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Day of the Divine Statement
12-06-2007, 04:26 PM,
Day of the Divine Statement
Day of the Divine Statement

“If I speak with human or angel language, but don’t have love, I shall be copper which rings or an organ which tangs (verse 1).” It means, if God is not in man, i.e. if man has no Love in him, all the rest of the things in his life are useless – they are of no use to him.

“Love doesn’t search its (verse 5).” Actually, who searches himself, he is not in Love; only the egoism searches itself.
“And now these three remain, faith, hope, love; but the greatest is love (verse 13).” Therefore in the Hope is the physical world, in the Faith – the Spiritual world, and in the Love – the Divine world. Everything goes out from Love, from the Divine world. When people speak between themselves about Love, this is only partial, and that which is partial will be interrupted. When the drop of water is left alone, it easily soils itself; when this drop enters in the whole, it becomes clean, becomes limpid. The same may be said about Love: when Love is partial, it soils and interrupts, that is why man has to strive to the Divine Love which is the whole and which never soils.

Now, when the new teaching is taught, many people find that it is hard to execute – why? There are reasons for it. Whatever the ill man eats, he always feels unpleasant – even if you give him the best food, he says: “This thing doesn’t cost”; but the healthy man likes everything. Therefore, till man is ill, he understands food, and is able to choose it alone. Who are ill people? Whoever commits sins and crimes, they are always ill people. While man makes mistakes, he can’t understand the Divine Love – Love brings Life, but the man of sin can’t understand Life. And the ill man can’t understand Life, as the man of the sin doesn’t understand it: they give the ill man one meal – he is dissatisfied, they give him another meal – he is dissatisfied again; he finds that all the people around him are guilty that they haven’t cooked it as it should be, others are careless toward him, they haven’t looked at him as they should etc. – the requirements of ill people are many. Said with one world, sin is a distressing state, and Love – a state of health; when man manifests Love correctly, then he understands the sense of Life. The correct manifestation of Love demands cleanness by all means.

Someone says: “Give me a drink of water from your bottle!” I say: better go to some fountain or some spring, and to drink enough from there, than to drink water from my bottle; no matter how clean and fresh the water is in my bottle, it is not the same as the water of the spring. I ask, have you drunk water from your bottles too. I recommend to everybody: pour out the water of your bottles, go with them to the fountain or to the spring and fill them with clean, fresh water. To give water from your bottles to the other people, it means to show yourself as their teachers; that is why it is best for man to drink water directly from the spring. Protect yourself from teachings which corrupt the mind and the heart of man! Whoever wants to force his teaching on people, he gives them water from his bottle – no matter how clean this water is, it is not enough, it can’t satisfy man completely. All divisions between people are namely because of the water in their bottles, these divisions create the sufferings. There were such divisions in the first years of Christianity. Many people preach about God, but in these teachings there is always something missing – they start well, they end badly. For example some servant executes the will of his master well – what his master tells him he does, he does everything as it should be done; not even two years pass, and the servant robs his master and takes his place – the servant becomes a master and the master – a servant. The same happens and in the Spiritual world: someone preaches to people about God, but in the end he robs them – this is spiritual robbing. What does this show? When the master becomes impoverished, the servant is dishonourable; when the master grows rich, the servant is honest.

And so, when man grows in Love and his thoughts, his feelings and actions are clean, he grows rich and expands in every direction; if Love starts to decrease, the thoughts, the feelings and the desires of man lose their Cleanness; as a result he gradually becomes impoverished. Real growth is only in Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth; therefore man grows only in these three worlds. The same law refers to the physical world as well: where there is warmth, light, and freedom, only there is growth; out of these conditions no growth can exist. But not much time passes, and the opposite process occurs, the process of growing old; when does man grow old? When he passes through the life of his ancestors, in which there is a number of sins and crimes – this life is always contrary to Divine Love. If man wants to go to God, to his only Father, he has to refuse the life of his ancestors, and to begin to live in Love. His father, and grandfather come along and say: “Son, you have to listen me, I have borne you!”

