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Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
11-20-2007, 08:50 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Well Jeff you hit home with the "iron" psychology! haha. I had something of a superhero day yesterday. Started the morning with a full session with a repeat customer then at House of Charity I could see yellow light around everyone -- more full-lotus esctasy ensued. Then another repeat customer session -- but enhanced by no visual contact. Then McDonald's sported a slew of East Indian males totally intrigued by my full-lotus antics (and my curry-garlic odor). haha. The workers at McD's yesterday were barely hiding their enthusiasm.

At work I accosted three different males and urged them to read: "Activism, Inc.: How Outsourcing Canvassing has Strangled Progressive Politics in America" by Professor Dana Fisher (Stanford U Press, 2006).

Then my female coworker and I continued our conspiratorial energy conversation with my comment that even George Bush, Sr. has "good intentions."

So when I finally goto sleep at 1 a.m. after wondering if the full-moon was three days away (since that's when meditation is 10 times stronger and last night was very strong), I wake up to having had

not just a flying dream -- but having sex while flying -- and then astral walking on the moon, in a totally absurd, clown-esque style, then some sort of encounter with G.W. Bush, and more flying, flying, flying.

The lungs are the corporeal soul in alchemy and the element of metal. The goal of Freemason alchemy is to create another physical body that is supposedly immortal.

The lungs are also the emotion of sadness -- so tantric technology, based on mass ritual sacrifice through separation of heaven (mind) and earth (body), just destroys everyone's corporeal soul while creating sadness -- the word "goat" (the original mass ritual sacrifice) comes from the Greek word for "tragedy."

And so the Freemasonic alchemist must repress emotions of love -- normally expressed through the sublimation of sex energy -- in order to maximize the lower emotions of lead (jing or electrochemical energy), mercury (chi or electromagnetic energy), and iron (yang spirit or intense golden light creating a new physical body).

Notice how the latest superhero movies are based on the concept of environmental mutations -- radiation, pollution, etc. -- making humans STRONGER, when in fact the opposite is true.

Neuromelanin is an "iron-sink" which is why nonwhites are genetically more suspectible to heavy metal poisoning, diabetes, etc.

In contrast whites lack melanin in their inner ear and it's been proven that for this reason whites have less capability for sound amplitude processing (sound ionizes to ultrasound for harmony of heaven -- mind and earth -- body, to create love paranormal healing).

As an African-American activist friend states -- it was the ice-age, causing fear (the kidney energy, not sublimating through the inner ear vagus nerve because of lack of melanin), thereby creating a dependency on iron weapons for imperialism.

Professor William H. Calvin's book "The Ascent of Mind" corroborates this Afro-Centric conspiracy.
11-20-2007, 09:46 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Yeah I've just been reading U of Chicago professor Bruce Lincoln's latest essay:

How to read a religious text: Reflections on some passages of the 'Chandogya Upanisad'
History of religions [0018-2710] Lincoln yr:2006 vol:46 iss:2 pg:127 -139

Lincoln's latest book is on 9-11 and religion but I think that the "religion" of the Bush Dynasty is the cowboy-superhero cynicism. "Let's Roll!" means as long as we can make adolescent jokes patronizing true fanaticism then we can psychologically distance ourselves from the physical repercussion of our conspiratorial hypocrisy.

Lincoln captures the exact same "cynical" distancing in one of the most important Brahmin texts. The text starts out, as I did in my post, prioritizing light (heaven) created through breath (prana or electromagnetic power) with its foundation as food (electrochemical or jing).

In Freemasonic alchemy this is inverted through the introduction of money as IRON power -- currency more valuable that silver-lunar-water power.

So now heaven as light is turned into heaven as METAL (the corporeal soul) and the social order is inverted with the Brahmins turned into dogs living for food and cheap thrills via fake priestly chanting: Roll on!

Lincoln points out that this Upanishad was even the basis for a Kafka short story.

11/20/2007 03:34:00 PM
Great Galactic Ghoul said...

Abe -- After the Hittites invaded Egypt, around 1800 BC -- then patriarchial plow-based chariot Freemasonry spread throughout Africa.

"Iron, Gender and Power" is a recent academic analysis on Africa that I cite in my blogbook.

Another recent one on Africa is "Women of the Hoe" -- Africa up until this new Hittite introduction -- had been matrifocal with iron used in a music-based, lunar context relying on the complimentary opposites of circular , female housing.

11/20/2007 03:37:00 PM
Great Galactic Ghoul said...

I just googled: reptilian, alchemy, iron, hempel:

Ah yes but the word "goat" comes from the word for tragedy! The Sahara used to be a fertile, green wetland area and ecologists have determined that goat forgaging was the major cause for creating today's Sahara desert around 3,500 BCE.

Ancient Egypt originated much farther south and there used to be a large Lake Chad that connected West Africa with Egypt. Many West African cultures consider themselves descendents of the Egyptians!

Then the Bantu picked up the "rectilinear" symbolic revolution which occurred in the Levant around 10,000 BCE (according to "Origins of Agriculture and the Birth of the Gods," Cambridge U Press, 2000)

The Bantu then dominated the Koi-San once iron-based plow farming was spread through Africa even though matrifocal hoe-based horticulture is still common throughout Africa.

