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Best Introductory Video
11-22-2007, 08:53 PM,
Best Introductory Video
I think maybe iv lost perspective, would like other opinions on the best video(s), preferably available on google video, to free the mind, and not have it going down another set of delusions while doing so( the whole new age, knowledge worship path), and not be to dogmatic, as to cause, implanted biases to obscure objectivity. Im thinking one on the banking cartel, elite families control through the ages , on manipulations and corruptions of societies ( thinkin 911 videos and other false flag?)poisons, pollutants, and on future directions, to what end are we being herded.

For lots of searchers, we watch everything, and pick and comb through, using to help stimulate ideas more then anything. But say for someone who might just watch one or two videos, what would be that one or two. What is the most effective "Red Pill".

I was thinking in terms of parents, aunts, uncles, average folks round 40-60+, hard working, casual drinkin, hobby watching tv n movies, gardening and bbq'n in the summer, not too political, religious or intellectual, but good honest ppl, that spent most there lives and resources raising families. The Hobbits, if you will.

Should we try to free them, is ignorance better? Free to what end, worry and a whole new area of manipulation, as most of what were seeing as truth documentaries are in fact the next stage of manipulation. Better to just let them keep living happy simple lives?


11-23-2007, 02:01 AM,
Best Introductory Video
No replies, not even any in regards to how good the new age is etc? No Icke, or Hall lovers, not that i was meaning to provoke a debate in that regard but, just everyone here has an opinion or something to say?
Im maybe leaning towards letting the ignorant and happy, living there lives simply, continue to do so, they dont need any truth, which is actully filling there head with corruption and evil, a kind of infection, with the ultimate goal to manifest that reality.

Then again i think that reality is coming either way, that delusional world we grew up in is lost forever, not just as a generational gap, but was the calm before the storm, as history really does repeat itself, part of that repetition is amazing growth and prosperity for some after the world wars. Financial fall, WW1 happened, 8 million died, another 4 in the influenza epidemic, probably made in a lab and released on purpose. Then great prosperity till the 30's, when financial despair, ww2 happened and killed anywhere from 35-60 million not sure if there was a pandemic(if not prob because of fear ppl would died that were not targeted, the elites), then massive prosperity. I think the smaller wars and global positioning since were just leading up to the big one, the war to end all wars, the one to create the new Atlantis, much time and effort is being focused to consider every angle, to get all the peaces in place as to make everything perfect, to not have to go through it again. And so we'll see, financial collapse, mass unemployment brought to an already dumbed down population, that has bout 60% of the worlds munitions and war structure,(few years ago i herd china was #2 behind the states with 18% of what the states had, just 18%, states have huge, huge amounts of warfare capability.) Then i see a false flag op on Israel, Iran or Syria being the blame, this provokes Christian, Muslim war, while this starts manifesting, a geopolitical war will insue with China and Russia involvement because of perceived geographic supremacy, perceived Imperialistic nature of the attack on Iran, (Saudi Arabia and Syria will choose the Muslim side and fight right away on the Iranian side). So China and Russia will see Israel, American, England, the "western world" engagement of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and that will give them(China, Russia) political context to justify to there people engagement, Europe will be dividedand choose a side, all out ww3!

Of course we know its all being orchestrated by Global Elites who wish a global genocide 1/3, or the death of
2 000 000 000 ppl. While those off at war are fighting for an imaginary cause, the ones refusing or unable to fight, the ones left back at there home land will be hit with the pandemic, ppl will be sick and dying everywhere, money will be worthless, resources such as food etc are so scattered globally that no one nation will be able to take care of themselves on a societal level without the system, pockets of survivors here and there, but the masses will throw gold, silver and money into the streets, worthless, and die of hunger, and disease.

In the end, the New Atlantis will be born. Where the elites, after all they have learned from way back in history, 6000 years of control, will implement there greatest mass reality on a global level, and certain families are promised there rightful place as the new age of Monarch, or whatever, enlightened space beings for all we know, The Angles of Light. The only survivors at that time will be ones susceptible to that programing, prob why all the Ufo market research today.

Can we stop something on this scale, i dont think so, I think we can just get ready for it, ready to die with a clean conscience. We all die at some point, more years dosnt mean youll be any more ready for it.

With all that being said, do we try to wake up the hobbits, those living simple, honest lives, it kinna sounds to me like, there the ones most ready in there conscience, to die, why do anything to create a false strife?

Just thinkin out loud.
11-23-2007, 05:54 PM,
Best Introductory Video
I have criticized Alex Jones before, he isnt perfect, but i also dont think he is evil, or a conscious shill. I also think his movies are prob the best red pills, when i think about the criteria mentioned on first post. Alex Jones is one of the good guys, who stays within a certain format for, what i now think, are good reasons.
11-23-2007, 08:41 PM,
Best Introductory Video
Zeitgeist is the best introductory video
The first step to revolution is consciousness,
So I wont stop screaming at you until this all make sense.
11-23-2007, 09:14 PM,
Best Introductory Video
If you accept the first 1/3 of Zeitgeist, it dosnt matter what other "truths you see" youll be lost. Zeitgeist is the next stage in manipulation, for the "knowledgeable", the "new age" spiritualist crowd. Its a trojan horse. And for the masses, an induction into the "new age" you could say.

You just have to deny one fundamental concept, and your foundation will be tainted right to the peak.

I think it does more damage then good, which was my original point, the conspiracy movement has already been taken over, its not truth were seeing now in most cases, but more manipulations.

Its why i kinda find my way back to Alex Jones, it is affective to the simpler ppl, who might not get through 5 min of something more technical, or understand it.
11-23-2007, 10:39 PM,
Best Introductory Video
Quote:I think it does more damage then good, which was my original point, the conspiracy movement has already been taken over, its not truth were seeing now in most cases, but more manipulations.

LOL,because it proves christ is a bullshit fairy tale?

Its not been taken over,there is no proof

the most ive seen is the 2 fake eye witnesses for planes on 9-11
The first step to revolution is consciousness,
So I wont stop screaming at you until this all make sense.
11-26-2007, 01:28 PM,
Best Introductory Video
A similiar question was asked here:
11-26-2007, 04:00 PM,
Best Introductory Video
its amazing inc, i thought the same thing, just the other day, you realy do freak me out, and i still think you are tracking me. hehe

i dont think there is one documentry that ties it all together, i plan to make one though, without all the new age bullshit, just the cold hard facts that we know about last century, and the economic system. how it is today. what im waiting for is money so i can buy a camera, cause a documentry without my own footage is shitty. i want to try interview some high ranking people in london. ask them difficult questions.

add topics such as chemtrails, flouride and aspartame, war on drugs and the war on terrorism. expose them for all they are, and at the same time dont go off on some crazy tangent about masonic satanic jews who eat and cheese and shape shift.


it wont be ready for a long time though, but i vow to make this documentry!
11-26-2007, 04:41 PM,
Best Introductory Video
as there is alot more too it than 911 its not realy that effective to show somone a 911 doc such as loose change, cause most people are aware that they exist to begin with. so to get the entire picture across ranging from chemtrails to economics it takes more than one documentry.

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