No, the father has to tell his son: “Son, you have to listen to God and to execute His will – you have come out from Heaven, He is your Father.” After that the grandmother goes to her granddaughter and says: “Don’t be scared, granddaughter, I shall tell you how you will become happy.” I say: the grandmother herself is not happy, but she will make her granddaughter happy! Today all people search and expect happiness from unhappy people. What may make man happy? Today you are rich – tomorrow you become impoverished, today you are healthy – tomorrow – ill. To expect contemporary health, it is the same as to be on a fool’s errand through the woods.

Someone says: “I want to be free” – this man wants to be free but he forces his opinion on to others. The wolf says that he wants to be free, but it catches one lamb from the herd, throws it on its back and runs in the wood; I ask the wood: “On what grounds do you take away the freedom of the lamb, yet you want freedom from yourself?” It is not Freedom, in the old life there is no Freedom – whoever lives by the old teaching, he will always be a slave to himself and to the conditions. Such a man grows old more and more, becomes impoverished, till at last he dies and they bring him with a car to the graveyard – why does man die? Because he doesn’t believe in God – what God tells him, he doesn’t believe; what his ancestors tell him, he believes. You say: “When we die, our fellow-men will pray for us, they will expiate our sins.” If it remains for others to pray for you, your work is finished. If it remains to fill your bottle from outside, your work is finished – everything which is filled from outside, empties from inside; if it remains for man to fill with what goes out from people, his work is finished. What man gives to others, he takes it back again – what the father and the mother give, they take it back again. According to the law of regeneration the father gives a body to his son, but in another life he will become son or daughter of his present son who will pay back in this way to his father; in the third regeneration the son will become a father again and etc. But in the Divine world it doesn’t happen since there is no death; for the Creatures from the Divine world there is no death, there is no regeneration – Divine life is a life of perfection.

And after all these people separate to black and white – they say: “This one is from the Black brotherhood, and that one – from the White brotherhood.” I say: who doesn’t walks by the laws of Love, Wisdom, and Truth, is from the Black brotherhood; who walks by the laws of Love, Wisdom, and Truth, is from the White brotherhood. Truth gives Freedom to man, Love also makes him free; I ask then: if you love somebody, do you have to enslave him; do you have to torment him? Does the master torment his servant? He sends him to cut trees, to hoe his vineyard, to plough the field, and in autumn he is glad of the barns full with wheat; for the master is good, but what will the state of the servant be – the servant remains poor and barefoot, and empty-handed. The same master today stripped the hide of one ox, tomorrow he strips the hide of another ox and in the end he is rich, becomes a trader of hides and has millions; it is good for the trader, but what is the state of the ox? And this man speaks of that world, of God, and the Angels, but when he goes there, it doesn’t happen as he had thought and preached. That world is in God and God is everywhere, there is no reason to search for God in that world. The whole world – this and that – is always the Divine world, but according to the level of their development, people defer three worlds: the physical or visible world, which they see around themselves, the Spiritual world or the world of Feelings, and the Mental world or Divine.

And so, whoever doesn’t serve Love, Wisdom and Truth, serves the devil. The devil likes to flay the skins of people; every man who has some self-interested desire in himself serves the devil. If he decides to serve Truth, the devil says: “There is no reason to tell the Truth, there is no reason to uphold Divine laws, you have to be free!” After you hear this advice without or within you, know that it is devilish and say: “It is not your business, keep your teaching to yourself, I don’t want to hear the advice of a devil teacher.” Who listens to his advice, will see what the results of his life will be. A house, built by the advice and the teaching of the devil, is built on sand – for such a house Christ says that it can’t withstand the storms and rains.

Therefore every thing which is not based on the laws of Love, Wisdom, and truth, will be destroyed – it is temporary, transitional. If the steamer which you have built doesn’t rest on the laws of the technique, the weakest waves will destroy it and it will sink in the depths of the ocean. If you get on this steamer, may the company of this steamer secure the life of the travelers? Do you know how terrible it is for man to lose his Life – if he loses his Life, simultaneously he is deprived of the conditions of development. Why do you hurry to get on this steamer? – “We want to go to America, to become rich, since there is much gold there.” Wait, let the company make one strong steamer; if you hurry, you may sink prematurely in the depths of the ocean, and find unhappiness there, not wealth. Such is the destiny of everyone who walks by the teaching of the devil. But, whoever walks according to Divine laws, he will hear the silent voice in himself, which will start to speak to him: “Come to me, blessed one, the Divine Kingdome belongs to you.” Follow this way!