Despite the fact that the whole continent is decimated by war, genocide and ecological collapse.
11:06 AM
Anonymous said...

This starts out a bit raunchy but I think gets to what I call "the rotten root" behind the ecological crisis:

OK the secret of the "kiss of the yogini" is that the clitoris is to be sucked until it's hard and sex fluids flow freely which the man drinks (to restore his ejaculation).

Also "reverse breathing" is essential to tantra. Diaphragm breathing is what enabled mammals to survive in a low-oxygen environment (after Earth catastrophes).

Normally people breathe with the emphasize on the lungs but the diaphragm should be used as a pivot point with the muscles below the diaphragm drawing the sex energy up the back.

This is also called "the upward draw" or "reverse breathing."

Gay sex for men is the highest secret of western magic in O.T.O. because there is a secret gland at the base of the sacrum which is activated through anal pentration and this fires up the kundalini.

I'm not in O.T.O. but the "g-spot" orgasm is based on the same secret for females which is why "size matters" is the secret motto of second wave feminism.

The "small universe" or "microcosmic orbit" can be practiced by anyone. It just entails sitting straight in a chair and resonating the secret 12 points along the outside of the body:

1) womb-belly 2) reproductive organs 3) base of torso 4) base of sacrum 5) base of spine (small of back) 6) kidneys 7) top of back (center of shoulders) 8) base of skull 9) top of skull 10) middle of forehead 11) throat 12) Heart-mind

Just keep cycling the energy around those points, slowly focusing on each center, starting with one, and moving your mind around each point.

It's good to resonate "Om" on the first point and then "Mua" (backwards om) on the second point and then back to "Om"

Also you should sit on the edge of the chair so that there's acupressure on the base of the torso to activate that secret gland that is at the base of the sacrum.

Finally as you keep practicing the other glands get really hot. You feel the kidneys get really hot and then the thyroid gets really hot and eventually you feel the pituitary gland get really hot.

In the end you can "flex you cerebral cortex" so that you feel magnetic bliss in the pineal gland and the whole body will be suffuse with electromagnetic fields and totally limber like a baby.

In fact the top of the head will become soft (just like a baby) so that the spirit easily leaves the skull and you will not be hungry nor thirsty. This is called "ba gua" state in Taoist yoga.

The same "small universe" practice is secret to India as detailed in Mircea Eliade's book on yoga.

You will be able to "breathe" through the palms of the hands and the center points on the base of the feet -- there will be electromagnetic resonance through those points. This is called whole-body breathing.

So once the 12 points around the outside of the body are open (based on the 12 points of the chromatic music scale) then the 7 to 9 points in the center of the body open up (again the 7 to 9 notes of the diatonic music scale).

Then you can sit in full-lotus pyramid power based on the Tetrad as 1:2:3:4 (a pyramid equilateral triangle which as eternal growth the number 9 -- or 2:3:4 as Aum-Amen-Om -- this is why the capstone of the pyramid on the dollar bill is not down on the pyramid). The tetrad is based on the 1-4-5 music intervals found in all human cultures.

Nine is the sacred number of eternal growth in China.

So the 1:2:3:4 then turns into 4:5 as 5:4 -- the cube root of two -- creating a three dimensional pyramid power vortex.

The empty awareness is the space between our I-thoughts.

Logically all our thoughts are based on the I-thought -- no belief is necessary.

From where does the I-thought arise? Just repeat I-I-I-I over again, not as a mantra, but as a logical experiment in philosophy.

By seeking the source of the I-thought an asymmetrical resonance of the Golden Ratio (one as a continuous fraction for the slowest converging nonlinear fractal) is created (which governs black holes and all growth of Nature).

The golden ratio was the key to the Gothic Freemason cathedrals of Europe.

The I-thought is attracted through suction back into the center of the brain so that finally the cerebellum is activated as the foundation for all thought in the brain (so the pineal gland resonates with the moon-sun-earth vortex).

Suction is just pressure which is quantum chaos sound (phonons). Pressure as quantum chaos sound drives the evolution of galaxies and quasars and supernovas. Pressure as quantum chaos sound IS anti-gravity.

The space between the I-thoughts is the empty-awareness beyond spacetime.

This I-thought (mind yoga) increases the frequency but the small universe increases the amplitude so that alchemical transformation occurs through the asymmetrical sine-wave.

When language was closed off into left-brain axioms based on "I Am" (1:2:3:4 to square the circle) then left-brain asymmetry was created that went against the Harmony arising from the empty-awareness.

Right-brain resonance connects the Tree of Knowledge (the mind) with the Tree of Life (the womb-belly) through the Serpent (the kundalini) and God is the Heart-Mind as the foundation for each life.

God (through the patriarchal priest-hood) separated the tree of life from the tree of knowledge so that humans would be unaware of the secret power of sex.

The priest-hood by focusing on the source of the I-thought eventually resonate their consciousness all the way back to it's source in the Heart-Mind and the heart literally stops for over 15 minutes.

This is called "cutting the knot" for "eternal liberation" detailed in the book "Talks with Ramana Maharshi" -- a teacher of the ancient Brahmin priest-hood.

