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Blair 'knew Iraq had no WMD'
11-11-2007, 11:19 AM,
Blair 'knew Iraq had no WMD'
On August 6, 2005, Cook was with Gaynor on the mountain Ben Stack in Sutherland, Scotland, when he suffered a severe heart attack. Some early reports suggested that he had died before reaching the summit,[13] but according to his last SMS he had already climbed it and was descending,[14] despite earlier reports that neither of the walkers had a mobile phone. Cook's wife said that he collapsed and that she had called out and attracted a stranger in order to use his mobile at 2:23 pm. Due to the lack of time, Gaynor was not winched onto the helicopter and walked down the mountain with the wanderer.[15] Cook was flown from the mountain at 3:01 pm, to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness where he was pronounced dead at 4:05 pm. The post mortem revealed that Cook died of hypertensive heart disease,[16] although the paramedics at the scene had speculated that he died of a broken neck.

Who was that stranger?

David Kelly was supposed to have slit his wrists with a blunt knife.

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