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Unproved Truths
12-01-2007, 10:13 AM,
Unproved Truths
Unproved Truths

Now, you will take the verse: “Truth will set you free” to contemplate on it today. Few people nowadays have a clear and distinct idea of what Truth is. If man knows how to do something and can do it whatever the case, then that is a way, that is an attitude to Truth. Knowing where the bread is and being capable of accepting it and processing it within you, that is an attitude to Truth. If man knows where the bread is and if his body is capable of accepting it, he will acquire Freedom – he will be free of the hunger that usually takes stamina away. In this case, Truth is an attitude to something. If you are not aware of your attitude to a man, then you do not know him. Man reveals himself through his thoughts, feelings and actions and if you do not know what a man thinks, feels and does, then you do not know him.

Modern people want to know where God is and what He is. I say: anywhere where there is Life, where there is thinking, where there is feeling, there is God. You will say: “What is Life?” I will answer this question only if you tell me how that thought has come to you. If you want to know what Life is, then I in turn want to know how that thought has come to your mind. You go to school, the teacher takes a piece of chalk and writes on the blackboard: “Someone someday had two hundred sheep”; and then I ask: can the pupils see the sheep on the blackboard? There are no sheep on the blackboard, the teacher only writes them down. What does he mean by writing down those two hundred sheep? If they adopted the visual system in the schools, then all the sheep that the teacher writes down on the blackboard should be in front of the children – the teacher writes ten sheep on the blackboard and right away ten sheep go into the room in front of the children. Why not have those ten sheep coming in the classroom if we are talking about reality? Everybody talks about real things, they do not recognise abstract things; anyway, the real things are not there.

Someone says: “I want to pray to God.” How can you pray to God if you do not see Him and if so many people say that He does not exist? – “I believe in God.” How can you believe in things that are not real, it is impossible to believe in things that do not exist. If you believe in God, then God exists – believing in something suggests that it exists. Some people say: “I do not believe in God.” If you do not believe in God, you believe in something else. It is the same as a pupil telling to his teacher: “I do not believe in sheep”; if you do not believe in sheep, this does not necessarily mean that they do not exist. The teacher takes his pupil by the hand and leads him to the sheep – the pupil sees that the sheep are herbivorous animals covered with wool, they baa, give milk and so on; he is convinced that they exist while they do exist anyway. Many people want to find God in just the same way the pupil saw and touched the sheep and believed in their existence. God can be found not only by touching and seeing; God can be found by touching, by seeing, by feeling, by thinking…

Let us assume now that you are sitting and philosophising on Freedom, and one of you says: “I am a free man, no one can give me orders.” Imagine that a thick needle gets stuck into your foot; the more you move, the deeper it sticks into your foot and you feel a strong pain. I am asking you, if you are a free man, why don’t you take the needle out of your foot, why don’t you get free of the pain the needle is causing you? When I am giving you this example, you will say: “I wonder what is hidden in this example?” There is something hidden that you will have to find out yourselves. Imagine that a young lass loves her mother, father and all her family but one day she meets a young lad who starts following her; the lass thinks that the lad has fallen in love with her and she gets interested in him, becomes absentminded, she also wants to see him. This lad has not fallen in love with her at all but he has decided to get married, therefore he is looking for a lass, who can serve as a housemaid. So that is neither love yet nor marriage – that young lad likes the lass, he can see that she is healthy, strong, he wants to marry her, to set her to work and in a couple of years when she can no longer work, he will leave her. I am asking, where is the love of that lad? The same happens to the lad, not only to the lass. The lad is looking for a housemaid while the lass is looking for a servant. This indicates that neither the lad nor the lass is free.

