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Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
12-14-2007, 02:54 AM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Fear reactions are just a symptom of your kidney (or will power) energy not being ionized. Just ask Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky, author of "The Trouble with Testosterone" -- he and I've corresponded.

Today I read "In Search of Klingsor" by Jorge Volpi (2003). Usually I don't read fiction but this is one of those "faction" books that is mostly about quantum physics and philosophy and the Nazis, etc. It's way better than that "Infinite Jest" math fiction writer -- David Foster Wallass.

Anyway the book focuses on Godel, of course, how the truth in math is either unproveable or if it's proven false it's inconsistent.

Today I had a fascinating "O at a D" with an African-American in full burka. No it was not a McDonalds but she did sit right across from my full-lotus gaze -- in the only place in the cafe where this was possible. Half my body faced a wall so my gaze had a very narrow range of focus.

I actually counted the right-side vagus nerve pulsations. It took about 60 pulsations for "O at D," after the bliss-light transduction kicked in.

Remember that this process is automatic resonance from female formless awareness based on complimentary opposites -- it's not based on symmetric logic of western science.

If you want to find out the secret then just start sitting in full-lotus and enjoy! haha. Btw, her cold was gone after she received the yang bliss-light energy but she still had to stick her juice straw underneath her black face veil, up from her chest, in order to drink.
12-14-2007, 05:59 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Well you'll have to read chapter 4 of my blogbook -- "Secrets of the Greek Freemasonic Miracle" --

For example Euler demonstrates with continued fractions that 1 = 0, etc. Basic logical paradoxes in math. Western math, referring to the cipher system, simply states well you can't divide by zero then and we just convert the continued fractions into irrational numbers.

The issue I'm raising is that the cipher system relies on symmetry based on the commutative property while nonwestern numbers do not line up with phonetic symbols using a one-to-one correspondence.

It's not just a number divided by a symbol - it's the conversion of continued proportions or continued fractions into the irrational number as a converging series (whereby number was inherently tied to geometry).

Nonwestern music states that number does not need to have a one-to-one correspondence with letter on a point or line -- rather the logic of number resonates through asymmetry or complimentary opposites (as pure inference, without a need to "contain" infinity using symmetry).

This means that you LISTEN to the source of one as the source of the I-thought or in western math, "A" as the Golden Ratio, a continued fraction of one. "A" comes from the upside down bull head in Sumerian ideograms -- used in the first Western axiom: "I Am that I Am" -- whereby I refers to one and "AM" refers to 2:3:4 or OHM, AUM, AMEN, etc. and "that" refers to turiya -- the 4th state of awareness, beyond deep sleep. God comes from the Indo-European word GOTT meaning BULL just as Brahman means BULL and Canis Major in Egyptian cosmology is the BULL, etc. In other words plow-based farming was managed through a ritual sacrifice priestly geometry (Freemasonry) using a Solar-based calendar. The lunar calendar was pure number -- scratches on bones going back some 80,000 years ago -- while the Solar calendar is dependent on left-brain phonetic logic using divide and average geometry.

Try subtracting 359 from 364 using Sumerian ideograms. There was no way to standardize the farming calendar with the lunar cycle -- so the 60-based number system switched to using zero and a 10-based number system with 4:5, the major third, as the pivot point through harmonics -- 5:4 converging to the cube root of two. The Gods of Babylon and Sumeria were RATIOS.

So the Greeks stated that Golden Ratio was A:B::B:A + B.

Which in frequency ratio form creates the harmonic just ratios 3:5 and 5:8.

But to convert the continued fraction of the Golden Ratio into an irrational number the minor sixth harmonic must be REVERSED so that the symmetric cipher logic of zero can be used -- what Plato called "negative infinity" or apeiron.

So 5:8 as frequency has to become 8:5 so that Archytas could plug it into his geometric mean equation, coming from the Babylonian harmonic tetrad as 6:8::9:12 from the 60-based number system 30:40::45:60.

In other words the octave had to be doubled so that frequency could be converted to amplitude relying on a materialistic logarithmic definition, giving the square root of two. I give the secret in chapter 4 of my blogbook - it's from Archytas' proof for doubling the cube.

