09-2007, 11:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-09-2007, 11:22 PM by Hei Hu Quan.)
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
Thanks again lads, top shelf work. Take a good look at this raw video of the attempted assassination of Wallace that day in May of 1972 by Bremer here: Raw Video of Wallace's Attempted Assassination

Listen and you'll notice that the pistol firing sequence matches the same to Sirhan Sirhan's, Mark David Chapman and Hinkley's reported programmed emptying of their pistols. Assassins don't employ this methodology, although a disturbed amateur might. It's a definitive pattern inculcated in the MK programming as I've uncovered in my research on mind control, particularly dramatised in Walter Bowart's seminal book on the subject entitled "Operation Mind Control".

Here's some additional info on Dennis Cassini I discovered:

Quote:Dennis Salvatore Cassini (Cossini) lived in Milwaukee. It has been claimed by Mae Brussell that Cassini was a CIA operative. According to Lisa Pease, Cassini met with Arthur Bremer at the Lord Elgin hotel in Ottawa in early 1972.
If Mae Brussell has Cassini as CIA then it's as good as gold. Cassini must have been the bag man or one of the handlers because a scant 2 months later he turns up dead from an alleged Heroin overdose in the locked trunk of his owncar. I mean, afterall isn't that what most Heroin users do, chase the dragon in the locked trunk of their auto?

Quote:In July, 1972 Cassini died from a massive heroin overdose. Cassini, whose body was found locked in the trunk of his automobile, had no history of drug use.

Also found some more compelling evidence on the Bremer case and his programming here: The Taking of America Chapter 8: 1972 - Muskie, Wallace and McGovern

* For the author's definition of 'Power Control Group' see Chapter 2 reproduced following Chapter 8.


Chapter 8

1972 - Muskie, Wallace and McGovern

In 1972 the Power Control Group was faced with another set of problems. Again the objective was to insure Nixon's election at all costs and to continue the cover-ups. Nixon might have made it on his own. We'll never know because the Group guaranteed his election by eliminating two strong candidates and completely swamping another with tainted leftist images and a psychiatric case for the vice presidential nominee. The impression that Nixon had in early 1972 was that he stood a good chance of losing. He imagined enemies everywhere and a press he was sure was out to get him.

The Power Control Group realized this too. They began laying out a strategy that would encourage the real nuts in the Nixon administration like E. Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy and Donald Segretti to eliminate any serious opposition. The dirty tricks campaign worked perfectly against the strongest early Democratic candidate, Edmund Muskie. He withdrew in tears, later to discover he had been sabotaged by Nixon, Liddy and company.

George Wallace was another matter. At the time he was shot, he was drawing 18% of the vote according to the polls, and most of that was in Nixon territory. The conservative states such as Indiana were going for Wallace. He was eating into Nixon's southern strength. In April the polls showed McGovern pulling a 41%, Nixon 41% and Wallace 18%. It was going to be too close for comfort, and it might be thrown into the House - in which case Nixon would surely lose. There was the option available of eliminating George McGovern, but then the Democrats might come up with Hubert Humphrey or someone else even more dangerous than McGovern. Nixon's best chance was a head-on contest with McGovern. Wallace had to go. Once the group made that decision, the Liddy team seemed to be the obvious group to carry it out. But how could it be done this time and still fool the people? Another patsy this time? O.K., but how about having him actually kill the Governor? The answer to that was an even deeper programming job than that done on Sirhan. This time they selected a man with a lower I.Q. level who could be hypnotized to really shoot someone, realize it later, and not know that he had been programmed. He would have to be a little wacky, unlike Oswald, Ruby or Ray.

Arthur Bremer was selected. The first contacts were made by people who knew both Bremer and Segretti in Milwaukee. They were members of a leftist organization planted there as provocateurs by the intelligence forces within the Power Control Group. One of them was a man named Dennis Cossini.

Bremer was programmed over a period of months. He was first set to track Nixon and then Wallace. When his hand held the gun in Laurel, Maryland, it might just as well have been in the hand of Donald Segretti, E. Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy, Richard Helms, or Richard Nixon.