I say: when the lad comes to a lass and says that he wants to marry her, she should understand properly the relations in Life and should decline that proposal. The lass should tell him: “While I am in my father’s house, surrounded by the love of my mother and my father, I am fine, I will not be anyone’s housemaid; as long as I can be a mistress, there is no reason for me to become a housemaid. I know Love and no one can deceive me with his letters or his words. God has given me life and I will serve to Him; if I come to you, not only will you be incapable to keep my Life, but you will even take it on top of that.” The lad should tell the same to the lass. In modern people’s life, nearly every man suspects his wife in some transgression and nearly every woman suspects her husband in the same thing – and they call this life a marriage. Nevertheless, the man, the woman, the children pretend that they do not have any bad thoughts. That is no family, that is no marriage – those are alliances based on a lie, on a fraud; they do not have any bad thoughts yet their affairs are not going well.

I am asking, are the relations that exist between modern people in agreement with the Will of God? No one has the right to restrict anyone. Someone is doing wrong – he will be responsible before God for his own sins. God will hold him responsible for his sins, not the people. Someone is doing Good – again, he will carry the consequences of his deeds, there is no need for the people to praise him. Whenever someone is doing something evil, I can only feel sorry; if he is doing Good, I can only feel happy.

A man claims that he is a good artist – this means that he is looking for some work, for a picture to paint. If that artist cannot paint good pictures, no one will go to him. However, if he is a great master and can paint good pictures, everybody will go to him. Therefore, if someone claims that he is a good person, a good artist or musician, this suggests that the man wants to become your friend. This friendship will last for so long as the picture of a poor artist will last. It is the same as a poor student going to a teacher and telling him that he wants to be his student. This teacher will get into big troubles with a student like that – why? Because he will not study but he will demand on good marks from his teacher and will be angry for not being properly rewarded. If the student does not believe that his teacher was right to evaluate his work as poor, the teacher can invite a panel of experts to see his picture and make a judgment. The beautiful, the pleasing is something that everybody likes and evaluates accordingly. It is man’s work what praises him rather than what he thinks about himself.

Now many of you act like the poor student – they say: “When we pray in the morning, we always say the same prayers – The Good Prayer, The Lord’s Prayer; we want new prayers, we want diversity.” May I ask, as you have read The Good Prayer so many times, have you understood the meaning of the words “Dear Lord, our God” with which this prayer starts? It is the same as saying the words “I am hungry” without knowing the meaning of hunger.

When does a man understand the meaning of hunger? When he has finished his meal. And vice versa – a man understands the meaning of eating when he gets hungry. Hence hunger will give a meaning to eating while eating will give a meaning to hunger. If man does not get hungry, he will lose the meaning of Life.

So, you can draw a parallel between hunger and eating on the one hand and between sufferings and enjoyments on the other hand. Suffering is hunger, Joy is eating. If a man does not feel sorrow and does not feel happy, he will not understand the meaning of Life – sorrow and Joy are inevitable companions in a man’s Life. Moreover, it is not just once that a man will grieve and feel happy; he will grieve and feel happy all the time. Any time he feels sorrow he will understand the meaning of eating and will imagine a table full of pies, chicken and so on. That stirs inside him energy to work. A man who is full does not work, a hungry man works. What is the reason that makes people work? Hunger. That is why I say: people work owing to hunger, owing to sufferings, otherwise they would be good for nothing. Hunger, suffering are incentives, stimuli for people to work and develop.

Someone says: “Sufferings have made my hair turn grey!” This man wants to feel happy without suffering. This is impossible – it is impossible to have Joy without suffering and suffering without Joy. As God has allowed sufferings, this life is best for now; after this life there will be another one, a better one – better life does not exclude sufferings but it explains their deep meaning. People suffer today and they are displeased with the sufferings, they feel joy and they are displeased with the joy. He who is not happy with the suffering, he is not happy with the Joy, either. A man says: “I am happy, but I do not know how long this will last – I have made a house but I do not know how long it will be mine; I have married a good woman but I do not know how long she will be mine, someone else may like her tomorrow.” This indicates that in any human joy, in anything man gets there is a worm hidden that tortures him. Above all, God has not sent man to the Earth to have a wife, neither has the woman been created to have a husband and children.