In Egypt the promoter of monotheism -- Ankenhaton and his queen Nerfititi -- the king stated outright (in a recent academic book it's documented):

"I have never known my non-existence."

This is the same as the "all seeing eye" of the UnDead Brahmin teaches.

So after the heart-mind was transcended to create the UnDead Priesthood there was a reversal of the Harmony of Heaven and Earth and left-brain logic separated the Tree of Knowledge from the Tree of Life using right-hand iron-based technology.

Eve -- instead of being the secret source of eternal sex power became Eve (as the corner of a square) to be controlled for materialistic power. Once the UnDead Awareness is achieved by "cutting the knot" then the priest is beyond all good and evil.

In Africa this became the Freemasonic BLACKSMITH caste which can shapeshift into crocodiles (Set -- the "evil" god of Egypt) which became the "power Set Axiom" (the official name for the square root of two, the first math equation to square the circle used to find the center of the chariot wheels).

The book "Iron, Gender and Power" is a recent academic text on Africa also see "In the Eyes of the Night: Witchcraft among the senegalese" -- another academic ivy-league anthropologist documenting shape-shifting reptilian blacksmiths as the most important magic.

The iron-based technology of patriarchal pastoralism and iron-based rectilinear plowing is the most ancient form of oppression -- when the Bantu-Koi cultures then took over the Mbuti-Baka-!Kung-San cultures of matrifocal hunter-gatherers.

In Sumeria the original Garden of Eden myth has the Snake as goodness with Eve in charge.

The letter "A" is actually the upside bulls-head from Sumerian ideograms with Omega as also a bulls-head. The bull being used for the first rectilinear iron-plow farming. See the recent academic book "Women of the Hoe" for documentation of the ancient matrifocal horticulture (without the rectilinear iron-based plowing).

God comes from the Indo-European word "Gott" meaning Bull for farming fertility rites of the ancient Solar Dynasty kings. Even scholar Karen Armstrong's book "The History of God" does not give the etymology of the word -- that's how brainwashed everyone is!!

Those kings, as detailed in professor David Gordon White's new sacred sex book "Kiss of the Yogini" ruled Western Asia through

tantric sex with a shamanic goddess (using the techniques I detailed above).

Have a nice day people.

drew hempel, M.A.
11-25-2007, 04:38 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
When one persistently inquires into the nature of the mind, the mind will end leaving the Self (as the residue). What is referred to as the Self is the Atman.

That's the core message.

Again this is logic -- not something for sale or a belief.

So there's the mind (perceptions, thoughts, images, sensations, etc.) and then there's female formless awareness.

The female formless awareness CREATES LIGHT (the spirit or soul) and also creates physical matter (telekinesis) and also thoughts (telepathy) and also bliss-energy (electrochemical-electromagnetic synchronization).

Sri Ramana Maharshi was considered the avatar of Shiva who sacrifices himself (mind and body) to Kali, whom even Brahman worshipped.

So Kali is time as CONSCIOUSNESS -- the reversal of time from consciousness.

The female formless awareness can literally reverse time and also causes precognition.

Sri Ramana Maharshi spoke TAMIL -- A TONAL, mantra language.

The older language gets, the more musical it is -- for example the Bushmen language and paranormal healing totally relies on gender dynamics and precise harmonics.

The process is the same:

The mind is WEAK on it's own.

The kidney energy -- sublimated sexual energy -- is the WILL POWER.

So the "small universe" practice cleanes and purifies the sex energy to create great heat as ionized electrochemicals -- called N/UM by the Bushmen.

This heat or "generative force" in Taoist Yoga, then ionizes into electromagnetic fields -- the prana or chi or shakti.


The electromagnetic fields then create light -- the heat and electromagnetic bliss will eventually open up the pineal gland so that light can be seen outside of the body -- around other people's bodies.

Then when the body channels are open -- through full-lotus -- the electrochemical yin energy is harmonized or synchronized, through ionization, and then shoots out of the third eye as


for healing others -- creating mutual climaxes with yin energy sources.

have fun.
11-25-2007, 05:42 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
It's territorial -- once the porpoises are gone the dolphins get their territory -- exactly the same "echolocation attacks" are happening in Sufi-Persian secret music societies -- leading to murder. Can't go into details but let's just say I got the inside story.

Now then -- the Tanbour uses only the 1-4-5 intervals, thereby confirming my analysis on how the 12 note, "circle of fifths" scale is created -- by LISTENING to overtones (not dividing ever longer string lengths using logarithmics).

Again the fifths/fourths as infinite yang/yin transduction creates paranormal healing.
11-25-2007, 08:49 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Yes intensity of yang energy (light-bliss) is often oft-putting to males because they don't know how to use the extra energy and then the males get confused.

The most important part of the alchemical training, after the channels are opened up, is how to store and transmit the extra yang energy.

So males who still have their consciousness focused in their lower emotions -- especially the sex center -- are fixated on soaking up as much extra yang energy as possible because they have no control over their own yang energy -- it just scatters through lower emotional desire turned into sexual fluid.

The generative fluid has to be ionized to create electromagnetic fields which finally heats up the pineal gland so that the brain and body can fill with light.

This process can take years -- in the Bushmen culture, the original source for alchemical healing, a male usually did not become a strong healer until 40 years old. Why? BECAUSE THE TRANCE ENERGY IS TOO INTENSE.