With Wallace's elimination from the race and McGovern's increasing popularity in the primaries, the only question remaining for the Power Control Group was whether McGovern had any real chance of winning. The polls all showed Wallace's vote going to Nixon and a resultant landslide victory. That, of course, is exactly what happened. It was never close enough to worry the Group very much. McGovern, on the other hand, was worried. By the time of the California primary he and his staff had learned enough about the conspiracies in the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King that they asked for increased Secret Service protection in Los Angeles.

If the Power Control Group had decided to kill Mr. McGovern the Secret Service would not have been able to stop it. However, they did not, because the election was a sure thing. They did try one more dirty trick. They revealed Thomas Eagleton's psychiatric problems, which reduced McGovern's odds considerably.

What evidence is there that Bremer's attempt on Wallace was a directed attempt by a conspiratorial group?

Bremer himself has told his brother that others were involved and that he was paid by them. Researcher William Turner has turned up evidence in Milwaukee and surrounding towns in Wisconsin that Bremer received money from a group associated with Dennis Cossini, Donald Segretti and J. Timothy Gratz. Several other young "leftists" were seen with Bremer on several occasions in Milwaukee and on the ferry crossing at Lake Michigan.

The evidence shows that Bremer had a hidden source of income. He spent several times more than he earned or saved in the year before he shot at Wallace. Bremer's appearance on TV, in court and before witnesses resembled those of a man under hypnosis.[1]

There is some evidence that more than one gun may have been fired with the second gun being located in the direction opposite to Bremer. Eleven wounds in the four victims that day exceeds the number that could have been caused by the five bullets Bremer fired. There is a problem in identifying all of the bullets found as having been fired from Bremer's gun. The trajectories of the wounds seem to be from two opposite directions. All of this -- the hypnotic-like trance, the possibility of two guns being fired from in front and from behind, and the immediate conclusion that Bremer acted alone -- sounds very much like the arrangement made for the Robert Kennedy assassination.

Another part of the evidence sounds like the King case. A lone blue Cadillac was seen speeding away from the scene of the shooting immediately afterward. It was reported on the police band radio and the police unsuccessfully chased it. The car had two men in it. The police and the FBI immediately shut off all accounts of that incident.

E. Howard Hunt testified before the Ervin Committee that Charles Colson had asked him to go to Bremer's apartment in Milwaukee as soon as the news about Bremer was available at the White House. Hunt never did say why he was supposed to go. Colson then said that he didn't tell Hunt to go, but that Hunt told him he was going. Colson's theory is that Hunt was part of a CIA conspiracy to get rid of Nixon and to do other dirty tricks.

Could Hunt and the Power Control Group have had in mind placing something in Bremer's apartment rather than taking something out? The "something" could have been Bremer's diary, which was later found in his car parked near the Laurel, Maryland parking lot. Hunt did not go to Milwaukee, because the FBI already had agents at the apartment. Perhaps Hunt or someone else went instead to Maryland and planted the diary in Bremer's car. One thing seems certain after a careful analysis of Bremer's diary in comparison to his grammar, spelling, etc., in his high school performances in English. Bremer didn't write the diary. Someone forged it, trying to make it sound like they thought Bremer would sound given his low I.Q.

One last item would clinch the conspiracy case if it were true. A rumor spread among researchers and the media that CBS-TV had discovered Bremer and G. Gordon Liddy together on two separate occasions in TV footage of Wallace rallies. In one TV sequence they were said to be walking together toward a camera in the background. CBS completely closed the lid on the subject.

The best source is obviously Bremer himself. However, no private citizen can get anywhere near him. Even if they could he might not talk if he had been programmed. Unless an expert deprogrammed him, his secret could be locked away in his brain, just like Sirhan's secret is locked within his mind.


1. "Report of an Investigation" by William Turner for the Committee on Government Intelligence.


"Bremer Wallace and Hunt", The New York Review of Books -- Gore Vidal -- December 13, 1973.