You see a Bulgarian man dressed in European clothes – he has thrown his national costume away and thinks that no one will know what he is. Whatever clothes a man puts on, he will stay the same – the clothes do not make the man, it is just fashion that is only temporarily meaningful. The European clothes are good, their cut is nice but they do not determine a man’s life. Today the French clothes are in fashion, tomorrow it will be the English clothes. When the Turks praise something really nice, clever, solid, they say “English mind” while when things are beautiful from the outside they say that the things are made “in the French way”.

When speaking about fashion, I believe that it is nothing significant – you can live without fashion just as well. On the same grounds I say that you can just as well live without the religion of the forms. A religion like that is nothing but a covering piece of clothes that a man has cut himself and made to the fashion. You can live without a religion like this the way you can live without chicken, without pies, without cookies. This indicates that there are significant and insignificant things in Life. Some people say: “Can bread go without cheese?” Yes, it can; you want to make cheese a companion to bread but the bread says: “I need no companion, I can do my job myself.” Cheese only beguiles people, it cannot give them what they need the way bread does. Give the people only cheese for a while and you will see the results of that – people can be fed with bread only, but they cannot be fed with cheese only; if they eat cheese only, it will not be longer than a week before they throw it away and say: “Give us bread!” Therefore, cheese is just a supplement in life, something insignificant. Significant and insignificant things should be differentiated. Significant is only what we cannot do without. Bread is a significant element for Life; Love is a significant element for Life because everything evolves from it – it is the source of Life.

Many people, when listening to talks about love, say that there is animal, human, angel’s and God’s love. These forms of Love do not apply in this case. What is the meaning of human love? Human love is water closed in a bottle; if you open the bottle and turn it bottleneck down, the water flows out, there is nothing of the love left in the bottle any more. While when talking about Love in general, we mean the Love that springs out, runs and never comes to an end. This Love implies eternal Life, eternal well-being, eternal happiness, eternal Knowledge, eternal Light, eternal Power. When you have Love, all these things have a meaning; if you lose Love, everything loses its meaning – why? The important in Life disappears. The beginning of any manifestation in the world is Love. Love stands behind Light, Love stands behind Power, it is Love again that stands behind discontent and sin – the only power that guides and rectifies everything in the world is Love. You think: “Can it be possible that Love stands behind sin?” Love stands behind sin because in this case love has not manifested yet and it is waiting for a favourable moment when it will. Man who does not know Love always performs sins and crimes; once he knows Love, any sin, any crime will disappear. Therefore, until people get to know Love, there will be sins and there will be crimes.

I will tell you now how and where from crimes get born: you have a lovely one-liter crystal bottle full of water; you cherish this bottle like something extremely valuable and you say: “No one should touch this bottle!” But a friend of yours comes and unsuspectingly fills in a glass of water from that bottle; another one comes, and he in turn fills in a glass of water; and then another one comes, and another one after him, and soon the bottle gets empty. You come, see the empty bottle and say: “Who dared do this crime?” So, when someone takes something from the little that a man has, that is a crime. Imagine that the same man has at his disposal not just a bottle of water but a big never-ending source that gives everyone as much as he wants; in this case, will there be any conditions for crimes? When you have plenty, no crimes are committed. In the love between people, jealousy frequently appears - why? Because their love is in bottles: they drink from it a cup or two and it finishes. The difference in the love between men is that some have smaller bottles, the bottles of others are bigger, but they are bottles anyway, they are not sources. Love with jealousy in it is not Love at all.

A man says: “I have Love.” Where is it? – “In this bottle, please stay away from it!” The moment anyone takes a drop of that water, he shouts: “Do not take water from my bottle, any drop of it costs a lot.” I take a big vessel and ask that man to come with me to a big source, I put the vessel under the faucet, the water fills it up and starts flowing out, and I say: „This is Love!” If love is measured in drops, it is still far from the Divine Source. If you want Love, you should go to the Divine Source – you will take from it as much as you want.

You say: „Where is God?” By the source; if you want to find God, you should go to the Eternal Source of Life. – “Why should we go that far if you can tell us something about that source.” You should go there and see the source, I will not tell you anything about it. Great is that Source; if I try to describe it, I will make a mistake, I will not describe it correctly – there is no way one can tell about it, there is no language to describe it. If I describe it, you will not be satisfied – go there to see it yourself. I went to this Source myself, I realized what it is and now there is just one piece of advice I can give: go to this Source as soon as possible, do not put this off! As for the long way you will have to go, do not feel regret about it – any man can go to this Source on his own. Anyhow, whether you have human or angel’s love, there is one thing that matters to you: both human and angel’s love are necessary, but people and Angels likewise have been obtaining and still obtain their Love from the Divine Source. I say: if you want to be saved from the torments of human love – jealousy, doubt, suspicion – go to the Divine Source to take as much water as you want. What is even better, get linked to this Source so that you are never drained.

The negative displays of Love come from misunderstanding it. A person says: “I do not believe your words”; as you have no faith in the one you should, I do not expect you to have faith in me. Another person says: “I believe your words”; why should I need your faith, what do I get from that? Faith implies relations – having faith in God implies building a link, creating relations with God so that His Love can flow in us. When I have faith in a man, I should build a link to him so that my Love can flow into his home and everyone can use it.

I think that the concept of Faith is completely different from the idea that modern people have. Having faith in a man means making the right relations with him so that that Divine Love can manifest in you and in him at the same time. If a man says that he has faith in God but he does not have an adequate attitude to Him, what is the use of that faith? You say that you have faith in me, in my learnedness, in my kindness. You have faith one day, and you have no faith on the next day; what is that faith? You have faith in my kindness one day, and you do not have it on the next day, you change your mind about me. That is no Faith; that is human delusion. True Faith redeems – it implies building a continuous link to God or to a man. That is the faith a mother has in her child, and the child also makes use of that faith – the child grows, develops and learns. When a child comes to the Earth, it helps the mother develop her feelings – if mothers had no children, their feelings would degenerate, and in such conditions the children could not grow and develop well, either.

I say: many people do not have a clear idea about Love, therefore they say: “No one loves us”. My question is whom do you love. The ones who think that they are disciples, whom do they love? If modern people’s love is put to a test, some of them will pass while others will fail at that test. For whom is Love? For the hungry one. If someone carries a bag full of bread, for whom is that bread? For the one who needs it. Hence loving someone means being ready to give him bread from your bag. Imagine that you – the one who carries the bag of bread – need it; what will you do then? You will eat first and then you will give to the rest. My question is: can a man who needs bread love? Get together two men who have not eaten for ten days, give them a piece of bread and watch what their understanding of Love is. The one who has understood Love will take a clean piece of cloth to cover the bread, then he will lay his hand over the bread and will wait for a while and before long the piece of bread will start growing, it will become a big loaf; then they both will start eating like brothers. The people of Love are like that – they have plenty of everything.

A man takes out a piece of bread from his bag and says: ‘This bread is stale, it is not good to eat.” If that man cannot make the stale bread fresh, he is one of the ordinary people who know how to delude the others with their love. If I cannot turn the stale bread into fresh, then I am also one of the ordinary men. When someone talks about Love and cannot turn the stale bread into fresh bread, you should not be tempted by him; you should know instead that you are dealing with an ordinary man. The man of Love is neither tempted nor can he serve as a temptation for anyone else. A man who can be tempted does not have the right idea about God; a man like that can achieve nothing. That man is in the position of a disciple who keeps changing his masters. He goes to a master and then says: “This master is worth nothing”, goes to another one: “This one is worth nothing, either.”. In the end, that disciple will learn nothing; a disciple cannot be smarter than his master. If a disciple like that comes to a master, the latter gets closed in himself because he knows that the disciple is an ignoramus – in such case the master will only give the bran of his knowledge. When I say bran I mean the illusive, crooked situation in Life or the leftovers of things that are worth nothing.

