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CBC - The Passionate Eye - Taking On The Taliban
12-05-2007, 07:22 PM,
CBC - The Passionate Eye - Taking On The Taliban
Taking on the Taliban

War Documentary published by CBC broadcasted as part of CBC The Passionate Eye series in 2007 - English narration

[Image: takingonthetalibancovermj1.jpg]


It was hoped British forces would leave Afghanistan without firing a shot,
instead senior offices have described it as the heaviest fighting the British
Army has seen since the Korean War and more than 50 of their men have been

Six years after the Taliban regime fell, the south and east of the country is
in open conflict and Britain is at the heart of the fighting. Britain has
volunteered its troops for one of the most dangerous areas, Helmand, where the
countryside is in the hands of the Taliban and where the rural population
survive by growing poppies for opium.

When the BBC's Panorama first started filming in Afghanistan with The Queen's
Company of the Grenadier Guards, it was following 35 men whose duties included
being photographed by tourists outside Buckingham Palace. Six months later two
are dead and thirteen others are seriously injured.

Taking on the Taliban follows The Queens Company into numerous fire fights to
get the intimate and personal story of a small band of men facing the biggest
challenge of their lives, and in the process, capturing unprecedented footage
of the most intense fighting seen by the British Army since the Korean War.

And as the casualties mount, the film analyses through these men the cost of
the fighting, what is being achieved in Afghanistan, and whether too much is
being asked of the men on the frontline.

[Image: takingonthetalibanscreesa7.jpg]

Technical Specs
* Source...............: NTSC CABLE
* AVI Size.............: 721,397,760 bytes
* Duration.............: 1:00:55
* FPS..................: 29.970
* Video Codec..........: XviD 1.2 SMP
* Codec DCT......: H263
* QPel...........: No
* GMC............: No
* Video Bitrate........: 2000 (ABR)
* Video Resolution.....: 640x464
* Video Aspect Ratio...: 1.379
* Audio Format.........: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
* Audio Encoder........: LAME 3.92
* Bitrate..............: 128kbits/sec (CBR)
* Hz...................: 48000
* Channels.............: Stereo
* Captured by..........: festering leper


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