"The Wallace Shooting" -- Alan Stang -- American Opinion -- October, 1972.

"Why Was Wallace Shot?" -- R.F. Salant -- Self Published -- Monsey, N.Y.

"Interview With Charles Colson" -- Dick Russell -- Argosy -- March, 1976.
Link: The Taking of America Chapter 2: The Power Control Group

Chapter 2

The Power Control Group

Just who and what is the Power Control Group? Some have said it's the military industrial complex. Some prefer to put the blame on the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relation. Others have talked about control shifting from the "Yankees" to the "Cowboys" and back again. The term "The Cabal," first used in an obscure paper by an unknown author in 1968,[1] described a high level conspiracy group that planned, financed and carried out the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The word Cabal has been used since then by some authors and researchers and applied to all of the major domestic assassinations.

The idea of a Cabal raises more questions than it answers. Who is in the Cabal? Was the same Cabal behind the planning and financing of all five (Chappaquiddick being the fifth) major eliminations? Or are there several interlocking Cabals? What about the Warren and Rockefeller Commissions? Were they part of the Cabal? Which Cabal controls and infiltrated the media and organized the disinformation that poured forth in 1975 and 1976? Was Ford a Cabal member? Was Nixon? How about Johnson and Kissinger? Has one Cabal commanded the executions of the 100 witnesses and lower level participants?

The mistake made by researchers in postulating higher level groups is that they simplify a very complex situation. To draw a distinct line between those involved in an overt conspiracy to assassinate a leader and those involved afterward in covering up the first group's actions is a mistake. The cover-ups are far more important than the original assassinations. Each assassination or attempted assassination, or other form of elimination of a leader, is only part of a greater whole. The 16 accomplishments of the power control group listed in Chapter 1, plus those now taking place and those scheduled for the future, should be considered as a continuum. The control group membership may contain individuals in various categories, some of whom planned assassinations, some of whom knew about the assassinations, and some of whom did not know about assassinations in advance. Some may have been on the firing line but have had nothing to do with the cover-ups. Some of them are victims of later eliminations. Somewhere in the power control group's hierarchy is a sub-group or perhaps several sub-groups that have been responsible for the attempted assassinations of presidential candidates, earlier assassins, witnesses, and earlier middle-to-higher level members in the power control group. These sub-groups might be thought of as intelligence-style task forces or mini-Cabals. There is little question that many of the individuals in these task forces are from organized crime and from the intelligence community, or both. They have had access to intelligence techniques and weapons that have frequently been used in the the elimination process.

A second mistake made by some researchers is to assume that the Cabal's shape remains static through time. Evidence shows that the Power Control Group has been a living organism that both shrinks and grows as a function of time. The shrinkages take place through eliminations and a few natural deaths. The growth takes place for several reasons. It is necessary to use new techniques and new people for the group's activities as time passes in order to continue effective control of the media and to continue to fool the people and Congress. It's also necessary to bring new high level people into the group from time to time. Candidates for president acceptable to the group must be sworn in and must agree to continue the cover-ups. New media lackeys or new special committees or commissions are also needed. Once in a while an individual blackmails his way in. Some come in on a de facto basis. (Protectors of the Kennedys and their children fall into this category.)

The very nature of the cover-up procedure has made it necessary to expose at least some of the truth to vice presidents and vice presidential candidates, in addition to presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. Each vice president elected or appointed since 1963 has had to know the truth about the cover-ups in the event he became president (Humphrey under Johnson, Agnew under Nixon, and then Ford and Rockefeller). Ford was the most important of these since he had to agree to pardon Nixon and to protect the tapes.

The heads of the FBI and CIA, selected trusted second-level men, and the deputy director of plans (DDP) in the CIA have all had to know some of the truth. The members of the 40 group and their successors who presumably know all intelligence secrets of the country are, no doubt, brought into this "inner circle" of knowledgeable people.