Everyone should be aware that if a man lives in internal self-deception, that is no longer Truth. Man always feels where Truth is but does not acknowledge it. For example, a man is predetermined to be the first one to make a certain good deed, to make a step forward, but he says: “Let another man come to replace me.” That is how everybody puts off performing the Good and that way they come into conflict with the great law working inside them. Once they are in conflict with that law, God leaves them – if God is away, nothing can work. Therefore, any work, any good deed should be judged by its ultimate outcomes; the ultimate outcomes represent the appearance of God, the manifestation of His Love, Wisdom and Truth. If Love, Wisdom and Truth reveal, God’s Spirit is present among us and we have the true Realness of things – that is what real Life starts with. Until that Life comes, a year can go by, or two years, or ten, or a hundred years; anyway, you have to wait all that time. I say: the meaning of Life is for a man to wait long enough for the time when the Absolute Realness will come. Some trees bloom once every hundred years; what should these trees do? They have to wait till their bloom time comes. Someone has waited for ninety nine years and says: “I cannot wait anymore, I have lost my patience” I say: you have waited for so many years, please have some more patience, there is just one hour left before you bloom.

That is what the manifestation of God’s Love in eternity is. You have waited for so many years, now you are at the end of the last year – wait for an hour longer until God’s Love manifests, watch not to miss that hour! Why? Because God’s Love, Wisdom and Truth manifest only once throughout the whole eternity. Good, great things appear once only all through eternity.

So I am telling you: there is just one hour left before Love manifests. You say: “There is some more time”. There is no time at all, you have to be at your post and wait for Love to come. You should be awake, you should be attentive and you should not let your thought drift to one side or another. Once your thought is drifted away from the purpose of your waiting, you will get into the situation of the man who decided to drill a hole through the mountain to join two kingdoms; anyone who passed by him started talking to him about something so he broke from work, paid attention to everything he was told; thus while paying attention to all the men, the hole got blocked and he could not achieve his goal. The same will happen to you – people will come from the outside to pull you, to distract you, but you should not be diverted. Some people will come to tell you what they think about the thing you are doing.

Whatever they think, it is their business – their view is not significant to you. You should stand in front of the hole and do your work, you should wait for the moment in which the hole is drilled and your goal is achieved. In other words, the time for the two kingdoms to be joined has come.

Many of you have come here in a condition of indisposition, downhearted because you think that God does not love you, does not care about you and is not interested in you. That is a huge delusion, a huge self-deception. There is no exception whatsoever in God’s Love. A person is not happy with himself, as he has failed to do something; I say: do not worry, you should know that you will do whatever you are supposed to do. If you are not happy with your situation, what do you think of those little midges – God has just started to work on them. It will be another ten or twenty million years before it is clear what God has made of these midgets. There is one thing that matters: it is that Love starts working. When you dig a well, the important thing is to see the first drop – it is a sign that there is water in the ground. The first drop grows into a big source that will water all gardens.

So, you should not lose your faith in God – there is no philosophy here. Man should have faith; having faith in God implies linking to Him so that God’s Love manifests – this is the mystical aspect of the matter. In other words, man should make a link between his mind and his heart. Speaking about love between people does not mean that you should love the man from the outside, it means making a link with him, trusting him completely – when you trust the person you love, then God will manifest in you. The same applies to your love to God – if you love God, you will make a link with Him. Once that link is made, any darkness will vanish from your mind and any worry in your heart will disappear. Light will come into your mind; opening, Peace and Joy will come into your heart and you will see that God’s Love has visited you. That flash of Light in your mind and Joy in your heart is a sign that you can work, you can achieve everything that your soul wants.