So the younger healers, because of this intensity, tend to "scatter" their vitality -- through electrochemical (generative force) light healing instead of electromagnetic (vitality or chi) light healing.

Scatter can mean eating too much food so that the generative force (yang electromagnetic energy within yin electrochemical energy) is overwhelmed by yin energy, turning back into water (seminal fluid) and thus lost (THIS IS THE TYPICAL MEANS FOR MALES TO LOSE THEIR LIFE FORCE) -- or scatter can mean shooting out bliss-light through the 3rd Eye without first descending and lowering the yang energy back into the generative force (the purification process through trance) so that electromagnetic power is stored in the stomach.

Those two processes of scattering are closely related because when the stomach is filled with electromagnetic energy then food converts that energy back into electrochemical energy. In otherwords once the channels are open, fasting, while doing quiet, solitude meditation is the quickest, most intense path to creating stronger healing energy -- with electromagnetic light.

To overcome this scattering the brain channels must be opened up further so that the body can be filled with light. This is actually a very intense process -- the skull cracks, great pressure is on the back of the eyes and eyebrows -- the light clears out the blockages through the eyes -- the pineal and pituitary glands heat up really strong -- ecstasy overwhelms the meditator -- extra energy builds up. Master Nan, Huai-chin's books give descriptions of this process.

Again the alchemical agent as electromagnetic light must be stored and constantly guarded from most specifically other males who still have their consciousness focused in their sex center (without CONSCIOUSLY sublimated and transducing their yin electrochemical energy). As these males continually lose the yang energy -- electromagnetic -- within the yin (generative force turning to generative fluid) these males start to have their consciousness stored in their lower instinctual center -- the tailbone chakra -- and become even more desperate to soak up further yang energy (be it from food or from other males who know how to restore and increase their healing energy). For example in Ancient Greece it was known that the older "philosopher" males would actually suck off and drink the younger males in order for the older males to restore their energy.

It would be tragic if it weren't so funny -- why? Because the source of the yang energy is still the female formless awareness -- beyond all energy and matter, beyond space and time -- what's called "essential nature" in the Heart-mind.
11-27-2007, 07:43 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Yesterday I met this 80-plus year old former art instructor at the U of MN. We talked for 3 hours straight. He knew Charles Luk but hadn't read "Taoist Yoga" although he plans to now. We talked conspiracy politics, art, music, math, physics, literature, philosophy.

The whole time I was sitting in full-lotus and shooting bliss-light into his eyes. His name is John Beauchamp and he heard Richard Alpert speak on LSD BEFORE he became Ram Dass. His friend, while the two of them were in S.F. in the early 1960s, saw a girl "fly" out of a window, on LSD, to her death. John Beauchamp then went to Esalen and met Stanislov Grof.

John Beauchamp has record 25,000 of his dreams and his vision in painting is applying mobius strip topology. He lived in Greenwich Village in the late 1950s and he's had his art bought by the Witney Museum, plus other NYC galleries along with the Walker Art Center here in Minneapolis.

He practiced Yan Xin qigong, the teacher of Master Chunyi Lin and John Beauchamp even went to see Dr. Yan Xin at a chi-emitting lecture, attending by about 2000 people in NYC. He met a Chinese man in Minneapolis who had a cancer tumor on his leg. It was removed but then another showed up on his foot. The doctor wanted to amputate. The man practiced Yan Xin qigong for 4 hours a day and he totally healed himself.
11-28-2007, 08:37 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Yes the problem with garlic is that it's "lugubrious" to quote Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality -- the definitive text for figuring out what I practice.

Lugubrious means that garlic creates generative fluid -- or semen. The whole point of alchemy is to transmute energy into generative force (electrochemical heat) which is then cleanses (kidneys) and purified (heart) into electromagnetic energy and finally light for spirit travel.

Consider the Tibetans -- they eat meat because they live in a very cold climate and the meat helps create "tummo" or inner heat. Garlic is very effective against viral infections (gum disease, cancer, etc.) but the hydrogen sulfide is also one of the smells of shit.

The hydrogen sulfide is very powerful and to counteract that requires other herbs or essential oils -- thereby rendering the whole process somewhat ineffective.

So this brings us back to qigong itself which is pure harmonics based on formless awareness. But then we live in a world of nasty chemicals and food so garlic can be a very nice way to spice things up.

I've just been eating one clove a night since my parents couldn't handle the hydrogen sulfide. So I'm concentrating on cayenne now -- for the MN winter -- plus peppermint extract and tea tree oil. But the latter two tend to cause drunk effects and the grain alcohol is too strong. So it's best to water this stuff down.

One thing about eating food while in full-lotus is that the vagus nerve transduces not just serotonin but also anerobic bacteria. The vagus nerve also secrets acid into the stomach. So it's best to have a good diet or at least eat minimally.

I usually eat one and a half meals a day.

The deeper you go into meditation the more the body switches to free electromagnetic energy but since the West does not believe in this there's a psycho-crackdown that makes strong practice dangerous. Last thing I want, personally, is for the zombie rich white people chasing after me because my energy is too harmonized with the Tao -- but that's the risk we have to take to transform the rotten root of western civilization.