The Warren Commissioners were split. Warren, Dulles McCloy and Ford all knew the truth; Cooper, Boggs and Russell did not. The Rockefeller Commission was also split. Rockefeller certainly knows and so does Ford's man on that Commission, David Belin. Kissinger must have known the truth; so must have the officers in the Department of Defense. Then there are the Secret Team members, planted in the various media organizations, who know the truth. A later chapter will describe who they are and how they lead the media cover-up and disinformation mill.

This living organism view of the Power Control Group can best be constructed and proven by starting with the cover-up efforts and the control of the media, as opposed to examining the conspiracies to assassinate each leader. It is much easier to show how Gerald Ford, for example, led the cover-up in the JFK conspiracy than it is to determine who the members of the Power Control Group were who planned and financed the assassination.
It is difficult to show evidence of higher level participation in the assassinations of Robert Kennedy, Dr. King and in the attempted assassination of George Wallace. It is not difficult to prove that many high level individuals conspired to cover-up the conspiracies in each of the three cases. It is not difficult to prove that they helped frame at least one of the patsies (James Earl Ray).

Much of the content of this book will show evidence of the cover-ups and discuss the actions that are still taking place that protect the Power Control Group. Only summary information is included on the original conspiracies, except where there is a lack of published data.


1. Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal, Torbett, 1968 (Copeland Document)
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11-10-2007, 12:10 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-10-2007, 12:16 AM by solar.)
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
Terrific post, Hei Hu Quan !:)

Speculative thoughts:B)

Up till March 1, 2003, the United States Secret Service was part of the United States Department of the Treasury.

Would it be safe to say that the President does not pick the Secretary of the Treasury without the approval of the power nexus associated with the Wall Street banks ?

Wall Street banks --> Secretary of the Treasury --> United States Department of the Treasury --> United States Secret Service

Many researchers contend that the Secret Service was "compromised" from "higher up" during the assassination of President John Kennedy.

After the assassination of Robert Kennedy (1968), the Secret Service was detailed to protect the Presidential candidates.

Was the Secret Service "compromised" the day Governor Wallace was shot ?

Was the Secret Service "compromised" the day Reagan was shot ?

There were unconfirmed rumors that Reagan arranged for a division of Navy guards to take over Presidential protection if he was shot.

And allegedly, after the 1981 shooting, when he arrived at the hospital, that Navy team was waiting and "muscled" aside the Secret Service.

This Navy guard also took over protection whenever he had to enter a hospital.

They say if you are very rich and/or powerful ...

... you (very carefully !!) pick your own doctors and guards, and you are cautious about walking through doors and standing near "high rise" open windows.

Can the "Power Control Group", at their discretion, at any time, bring about the "pulling of the plug" of Presidential protection ...

... and the "pulling of the plug" of candidate protection ?

Again, this is speculation.

Thanks again, Hei Hu Quan ...

... keep 'em comin' !!
11-10-2007, 02:37 AM,
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
Quote:Can the "Power Control Group", at their discretion, at any time, bring about the "pulling of the plug" of Presidential protection ...
When the IllumiNazis deem a storemanager President "obsolete" they are either fired like Nixon or fired like Kennedy. Then they just replace the defective cog and the machine keeps on running.

Good hypothesis Solar, I think it follows a solid path of logic which is sorely missing in conventional crime investigations.
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01-27-2008, 07:38 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-27-2008, 07:42 PM by TeslaandLyne.)
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
Taking advantage of misfits... not the mentally challenged but they know how
to pick them when they see them.

ED: Reagan had some Navy friends, or was a movie submarine captain.
02-04-2008, 09:47 PM,
Gov. Wallace's Manchurian Candidate Hitman Leaves Prison
Need info on Hinkley...

From another forum poster:

GHW Bush's son Neil, i.e., Preznit Dubya's S&L scandal/Silverado-bailout brother,
was scheduled to have dinner with Hinkley's brother the day after the assassination attempt.

I searched CC for Hinkley and found two threads, this was one.

Reagan almost died because some hate mongering family wanted to get to
the presidency asap?

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