Now, you have to make a small effort, you should restore your link with God, you should restore you Faith in Him. I call Faith the nutrition law. Faith implies right relations between the mind and the heart, Light will appear in the mind and the heart will open. Then the dark things will become clear, the things that are not understood will be understood; this is the moment when real Life will manifest. Now a man says: “I love you” – he actually does not love. “I have faith in you” – actually he has no faith. I say to the man who loves me and tells me that he has faith in me: “Please borrow me a thousand levs .” “I have no money” – he has money but he would not give me that money, as he has no faith in me. A lad says to a lass: “Let us go for a walk.” – “I have work to do, I cannot go for any walks.” In fact, the lass does have time to go for a walk with that lad but she does not trust him, she is afraid to go out for a walk alone with him. Is that Love, to be afraid of the man who loves you? That is no Love; Love is a sacred thing, there is no fear in it. There is nothing more beautiful than finding a man in whose heart lives the Divine Love – it is the same as finding a precious stone, finding a clear, crystal source that never stops springing, entering a garden full of most wonderful fruit trees or finally getting enrolled as a student in a well-organised school.
I say: that is what your idea of Love should be. It does not matter to me what your present idea of Love is, but if you go in the desert with your love, your mouth will get dry; if you go in the desert with God’s Love, it will turn the desert into a garden. If you go into the desert with your little bottles full of water, the desert will stay a desert, its life will change in no way. It is time that you went to the Divine Source – to take water from there; the little bottles of water cannot satisfy you today. Everybody should take the New Path; the old path, the old concepts yield nothing, they have already been tried. New concepts are required now, a new Light.

A man says: “I want to serve to God.” How are you going to serve Him? “I will love Him, I will have faith in Him.” I say: if a man keeps bothering God all the time with his love, why should God need that love; if a disciple’s love is bothering the master all the time, what is that love worth? That love is nothing but din and dust. This is what we have in the schools today: the pupils say that they love their teacher but before he gets in the classroom, they run and jump around and on the desks and raise so much dust that both the teacher and they get choked and can barely breathe. Then the teacher’s work is to open the windows first and to see that he gets out of the dusty classroom as soon as possible. If the pupils say that they love their teacher and speak bad things behind his back, is that Love? Either is a deceit. The disciples should be pleased with the knowledge of their master, and the master should be pleased with his disciples – there should be full faith between masters and disciples. The Divine Law cannot work between people if their Faith is not absolute.

Therefore, any disciple should be diligent as well as capable. A person says: “I have grown old”. You have grown old because of indolence. Man grows old because of indolence, because of laziness. Lazy people grow old while industrious people never do. A man says: “I am weary of working!” – only a lazy man can say that. A man should work with enjoyment, with Love and should never get bored. An artist paints, then watches, then paints again until he eventually finishes his picture – he does all that with Love. What do people do? While they are young, they work a lot; when they start growing older, they say: “Old age is coming, it is time that we had a rest.” This is a wrong concept – in his old age, man should work harder that in the time he was young.

Children, for example, never do any work; when a man is a hundred and twenty years old, then already God will rope him in on a job in His field. God does not want his children to plough and reap, he will harness the old men for this job.

You say: “Man should rest in his old age, any work should be stopped then – that is what we make sure about in society every day.” Which society do you mean – the society of the lazy ones or the society of the industrious, the working ones? If you mean the society of the lazy men, forget about it. Some people are telling me that someone is very knowledgeable. If you mean knowledgeable men who delude people with their cheese pies, we do not need their pies. If they offer us bread made of fresh wheat, well kneaded and baked, we will accept it right away, but as for their cheese pies, we will do without them. Bread is a necessity, cheese pie is not a necessity – you can do without cheese pie but you cannot do without bread.