I did this once, healed my mom of a serious illness, even though she bitched me out and totally freaked out on me before I healed her, thereby forcing me to eat a bunch of food so I could settle her down. Then she only reported the results two weeks later and when I stated I had stopped practicing she stated that I was just lazy. Then when I later stated that I would need to fast again she seemed to have forgotten that I had healed her.

This is the type of treatment one can expect and it explains why people who do develop this skill on a stabilized level charge exorbitant amounts of money.
11-29-2007, 08:37 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
There's a contention that my posts "go nowhere" yet there is also continued pondering over what "female formless awareness" actually is. This problem is resolved by Judith Simmer-Brown's book: Dakini's Warm Breath: The Feminine Principle in Tibetan Buddhism. (2001) She's a Ph.D. instructor at Naropa Institute and her book was published by Shambala.

I discovered her book a day after John Beauchamp had stated you can find decent Shambala books but you just have to be selective. I had written Shambala off.

As I had explained my philosophy to John Beauchamp he had stated: That's what Jung called the "3 in 4 problem." But Judith Simmer-Brown details how Jungian philosophy continues what depth psychologist James Hillman calls "the phantasy of opposites." I've read Hillman and he's spot on although lacks the details of alchemy, provided by Taoist Yoga.

Another thing John Beauchamp mentioned was that Buddhism has too much doctrinal studies -- too much like the Western church. I agreed with this but Judith Simmer-Brown's book focuses on the tantra practioners who excelled in yoga meditation -- not the "slow" path of debate and intellectual discipline.

For example she mentions that Milarepa, when not in samadhi, had to rely on food but, when in samadhi, he was feed by the dakinis. The details again are provided in "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality."

The central image of Judith Simmer-Brown's book is one I had found in another book on the Goddess but with a slight change. The image is of the Mother Goddess -- in full-lotus with her palms facing her belly, what I've called the "Yan Xin Secret." And this Mother Goddess has a tantric dakini riding on her lap. Usually the full-lotus practioner is considered a male with the female riding on top -- and in the West this gets interpreted as a form of patriarchy based on materialism.

So the emphasis again is that the female formless awareness is the foundation that goes beyond spacetime and energy-matter and when resonating with this foundation then electrochemical imbalances, electromagnetic imbalances and information-light imbalances can be resolved -- back into the female formless awareness.

In fact ONLY female formless awareness is balanced as harmony or the Goddess Harmonia.

I use nonwestern music -- the complimentary opposites of number -- to provide the formal, empirical basis of this female formless awareness. There is no "one-to-one correspondence" between the Perfect 5th as yang or C to G, 2:3 and the Perfect 4th as yin or G to C, 3:4. In Tibetan Buddhism this same principle resides as well -- with a slight change in the wording of yin and yang.

As Judith Simmer-Brown acknowledges there are caste and patriarchy issues but this complimentary opposite resonance to female formless awareness originates in the African-based Dravidian culture of India -- coming from Shiva-Shakti.
11-30-2007, 05:46 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
First of all:

"I meant via the female formless awareness."

That's the problem. You can't differentiate "you" from the "via female formless awareness." This bliss-light through the pineal gland happens in a harmonic trance state that is natural resonance.

So as Sri Aurobindo states -- the Savitri silently guides "our" consciousness -- or as Mahayana Buddhism states (master Nan, Huai-chin) -- there are DIFFERENT LEVELS OF EMPTINESS.

Which brings us to Cap's comment: The reason formless awareness IS female is, again, because it's achieved through HARMONICS using complimentary opposites based on the foundation of something we can't visualize yet we already exist in. We can LISTEN to it. Nature does not need males - males are just a superficial addition for some genetic diversity. The process of material growth first starts in Harmonia -- the foundation of ONE (a male number) is female formless awareness.

Modern people (especially WHITE MALES) are locked into left brain logical axioms that rely on time-based psychological repression:

"I Am that I Am" applied to math creates a "one-to-one correspondence" between number and letter -- a symmetry that does away with the inherent dynamics of gendered reality -- the FEMALE FOUNDATION (again see the Dakini's Warm Breath for details).

Originally the "I" was one (as the golden ratio expressed as a continuous nonlinear fraction -- the letter "A" being an inverted Bull's Head or BRAHMAN-Gott, meaning bull as "I Am that I Am") while the "AM' was AUM or OHM -- the open vowel that is the heart-mind chakra as 2:3:4 -- yang-yin or tai-chi or shiva-shakti dynamics.

The "that" of "I Am that I Am" refers to the 4th state of consciousness -- turiya -- beyond deep sleep.

Does everyone maintain self-awareness of their deep sleep state?

NO -- but that's exactly what true samadhi is. Again it's formless awareness -- not the imaginal realm as Cap continues to insist on -- demonstrating a fundamental misunderstanding of nonwestern philosophy.

True samadhi is only achieved when the whole body is filled with electromagnetic fields which enables the body to not need food, nor sleep, nor water.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin went 40 days in a cave in full-lotus with no sleep, no food, no water.

The ability to shoot "bliss" (harmonized electrochemicals as love energy) out of the body through the pineal gland, as attached to light, is only because this female formless awareness process has been achieved --

called "laying the foundation" with the details provided again in Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality.

