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G. Edward Griffin - Video Thread
11-30-2007, 11:24 PM,
G. Edward Griffin - Video Thread
An Idea Whose Time Has Come

There is no point in worrying about the erosion of personal freedom that is the reality of our present era if we can do nothing about it. ... alle ยป They say that knowledge is power, but that is one of the greatest myths of all history. Knowledge without action is useless and leads only to apathy and despair. So the question is: what type of action can reverse this trend? Writing letters and signing petitions to the same people who have created the problem is not going to do it. Voting for candidates selected by power brokers with hidden agendas will not do it either. There have been many proposals to reverse the tide of totalitarianism but, after decades of effort, none of them have worked. In this address, G. Edward Griffin, Founder of Freedom Force, tells us why; and the reason is so simple, it will astound you. Once we clear away that single barrier, the plan for a pro-active counter-force falls quickly into place. This is the missing piece of the puzzle, the ultimate solution we have been seeking.


Collectivism and Individualism

Mr. Griffin explains the difference.
There is just 1 struggle and it is now, here on this planet and on a personal level....meaning you only.
There is no enemy you can attack except yourself.
If you are busy attacking something else, you are wasting precious energy and you will fail.
If you succeed, there will be no struggle anymore.

The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider

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