So, in all the trials that you will have in your Life you should try to preserve what is significant. One day, when everybody has left you and you are alone, you should know that there is someone in Life who is always with you. There will really come a day when a man will be left absolutely alone - his mother, his father, his brothers and sisters and friends will leave him; when he finds himself in that lonesomeness, he will cry, he will pray until God comes to Him and asks him: “What is it?” – “Everybody has departed, they have left me alone.” – “You are not alone, you should not worry, I Am with you.” Many people believe that they have been through this experience; no, you have not had the experience of feeling that terrible lonesomeness, you have not been yet in the hands of the black mate so you do not know what suffering means. Have you been down to hell to see what the everlasting fire looks like? Some of you have just been burnt a little by that fire. Have you been down to the bottom of hell to see the horrible fire that keeps burning and never burns down? Someone says: “What is hell?” – I am not fond of talking about hell, I say instead: “Go down to see!” – “What is Heaven?” – I am not fond of talking about Heaven either but I say instead: “Go there to see!”

There is sense in trying either situation. A man who has not been down to the bottom of hell cannot go up to Heaven; a man who has not been up in Heaven cannot go to the bottom of hell. What can you understand of all that? Even if it takes me five hundred years more to talk, you will not understand anyway what hell is and what Heaven is before you go there yourselves. If you fail to understand me, I will be happy – why? I am happy when a man would not eat cheese pie – if he does not want any cheese pie, he unburdens me from the unnecessary efforts to mix flour and cheese to make the pie. After all this, a preacher will be telling what hell is – he will say that hell is the place where there is eternal torment, eternal fire, where people are poked and tortured and so on. These are empty words. If you want to know what hell is, what torture is, you should go to hell. You know neither torture nor suffering yet.
You say: “How can it be that we know neither suffering nor torture – we have experienced both sufferings and tortures.” Well, then I will make another statement: you may know what suffering and torture is but you have no Love within you. You will object this statement as well: “We do love, we know Love.”

May I ask then have you been to hell? – “We have not been there, we have not been even close to the door of hell.” I say: a man who has been in hell and the fire of hell has been unable to destroy him, is a hero, he is vested with the dress of Love. If you happen to somehow go to Heaven, the first thing you will be asked will be whether you have been to hell. If you say you have been there, in that minute you will be met with honour and respect. Some people think that there are only simple men in hell. No, there are neither herdsmen nor butchers nor tavern-keepers in hell – anything like that gets burnt there; if you carry rakia and wine in hell, they will evaporate, they will disappear.

You say: ”What is life in hell then?” The one who has been to hell has learned the great law of Love. Christ has hidden this thought in the verse that says about Angels: „Go into the eternal fire and be prepared to learn the laws of the great Love and Truth!” So God sends the Angels who have not understood Love into the eternal fire as a place where they will learn. Once they have been through hell, they will learn these laws and will take the way back.

Therefore, we should not meddle in God’s affairs and ask why hell was created or why Heaven was created. Why hell was created, only God knows; why Heaven was created, only God knows – both hell and Heaven are where they should be. This is the way to speak about this in a plain language; however, things are different from the viewpoint of philosophy. Someone says to God: “I do not want to go to hell.” – “I am not sending you there, either.” I say: if a man wants to understand God’s Love, he should certainly go down to hell.

I am speaking now only to those of you who are candidates to go to hell, not to Heaven. You say: we believe that we will go to Heaven and you are sending us to hell. These are new concepts of Life, however, the way you see things, there is no philosophy whatsoever in them, no Life at all. David says: “If I go to hell, even there You shall guide me.” I do not mean our childish concepts of hell, neither do I mean the medieval concept according to which hell is the most dreadful place in the world. There is one thing you should know: if God is in hell, I will also go there, but if He is not, I will never set foot there. If God’s Life, if God’s Love, Wisdom and Truth permeate into hell and control it, I will also go there; but if neither God’s Life nor God’s Love, Wisdom nor Truth are there, my leg will never cross the threshold of hell.