As I stated math professor Joe Mazur reviewed my research this summer and has reaffirmed this fall that it is a "very valuable" compliation that he thought should get peer-reviewed publication.

In otherwords the Babylonian tetrad is the conversion of the complimentary opposites into symmetry -- 6:8::9:12 is from the Chinese-Pythagorean tetrad of 1:2:3:4 only the Babylonians used "divide and average" logarithmics.
12-15-2007, 09:01 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
Well it's an endless process. Small universe is actually before TRUE samadhi. I recommend reading Master Nan, Huai-chin's books. So now I just sit in full-lotus. I don't practice small universe that much but Master Chunyi Lin states he does half hour a day of small universe (while he's in full-lotus of course).

The full-lotus is a tetrahedron which is made up of 4 equilateral triangles, each made up of two 2-3-4 triangles with 2:3 as Yang, the Perfect 5th and 3:4 as Yin, the Perfect 4th.

So the 12 points along the outside of the body are actually based on the solar calendar -- the degrees are discussed in Taoist Yoga by Charles Luk. But the small universe is the "water wheel" -- the very first automated solar calendars made by the Tang-Taoist dynasty of china (and also representing the resonance of Water or electrochemical energy -- yin -- into electromagnetic energy -- yang or chi).

Each point has yin and yang within it and the back channel is yang and the front is yin. In terms of music this can be seen as the Perfect 5th as the yang or back channel -- 2:3 of the octave -- and the perfect 4th is 3:4 of the octave - as the front channel. It can also been seen as the 12 notes of the scale made from the Perfect 5th -- C to G to D to A -- E-B-F#-C#-G# back to C -- but if you take that same scale going backwards then the notes are Perfect 4ths. G to C is Perfect 5th while C to G is Perfect 4th. The same can be said about the 12 harmonic nodes along the outside of the body.

If you get the "small universe" practice tape ($3 clearance) or 1 hr. c.d. from Master Chunyi Lin uses OM for the lower tan tien and MUA for the heart-mind point and then rotates OM (lower tan tien)-MUA (bladder)-OM (base of torso)-MUA (tip of tailbone)-OM (base of back)-MUA (kidneys), etc.

Again my masters thesis gives the sources on why Yin and Yang are music intervals -- 2:3 and 3:4 -- it's linked at

The reason I think this music perspective is important is because it goes beyond any one practice and even any one culture -- all humans use the 1-4-5 music intervals for music and in nonwestern music this is the pathway for healing and paranormal powers, etc.

Also this analysis shows exactly why the WEST cuts off the paranormal powers and then projects them as technology which is destroying nature, etc.

After the small universe opens up then the central channel is used -- and this is said to be 7 to 9 energy centers -- the same as the DIATONIC music scale (instead of the chromatic scale). While the pentatonic scale is based on the 5 organ cycle.

It's all generated from yin-yang-female formless awareness.
12-19-2007, 07:40 PM,
Iron Superhero Alchemy Secrets
See 2/3 x 3/4 = 1/2

That's Yang and Yin as FREQUENCY -- but not equal-tempered.

Then Archytas stated 3/2 x 3/2 = 9/4 which he converted to 9/8 since it's one-half of the ratio to convert it to the first octave.

But that's assuming that the ratio 2/3 and 3/2 are inverse reciprocals which is not true since
G to C is 2/3 while C to G is 3:4 in violation of the commutative property that Archytas relies on.

He used the Arithmetic Mean to convert 2:3 into 4:5:6 and the Harmonic Mean to convert 3:4 into 28:24:21.

Then he derived 8:5 from 5:4 using the Babylonian tetrachord 6:8::9:12 (the translation of complimentay opposites into symmetry) so that 1:2::4:8 enables doubling the cube with precision:

1:cube root of two::cube root of 4:cube root of 8.


1:the Major third as 5:4::the minor sixth as 8:5:2

Now read the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" and practice it! I realigned my full-lotus bliss-lotus by shooting it into one of my repeat customers and now I'm going to take a leak.

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