Christ says: “Go you, cursed ones, to the bottom of hell!” – who are these cursed ones? They are those who haven’t walked the way of the three great laws. Even if they are saints, even if they are Angels, after they deviate from this way, they will find the bottom of hell. There is not a more terrible punishment for man than to test Life in hell!

And so, be careful on your way – follow, and observe who speaks what, in order to defer the black brother from the white one. Whoever says one thing and does another, he is a black brother. The white brother does what he says – he is the same from outside and from inside. This is the way God acts, there is no toadyism in Him – Love is always the same. When he speaks, the white brother always has in mind that he finds himself at the face of God who assesses each of his words according to the laws of Love, of Wisdom, and of Truth. If man acts like this, he always will have the approval of God.

Someone says: “”God doesn’t love me”; I ask how do you want God to love you, in what way must God manifest His Love to man? When man is hungry, God will feed him; when man is naked, God will clothe him; when man is ill, God will cure him, and at last, when man has no house, God will give him a house – what more can man want? God may think only of four things in connection to man: if he is hungry, He will feed him; if he is naked, He will clothe him; if he is ill, He will cure him; if he is without a house, He will give him a house too. If man has these four things, nothing else remains for him but to learn. This man is happy, there is no reason for God to think of him – for the state of this man we may only be happy, nothing else. After all this, must God come especially to this man and begin to praise him that he is good, that he is learned? Not only he is good and learned, there are millions of people who are good and learned and who expect praise, and approval from God. If all good and learned people gather in one place, then God will come to them and will say: “You are very good and learned people.” I ask what need is there of this praise. If you are very good and learned and they praise you, do you become better and more learned, or if you are good and learned, but somebody says that you are not good and learned, do you lose your goodness and erudition? I say: with praise man doesn’t acquire something more than he already has; and when people blame him, he doesn’t lose anything again. But man has to ascertain the facts in the way they are – without exaggeration or decrease; if they give you one good fruit, you will say: “This fruit is good”; if they give you one bad fruit, you will say: “This fruit is bad”. Therefore if you give somebody one pear for example, you have to observe it from all sides and then to say: “Please, take one good pear!” In general, man has to have a defined moral for all things, to know what they are and what they represent in any given moment.

Now, when you go out in the morning, you say: “I hope that the Sun will rise!” I say: it is not only the physical Sun which has to rise, besides it there are two other suns which also have to rise. The physical Sun is a servant of the other two; the last two suns are more important than the physical. After the physical Sun rises, after it the other two suns rise – in the rising of these suns is the sense of Life. If man could see the rising of these two suns, he will be humble, he will work consciously over himself, he will correct his mistakes. Such a man doesn’t take offence from the truth, and neither does he offend others – he is free but he doesn’t restrict others; he keeps his cleanness but simultaneously he keeps the cleanness of others. If one man doesn’t keep the cleanness of the other, no matter if it is a man or a woman, such a man has no creed, or moral; if you suck out the saps of one man, and afterwards you throw him away as a rag, this is not allowed – it is not allowed to play with the Spirit, with the soul, with the mind and with the heart of man!

Remember the following rule of the Divine teaching: you may punish man for many things, but it is absolutely not allowed to play with the human Spirit, with the human soul, with the human mind and with the human heart; the feelings of man cannot be played with. When it comes to the clothes of man, you may undress him and take them, but you absolutely do not have the right to ruin, and corrupt in man what God has given him. For the first crime you will be judged by human laws, and for the second – human, and Divine laws. The same law refers to the man himself; nobody has the right to corrupt his heart, his mind, his soul and his Spirit!

I say: man has to be sincere in himself – what he says, this has to be in his heart. That is why in the Scripture it is said: “These people come close to Me with their mouth and they honour Me with their lips, but their hearts vindicate Me. But they honour me in vain when they learn human teachings and orders.” