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Britton - Behind Communism (suppressed role of zionist jews behind the bolshevik revolution) (1998)
11-17-2007, 07:52 PM,
Britton - Behind Communism (suppressed role of zionist jews behind the bolshevik revolution) (1998)
This is Frank L. Britton's shocking book Behind Communism (1998) which examines the racial roots of Marxism from its beginnings through the mid-1950s with special emphasis on the suppressed role of zionist jews as the main ideological leaders of this bloody revolution. The once blatant link between jews and communism, a fact that was openly discussed in the mainstream media during the early years of the bolshevik regime, had become an official un-truth, the kind that was conveniently flushed down the orwellian memory hole. Britton himself refers to how academic historians refused to deal with the issue, even as most of them were aware of the facts. This is still true today, as many acclaimed soviet "experts" write detailed histories of the Soviet Union and its rampant mass murder while skating deftly away from all discussion of the ethnic identity of those most responsible for the totalitarian regime and its genocide. A similar evasion of the truth can also be found in the massive and highly acclaimed Black book of communism compiled by several French intellectuals. Released to great controversy, one can only wonder at what it's reception would have been had it dared to explore the taboo territory of the jewish identity of communism. In comparison to such prestigious tomes, Britton's slim booklet, seems too lightweight a challenger to take seriously. Yet his work excels because of its intellectual honesty. Seeing quite clearly the nature of the beast, he did not flinch from positively identifying it. Whatever his vocation, it's quite clear that he was willing to jeopardize career in the cause of truth. Unlike cringing academics and cynical journalists concerned for paycheck, reputation, tenure and the politically-correct gods of the day, Britton knew that the apparent enigma of communism was not due merely to bad people with a bad idea and the resolve to enforce it. Undoubtedly, communism was a bad idea, and it took lots of bad people to implement it, but the marxist nightmare wasn't merely an utopian misadventure. It was an intellectual and political weapon devised and utilized by a specific ethnic group holding an historical view of itself as superior, as well as bearing an historical grievance with gentile society, specifically white christian Europe. While communism's promise of an egalitarian paradise and its threat to bring it about through revolutionary violence may have found many eager and willing listeners among the poor and working classes, they were only to be the instrument, the golem, of the vengeful plans of this specific ethnic minority. By pointing this out, by showing it to be the central issue in the history of communism, the author proved that, while not all jews are communists and not all communists are jews, communism itself is inherently, fundamentally a jewish creation. In essence, the event we have all been conditioned to refer to as the "Russian revolution" was, like Voltaire's Holy Roman Empire, neither Russian nor a revolution. It was a jewish coup d'etat against the Russian Empire, its royal family, and the religion, culture, and society of the Russian peoples. And it resulted in a holocaust of truly earth-shattering proportions, inflicting a death toll of not a mere (questionable) six-million, but of an estimated SIXTY-MILLION approximate deaths in the Soviet Union alone. As I have written elsewhere, that is a veritable Mt. Everest of Mass Murder in comparison to the Nazi molehill. If you doubt that proposition, try this little experiment after reading the material posted below: from Karl Marx to the Rosenbergs, take all the jews out of the story of communism and the "Russian revolution" and see if you can imagine it having happened any other way. You will find it difficult, if not impossible, to conceive any alternative scenario to those tragic events. The opening of the Soviet archives after the collapse of the communist system revealed that Lenin was one-quarter jewish, and that he favored that aspect of his heritage. At the time of writing even Britton was unaware of Lenin's yiddish heritage but this would have hardly been any surprise for him. Originally published in 1953, this newer edition includes some of the latest happenings towards the end of the 20th century. It presents a revealing look at the background of the ideologists, strategists, tacticians, agitators and spies of this poisonous ideology which murdered untold millions. Includes the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 and the 1940s atom-bomb spies in the United States. This is the part of history that your school teacher omitted. 105 pages, many rare pictures. A must read for everyone.


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