So I went 8 days without food and only half a glass of water and yet was never hungry and my energy just kept increasing -- because I had stored enough electromagnetic energy in my body -- this is called "bigu" in qigong and chemistry professor Rustom Roy held an academic conference on this. Qigong master Chunyi Lin shot energy into the center of my brain with his finger. It creates an intense blissful, burning pressure as light. He and qigong master Jim Nance also worked on opening my 3rd Eye at a distance -- while they sat in full-lotus in another room.

But, as Gurdjieff points out (and also Master Nan, Huai-chin) -- true samadhi -- the contact with Hydrogen 12 -- through the higher emotions -- creates such intense paranormal experiences that it's really not conducive to "worldly" society.

Please remember that Gurdjieff emphasizes in the West there is no conscious sublimation of sex energy to convert it into hydrogen 12 -- the higher emotions. In other words the sex energy remains "undeveloped" as Gurdjieff details.

Most modern white males repress the lower emotions (anger, lust, fear, sadness, worry) through left-brain logic which is then projected as right-hand oppressive technology.

Perverts, in contrast, have their consciousness (instead of focused in the left-brain) focused in their lower sex center or even worse in their instinctual center -- what Gurdjieff calls a "level One" person. Gurdjieff points out that if a male has sex before age 15 then their psychic centers are permanently warped -- and this is especially true if the males have been forced into passive butt sex by older males -- through abuse.

The pervert is pulling the yang bliss-light DOWN to convert it to semen -- through conscious effort that the pervet then supposedly hides from society, etc. Females, by nature, have a climax that works via the vagus nerve to transduce into oxytocin -- the love hormone. Males, in contrast, when they climax, switch, at climax, to the SYMPATHETIC nervous system, creating a ACTH-stress outcome for the body. This is why males die 7 years earlier than females on average. Again the female climax STAYS in the parasympathetic system -- but this is not true for males.

Full-lotus enables males to have a female climax -- interally -- thereby solving what Stanford physiologist Robert Salposky calls "the trouble with testosterone." He and I have corresponded and I'm now reading his Baboon Memoir (it's a lot of fun).

And so we return to the mundane world whereby all differences (fast food joints versus ecofascist organic meditation retreats) are collapsed into that which enables telepathy, telekinesis, and precognition:

FEMALE formless awareness.
12-01-2007, 07:27 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Another communique from the front lines of conspiracy activism.

I'm sitting in full-lotus, after biking through MN's first snow storm of the season. I'm eating at the charity food kitchen downtown. There's a stoned, horny Latino dude at the table in front and to the right -- he's being chastised for having touched one of the "sisters."

The sisters are behind me. My energy keeps building up as I continue in full-lotus. The sisters stand up to my right and embrace while leaving and my bliss-light shoots into them. Then the younger one lingers while I shoot more energy into her. She turns to me -- "wow I wish I could sit like that, all meditative and all flexible" and she makes a relaxing smile with her shoulders.

Then she can't help but stare at my crotch with total lust and she states: "Wow with your legs all crossed like that. You must be great in bed." I just give her the big smile. She looks away and then turns back.

She states: "Damn. Now you got me all distracted." Then it's off into the snow storm.
12-02-2007, 03:43 AM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Yeah I was just perusing this Theosophist book on fractals and quantum consciousness or something and then it was going on about Crowley.

It's amazing that Crowley could not even achieve what I call "O at a D" -- orgasm at a distance, as Gurdjieff could do. Read: God as My Adventure by Rom Landau -- cited by Colin Wilson in his The Occult.

That's the only other description I've seen that exactly details what I can do -- O at a D.

Anyway by the time of the Greeks these abilities were really lost. There was actually a Greek work for spine energy -- it's discussed in an academic book on yoga and greek philosophy that I came across at the University -- a fairly recent book. I didn't record the source because there wasn't much to it -- the Greek concept of the mind in the heart is also very important.

But, as G.E.R. Lloyd details -- comparing Chinese and Greek medicine and philosophy -- the Greeks were already fixated on exterior materialist "muscle" -- the iron psychology.

Soul as pneuma has become overly intellectualized already.

It's really electromagnetic light energy.

Gurdjieff does a good job with it -- he just needs to be cross-correlated with the Chinese -- again the book:

Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality.

So once the "permanent center of gravity" in the pineal gland is achieved -- a Number 4 person -- then the Absolute or awareness of consciousness can be expressed through the three different energy centers:

Sex neutralizes the moving center (which again means that internal climaxes enables the full-lotus).

This is what causes the O at a D -- the yang bliss-light is attracted to strong yin electrochemical vitality or jing.

The middle center is the higher emotion -- the sex energy, as it is converted through alchemy -- turns into electromagnetic energy for healing power.

That's the chi or prana.

It's also called "vitality" --

As this builds up it opens up the higher energy center -- what Gurdjieff calls Hydrogen 6 -- the intellect center.

The source of the intellect center is female formless awareness.

By this Gurdjieff means that electrochemical life on Earth feeds the moon as female mind or psychic energy.

But if life on earth, as it does now, trys to stop feeding the moon, then the moon destroys all life on earth.

