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Ancient Futures - Learning from Ladakh
11-30-2007, 11:16 PM,
Ancient Futures - Learning from Ladakh
Ancient Futures - Learning from Ladakh

Ladakh, or "Little Tibet", is a wildly beautiful desert land high in the western Himalayas. It is a place of few resources and an extreme climate. Yet, for more than a thousand years, it has been home to a thriving culture. Traditions of frugality and co-operation, coupled with an intimate and location-specific knowledge of the environment, enabled the Ladakhis not only to survive, but to prosper. Then came "development". Now in Leh, the capital, one finds pollution and divisiveness, inflation and unemployment, intolerance and greed. Centuries of ecological balance and social harmony are under threat from modernisation. The breakdown of Ladakh's culture and enviroment forces us to re-examine what we really mean by "progress" -- not only in the "developing" parts of the world, but in the industrialized world as well. The story of Ladakh teaches us about the root causes of environmental, social and psychological problems, and provides valuable guidelines for our own future.
There is just 1 struggle and it is now, here on this planet and on a personal level....meaning you only.
There is no enemy you can attack except yourself.
If you are busy attacking something else, you are wasting precious energy and you will fail.
If you succeed, there will be no struggle anymore.

The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider

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