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Secret of Harmonia
11-13-2007, 10:04 PM,
Secret of Harmonia
Only the female formless awareness is true harmony. Relying on technology creates imbalances.

Well the points given in the book are, again, based on harmonics aka "the playing of the flute without holes." I go into this in my masters thesis. Mantak Chia uses more points and he didn't directly relate it to harmonics but Michael Winn figured this out and does relate the microcosmic orbit directly to harmonics.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin also uses the 12 points as the small universe (neither more, nor less). His "small universe" c.d. is very very helpful in keeping the mind focused. The idea is to develop the awareness of the energy as it transduces -- heat to electromagnetic fields to light. It's necessary to first open up the body channels in order to create enough mind power.

Once the 3rd eye is permanently open then the specific points may vary because the body itself becomes full of light and electromagnetic fields. The mind is bending spacetime at this juncture. Professor Nan, Huai-chin makes this point as well -- the microcosmic orbit is preliminary before true samadhi is achieved.

As Master Nan, Huai-chin details most modern practicers "fall back into worldliness" by "heroic overexuberance" - using the paranormal powers that develop before true samadhi or "emptiness" is achieved: about chapter 10 in Taoist Yoga.

Master Nan, Huai-chin also notes that true samadhi can not really be translated into words. Gurdjieff makes the same point -- when the higher emotions are accessed (of the heart and mind) then the brain is easily overwhelmed with the intensity of information and the brain tends to shut-down -- or black out.

Both Master Nan, Huai-chin and Gurdjieff question whether true samadhi is even favorable for modern society since obviously such a state is not amenable to normal functioning, unless you can specialize in this practice.

The small universe is the specific tool for maintaining the health of the body and once this foundation is achieved then, as Taoist Yoga states, if "vitality is scattered" through heart-eye passion, then at least health can be maintained.

This is because the scattering of vitality (yang light energy) is through the 3rd eye as a full-body cycling of energy, in contrast to the "separation of heaven (mind) and earth (body)" as is the case for left-brain disconnection with the body's lower emotions. Scattering vitality is still transducing the lower emotions into light-bliss (which then leads to light-electromagnetic energy).

Gurdjieff also makes this clear -- once Level 4 is reached a "permanent center of gravity" is achieved in the 3rd Eye: magnetic bliss. But the activating of this direct access to the "large accumulator" -- the female formless awareness -- can manifest through the 3 main energy centers (or in Taoism: Tan tiens). So the three are jing, chi and shen or electrochemical, electromagnetic and light.

When Taoist Yoga states that the process starts by focusing on the point between and behind the eyes -- this is admitting that the female formless awareness (eternal nature) is what Gurdjieff calls the Absolute.

By focusing on eternal nature (stillness or silence) the yang energy is then able to descend down to meet to the yin energy which must be raised up. But mind yoga just typically focuses on descending the yang energy while ignoring and repressing the yin energy yet the yin energy is the foundation of the practice -- both the beginning and the end of the practice.

It's called "energy" because that's how it's experienced but when we "listen" to it by focusing on the space between and behind the eyes -- in fact we connect with pure consciousness which then creates the energy.

So the source of the I-thought is asymmetrical. One is male but is attracted to female formless awareness which enables one to resonate as two -- yin energy as matter and then resonates as three - yang or 2:3, the perfect 5th. This overtone of 2:3 then creates the whole energy spectrum through further complimentary opposites.

The female formless awareness is always-already -- beyond spacetime and energy-matter. It's just a matter of harmonizing with it through complimentary opposite harmonics.

Standing exercise is also very important at first. Taoist Yoga notes that when the legs go numb then the feet should be pounded and the leg channels should be focused on. Again sitting in full-lotus at ease for at least 2 hours straight demonstrates the channels are opened -- that the body's energy is necessary to establish permanent awareness with the female formless awareness. Consciousness as female formless awareness is neither words, nor images, but rather what enables telepathy and telekinesis and precognition, etc.

This is experienced as strong electromagnetic fields surrounding the body and then transducing the thoughts and emotions of people in the vicinity -- as communicated by their body-mind -- most powerfully through the eyes. This information then travels via the electromagnetic and electrochemical energy -- based on light (the synchonized biophotons of the 3rd Eye) -- back into the 3rd Eye. Then the brain translates the information (emotions, thoughts) of what happens in the vicinity.

In true samadhi this information and energy is communication directly through the female formless awareness beyond barriers of spacetime. The distance is based on "what level of emptiness" is achieved. For discussion of this paradox, "levels of emptiness," the best source is Master Nan, Huai-chin: his "What is Enlightenment" series.

The goal of Taoist Yoga is to go so deep into female formless awareness through the yin energy of the body that another physical body is achieved and then this body is "scattered as vitality across the universe." It's taught that before this physical body is achieved the person can already travel in yin spirit across the universe and this final step enables physical immortality.

This is the opposite of Advaita Vedanta which states that no travel is necessary since logically everything already is formless awareness and instead of the vitality radiating outward, in self-enquiry, the vitality spirals to the source of the heart-mind, called the direct path. In this second case final "immortality" is achieved when the body is killed and with each breath the mind automatically empties out to female formless awareness beyond any pain of the body.

Both of these end goals are the same and both are not talked about in their respective schools. How many would state -- our goal is to explode our own body into electromagnetic light in order to create an immortal physical body! Similarly how many would state our goal is to kill ourselves!

Rather what's important is the harmonization process itself -- which is impersonal and has no start, nor a beginning. Even though Buddhism is based on this philosophy that all is emptiness as consciousness nevertheless the same conflict arose -- Hinyana being just like Advaita Vedanta and Mahayana being just like Taoist Yoga.

This is why I rely on music as the model -- with the proof that yin and yang are from the same music ratios used in every culture for healing -- 1-4-5 intervals. The crucial issue being that their complimentary opposite meaning has been lost in the West.
11-15-2007, 12:40 AM,
Secret of Harmonia
I've posted on Laura's "sign of the times" forum in response to a poster or maybe it was (where I was banned for bringing up these tantra issues).

Anyway Laura does a good job on understanding the Stargate Conspiracy (and taking on the AboveTopSecret website).

But again this whole mind-psychic channelling thing is, as Stan Gooch details, based on generalized philosophy with really no applicable details for practical healing energy.

Laura's article on Gurdjieff is very revealing. This is the critical revelation:

"And yet...! Is not the System of Octaves symbolized by the musical scale (tones and semitones) as well as by the notes that compose it (Dominus, Sidereus orbis, etc...). Is not the origin of these notes a Christian hymn to John the Baptist? Mouravieff reminds us of this in detail (Gnosis, chapter 10). He therefore responds, in preventive measure, to the issues raised by Patterson by showing that Christianity, including its European version, contained the System of Octaves at a certain period."

God this reminds of a passage I read last night:

"Is not this the same thing which is described in the Acts as the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles, when they began to understand divers languages?" asked someone. [of Gurdjieff]

I [Ouspensky] noticed that such questions always irritated G.

"I don't know, I wasn't there," he said. p. 96, "In Search of the Miraculous"

Now for Boris to claim, as Laura records, that Gurdjieff has bad communication skills and therefore was dependent on Ouspensky is a complete joke.

This joke is verified when Gurdjieff asks Ouspensky to provide his commentary of the cosmos:

"See what you can say from your point of view, taking everything just as I said it." (p. 208)

Ouspensky rattles on for FIVE WORTHLESS PAGES (which I tore out of the book because they're so stupid).

Then on page 213 Gurdjieff responds with this very SLY comment:

"I will only add one thing more:

"Time is breath -- try to understand this."

He said nothing further. (p. 213)

Now that Ouspensky reports this without even seeing the SLY joke involved is proof that Gurdjieff in no way was dependent on Ouspensky and also that Ouspensky was simply a scribe, not a teacher.

Not only that but Boris does not understand Gurdjieff, because as I've stated, Gurdjieff was translating nonwestern alchemy into Western philosophy and this confused people.

First of all the Christian scale that Boris' refers to does not rely on asymmetric harmonics -- there's no understanding of how to apply this to the body, as Gurdjieff details in his alchemical teaching which exactly parallels the same as the Taoist Yoga book.

The crucial emphasis of Gurdjieff is that in the West the lower emotions remain undeveloped and it takes a conscious sublimation of these emotions. The sex center is the neutralizing force of the moving center, the lower electrochemical energy center of the body.

So what enables a person to sit in full-lotus is the ability to shoot the yang light-energy back into the yin electrochemical-energy. This creates an increase in vitality or electromagnetic energy. Taoist Yoga teaches that not until yang light-energy can be seen OUTSIDE the head is the female formless awareness established. Otherwise there continues to be just a repression of the lower emotions that creates a projection of oppression outside the body. As the female formless awareness deepens -- what Gurjdieff calls the "possibility of consciousness" then the electrochemical astral body -- shooting yang energy outside the mind -- turns into the electromagnetic astral body (the sun energy of immortality). Finally, as the Golden Light of the yin electrochemical energy merges in the Heart (source of Eternal Nature as Taoist Yoga calls it or the female formless awareness) another physical body is created -- the level 7 of Gurdjieff as the "starry" astral body, immortal in this solar system, beyond the sun.

Master Nan, Huai-chin also discusses these different "levels of emptiness" in his books which are truly amazing.

Now Gurdjieff reveals his secret translation of Western philosophy into nonwestern complimentary opposites with the following SLY comment:

"But, in this connection, it must be remembered that 'intelligence' is determined not by the density of matter but by the density of vibrations. The density of vibrations, however increases not, by doubling as in the octaves of 'hydrogens' [and the Christian doubling scale Boris refers to] but in an entirely different progression which many times out numbers the first. If you know the exact coefficient of this increase you will be in a position to solve this problem." (p. 320)

Of course "coefficient" is a logarithmic term so the Western readers will never be able to solve this "entirely different progression" -- which, again, is the resonance of complimentary opposites.

Finally Gurdjieff emphasized again that alchemy is impersonal and based on the law of three as complimentary opposites:

"You must understand that each center is divided into three parts in conformity with the primary division of centers into 'thinking,' 'emotional,' and 'moving.' On the same principle each of these parts in its turn is divided into three. In addition, from the very outset each center is divided into two parts: positive and negative. And in all parts there are groups of 'rolls' connected together, some in one direction and others in another direction. This explains the differences between people, what is called 'individuality.' Of course there is in this no individuality at all, but simply a difference of 'rolls' and associations." p. 388, the last quote of Gurdjieff in the book, "In Search of the Miraculous."

On John Cook introducing the term "taboo" from the South Pacific, I'd would add another John Cooke, the subject of a book I just read the past couple days:

The Tyrannicide Brief by Geoffrey Robertson (2006, Vintage London).

Robertson rewrites the history of the barrister John Cooke who established "the right to remain silent," along with other modern rights.

Robertson notes that "the fabled sexual promiscuity of the Ranters inspired a moral panic in Parliament" while the Levellers were considered "the enemy within."

In honor of this taboo today I'll read Andrew Eames: "Crossing the Shadow Line: Travels in South-East Asia." (1986)

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