Only by consciously feeding the moon energy can a person then transcend the moon or psychic energy so that the Number 5 person (as yang spirit as electromagnetic light) can become strong enough to create a

"starry" astral body -- another physical body or Number 6 person.

That's why it's alchemy but in fact the source for that "starry" body which can travel past the sun and the moon -- yet still within the solar system -- is the same Absolute, the female formless awareness, that starts the process.

The process starts by consciously sublimated sex energy called JING in Taoist yoga -- what I call electrochemical energy.

So in Alchemy it's stated you start and end with jing or lead.

The new physical or starry body is the lung energy as Metal - but it still depends on the Heart-mind as

Essential Nature (which is the Earth energy as female -- yin-jing energy but now called prenatal vitality).

This is the bliss energy of the bliss-light spirit turned into golden light that creates another physical body.

So the process is the same -- it just depends on what level you build up your own energy and this enables you to do stronger healing.

The important thing is to open up the channels so that the harmonic process can occur -- creating the "permanent center of gravity."
12-02-2007, 05:33 AM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
See the latest claim is that I'm promoting some other form of dualism: Against western tuning instead of pro Western tuning (and other means) is supposedly no difference.

The problem with Mr. Bungle and all the bands on this website is this syncretist relativism viewpoint.

The West is based on mathematical INVERSE INDUCTION which means that EVERY individual combinatoric is actually ruled by a structural axiom which is always already true for infinite time.

This INVERSE INDUCTION (see math professor Joe Mazur's Euclid in the Rainforest book for details -- or Robert Kaplan's book on mathematical logic) proves that science is not an "open" system.

In fact Karl Popper also demonstrated that science relies on deduction -- not induction. So the appearance of "random" collection of facts, or free exploration of ideas, is actually an illusion.

The same illusion exists for western music -- it is always already converging to a closed infinity that inherently cuts off the complimentary opposite natural resonance harmonics.

Tribal systems keep the complimentary opposites as an open system but do so intuitively while

alchemy uses the complimentary opposite harmonics CONSCIOUSLY.

Those are the three main choices.
12-02-2007, 08:57 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Today's read was "Muses, Madmen and Prophets: Rethinking the history of auditory hallucations" by Daniel W. Smith (2007).

His first problem is the same problem people ascribe to Pythagoras.

Smith defines sound as "the movement of an object" just as ever since Plato Pythagoras is considered a numerologist with number inherently connected to material reality -- a line.

Pythagoras stated though:

All is Number and HARMONY (this latter half of his motto is ignored by the West).

Nevertheless Smith has produced a fascinating book -- especially his research on Socrates and Shreber.

Unfortunately Smith's personal investigations are lacking -- he realizes that mind control is related breath and he does a sensory deprivation session (but after 3 cups of coffee even though he was told not to take caffiene).

Smith's final message is a good one - people who hear voices are often not crazy but just have a physiological anomaly.

It's this superficial, literary approach that does not delve too deeply into the nature of sound which promises to be accepted by a publisher. Congratulations Smith!
12-03-2007, 09:18 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
The intention of energy is bidirectional so that a result can be reversed -- in fact this process of energy harmonization is automatic, just like music, from the female formless awareness. Qigong master Yan Xin calls paranormal powers "synchronous resonance."

Qigong master Yan Xin gives an example of when he was in a car that had the engine quit. The driver couldn't restart the car so qigong master Yan Xin looked up at a power line and directed the power line's energy into the car's motor. The car suddenly began smoking so Yan Xin realized he had shot too much energy into the car. So then he reversed the energy and the car started. That's in a book on qigong published in connection with chemistry professor Rustom Roy.

So when I sit in full-lotus if a person needs energy they tend to just line up into the direction of my eyes. Usually this entails a backside presentation by a female.

The level of my energy depends on how much I've built it up from food conversion, from not losing the alchemical agent (a load of jism), from not having shot it into other people, etc.

After the electrochemical light builds up then it converts into electromagnetic light which can be used for deeper healing.

I did that once and healed my mom of a serious "smoker's leg" condition so that she no longer needs surgical stockings.

But then I also accidently pulled this old lady's spirit out of her head -- even though she didn't see what I was doing and I didn't touch her. I had been taught to not pull blockages directly out the top of someone's head but I forgot and didn't realize the power difference between her and me. She bawled straight for at least 15 minutes.

So then I did what Master Nan, Huai-chin states is normal after such "heroic over-exuberance," -- I "fell back into worldliness."

But then qigong master Chunyi Lin pointed his finger at my forehead -- touched my forehead -- and shot light-energy into the center of my brain. Ever since I can physically "flex" my pineal gland.

As for kids -- I spent a couple hours with a one year girl the other day. Her mom, a Muslim, stated: she likes you. This, after the girl kept walking back to me and then decided to hand me things -- 7 cans of tab soda, a jar of poppy seeds, various jars of essential oils, etc. We both had huge smiles on our faces and looked deeply into each other's eyes. I, as usual, was sitting in full-lotus.

So the energy that I shoot into girls is "bliss-light" energy -- from the heart -- after it's been transduced through the lower emotions: lungs (sadness), liver (anger), pancreas (worry), kidneys (fear), heart (over-excitement).

