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08-29-2009, 10:47 AM,

The shrubs and the grass were covered with the dew of the night. In the first rays of the morning sun, the dewdrops glistened with all the colors of the rainbow. The Master cherished the early hours of the dawn in which one can hear the first song which heralds the new day.

When we finished our prayers and giving of thanks, we sat down in a meadow which was filled with the fragrance of flowers and herbs. After we sat in silence, contemplating upon this day - so sublime and so unique - someone asked the Master about the different kinds of con-sciousness.

The Master said:

"The minerals and plants have a subconsciousness; the animals have conscious awareness; and man - a self or ego consciousness. Within I each higher level of the natural kingdom, the other lower degrees of consciousness are included as well. Man - who is characterized by his egoconsciousness - has a subconsciousness and conscious awareness as well.

"The subconsciousness includes many Divine processes, including the guidance of the Angelic hierarchy for example. The thoughts and energy of the Angelic hierarchy manifest through all beings. It is this which creates the subconsciousness: the treasury of the past.

"Ego consciousness is a singular process of the individual. Whenever a person thinks and desires to comprehend the meaning of Life, he makes use of this consciousness. All degrees of Consciousness above the ego consciousness are referred to as the 'Supraconsciousness.' There are moments when man is in communion with the Cosmic Consciousness which is one of the levels of Supraconsciousness.

"Ego consciousness does not yet exist in animals. Human consciousness is different in that man is conscious of himself as an individual. When man is inspired by the Cosmic Consciousness, he will experience the Oneness of Life; he begins to look at Nature as one living organism, the cells of which are vital: the plants, the animals, the human beings - altogether, these constitute One Body.

"When a person first enters into the Cosmic Consciousness, new centers in the brain with new capabilities will begin to develop. Man's level of development is determined by his level of consciousness. Until man develops the ability to commune with the Cosmic Consciousness, he will be elated in one moment and sorrowful in the next. The mere fact that he has entered into the Cosmic Consciousness does not indicate that he has attained or comprehended everything: levels of understanding exist there as well. And yet, he will be able - at least in part - to eliminate some of the hardships of his existence. For as long as man lives by his ego consciousness, he will continue to live in constant fear and anxiety of what will happen to him. Man has lived by his ego consciousness for many years. The time has come for him to enter into the Cosmic Consciousness.

"Scripture tells us, 'And God will create a new heaven and a new earth.' The new 'heaven' and the new 'earth' will be for those people who dwell within the Culture of Cosmic Consciousness. Today, the Light of Cosmic Consciousness is increasing. Man is more aware of his faults today than he ever has been during any other time. Man must rise above his ego consciousness that he may enter into the Cosmic Consciousness. Should he not, his existence will remain incomprehensible to him. Now is the time for man to enter into a higher Consciousness. Should he continue to live by his ego consciousness, he will never manifest those sublime thoughts and aspirations which abide within his soul and within his spirit. Man must develop those organs through which his sublime thoughts and feelings may be manifested. The moment in which he attains Cosmic Consciousness, he will begin to realize his aspirations."

A sister spoke about her perception of the Cosmic Consciousness.

The Master continued:

"The Cosmic Consciousness is an extremely dynamic state. One enters into that state of Consciousness when he begins to embrace all beings - from the least to the greatest - and becomes a transmitter of Love that all may be uplifted.

"All should work to attain the Cosmic Consciousness. The one who is 'born again in the Spirit' is the one who abides in Cosmic Consciousness. All can be in communion with such a man. Yet certain essential conditions are required that this time may come.

"Man is just now beginning to comprehend that he belongs to the Great Body of Life. Thus begins the awakening of the Cosmic Consciousness which strives to make all of humankind into One Family which is capable of working together and living in harmony."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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