My wish to you is that you all have sober thoughts and feelings – you may doubt in anything, but never in God! When you come to God, your thought and your feeling should be sober, nothing should make you hesitate. Your thought and your feeling to God should not be disturbed by anything – whether you are in hell or in Heaven, your thought and feeling to God should not be disrupted by anything. Man’s thought and feeling can be equally shaken in Heaven and in hell - wherever you are; or else, the fall of the angels could not be explained. Who was the reason for them to leave their sacred place? I will not go into explanations of the reasons for the fall of the Angels, but I say: man can have doubts regardless of whether he is in Heaven or in hell – suspicion can penetrate anywhere. Therefore, a perfect spirit is a spirit that will have no doubts no matter whether in Heaven or in hell. Only a man who stays unchanged in hell and in Heaven can accept God’s Love – a man like that stays the same in sorrow and in enjoyment; the law is the same in either case. Should a man have doubts when sorrows and sufferings come?

If you suffer too much, God gets nothing; but if you feel too much delight, He gets nothing again – God has everything, there is nothing more for Him to get, but man loses. Why? Because he misses a grace. Both in sorrows and in enjoyments God has planned a grace for man – sorrow is a grace and Joy is a grace. God leaves these graces to man so that he collects them and uses them. He requires from men to make links, to build relations between Joy and sorrow and by doing so to reconcile them. I say: every man has the task to reconcile Joy and sorrow – Life is full of such tasks. When a man knows how to correlate properly, to reconcile Joy with the sorrow within him, he can become a disciple and is already on the Right Path. This is the great task of Life – reconciling sorrows and sufferings.

So, the main idea of this lecture is that whether in hell or in Heaven, you should not let any suspicion be born within you; you should stay the same and should be grateful to God for Him being in hell and in Heaven in the same way. The instant you are in hell and come to the correct solution of the relations between sorrow and Joy, you will go straight to Heaven; if you happen to be in Heaven and you are unable to understand this relation, you will go straight away to hell. For example, you are in high, happy spirits as if you were in Heaven but as soon as you face a certain inconsistency you lose your place and go down to hell – you turn discontented, sullen and you say: “All is lost!” In less than a day you encounter a bright idea and there you are back in Heaven again. Man keeps going up and down. The angels in hell, whenever they see you among them, they take you the way one takes an apple and say: “We do not need this apple here” and throw you out. You have experienced this. There is a moment when you are happy and then something comes from the outside, disturbs your spirit and the whole Heaven before you is destroyed – then you go out of your Heaven and go down to hell. In a minute, something else will flash in your mind and you are in Heaven again; if you have doubts whether you will be accepted into Heaven or not, you go down to hell again – the Angels are playing with you and this indicates that you are an erratic person. They should stop playing with you as if you were an apple.

Once you realize the essence of this matter you will know that God is present both in hell and in Heaven. Then you will be in harmony with yourself and with the other people and you will say: “Let it be what God wills!” Whatever your situation, there should be no trace of any fear within you. Many perturbations may occur in the world, there can be numerous falls and risings among people but God always keeps the same attitude to us and says: “I have written you on my hand” – this indicates that He always sees us, He will never forget us. This thought should stay in everybody’s minds not only for encouragement but also as a great Truth. As for the ones who do not want to go to hell and are afraid, I think about them that they are cowards. Someone is afraid of going to hell because there is an everlasting fire there; my question is, if that person goes to Heaven, what will he do? As there are candidates now neither for Heaven nor for hell. Anyway, I do not want to send you to Heaven or to hell either because I will be left without disciples.

Therefore, you should all have a strong, sober mind that will not be shaken by anything. Trials will come, no one will evade them. If you believe in God, you will gain everything; if you do not, you will lose everything. However, the meaning of Life is in everlastingly attaining Love.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on 22 July 1931, 5 o’clock

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