Last night I finished "A Primate's Memoir" by professor Robert Sapolsky. He spent another summer with his baboons in Kenya which is the subject of this fascinating book. Sapolksy's responded to a few of my emails and he promotes meditation since his focus of research is the adrenal-brain connection and how stress affects health. It's all about females presenting their backsides to males.

Lu, Zuyin. Scientific Qigong Exploration: The Wonders and Mysteries of Qi. Trans. by Hui Lin; ed. by Ming Dao. Malvern, Pa.: Amber Leaf Press, 1997. ISBN 0965-7135-71.
Qigong, qi gong, or qi kung (pronounced chee-gung), the term given to a broad category of Chinese training exercises for the mind and body, has been practiced for several thousand years.15 Certain forms of qigong have been believed to have healing powers for illnesses of the body and mind. The NCCAM classifies qigong as a form of energy therapy, more specifically, a "biofield therapy."16 One example of healing Qigong is ChiLelTM Qigong.17 Qigong is included in this collection of meditation literature because it is a relaxation technique and often produces a meditative state. However, it was not studied scientifically as a healing method until the 1970’s.Due to political repression of discussion about qigong in China, it has been difficult for researchers to exchange knowledge and ideas on this subject until very recently. This book, originally published in Chinese as Qigong Tansuo in 1994, discusses scientific research into "external qi" up to 1982, but with greater emphasis on the author’s involvement in this research since that time. "External qi," according to the author, a physics researcher, is an "... invisible and untouchable ... " force, or energy, emitted by practitioners of qigong. In 1977, it was discovered that this external qi was capable of effecting changes in an infrared spectrometer and creating magnetic field measurements on a magnetometer. News of this created a renewed interest and increased Chinese people’s practice of qigong. The author’s experiments in collaboration with Dr. Yan Xin included work on the effects of external qi on DNA and radioactive isotopes. This is a substantial collection of research in a field in which it is difficult to obtain information on research at all. In print.
12-05-2007, 06:05 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Gurdjieff states (p. 293, "In Search of the Miraculous")

"In the order of their succession, according to the law of three, la will be the active element, sol the neutralizing, and fa the passive."

"This symbol points out that the substance fa in being mixed with the substance la gives as a result the substance sol. And as this process proceeds in the octave, developing as it were inside the note fa, it is therefore possible to say that fa without changing its pitch acquires the properties of sol."

OK -- so that's Gurdjieff stating the PASSIVE is the female formless awareness.

What this means is that only because of FA=DO in the Cosmic-Sun Octave, the 1st Octave, is the unknown shock of the Moon - Earth 3rd Octave able to be passed -- again the shock starting with FA.

On a practical level this means that, just as in Taoist Yoga, the alchemy begins and starts with jing -- the yin electrochemical energy turned into the alchemical agent.

So to get past a Number 4 person takes a lot of Cosmic Octave concentration -- harmonizing the emotions and storing them in the body so that the 2nd (Earth to Sun) and 3rd Octaves can be completed (Number 5 and Number 6 persons).

For example in the latest Spring Forest Qigong newsletter I noticed that Master Chunyi Lin's hair is getting gray!

In other words even though he's had another physical body leave his own -- when he was in deep training in China -- and he's levitated, etc. -- Master Chunyi Lin would have had to stay in hermitage in order to completely transform his own body into pure female formless awareness.

This final Level 6 means the creation of a golden aura -- he met Masters like this in the mountains of China.

As Gurdjieff states most healers -- monks and fakirs -- rely on emotions -- the hydrogen 12 -- without activating enough hydrogen 6, the remembering of the source of the emotions.

For this reason it's very difficult to get past a Number 4 person -- even though the 3rd Eye is open no power is further developed. Harmony can be created though.

It takes a certain level of the 2nd Octave Shock - - the air or electromagnetic energy -- to obtain a permanent center of gravity for the Number 4 person.

After that, as Gurdjieff states, it's very difficult to transform the "Si 12" (hydrogen 12) -- the last step of the First Octave (the Moon electrochemical energy) -- to further develop the 3rd Octave. Again he states that most monks and fakirs get stuck on just processing these emotions of s 12 -- the generative force-bliss.

Most sickness is caused from emotional blockages -- too much energy in the body that has not been harmonized into bliss-light.

So in order to develop power it's necessary to store up the moon energy (heat-bliss) and transform it into sun energy (bliss light into electromagnetic light and finally material-or golden light) -- but this means not allowing the bliss-light to leave a person's body.

This requires a strong detachment from the emotions -- as a self-remembering process -- which is why the Sufis practice fasting in hermitage. During fast the electrochemical energy switches to a free connection with the heart-mind energy as the organs are purified (the lower emotions). As long as none of this heart-mind bliss-light is not leaving the body for healing others then it can be cycled back in to the lower yin energy (FA) to create the immortal fetus of alchemy -- the starry astral body of a Number 6 person.

The same process is described by Master Nan, Huai-chin in Mahayana Buddhism. There are 8 levels of consciousness. The first 5 are the body -- the 6 is conceptual, the 7 is the heart-mind and the 8th is the universe. Only when the first 5, the body, are "emptied out" is merging with the 8th level of consciousness achieved -- the equivalent of a Number 7 person to Gurdjieff.

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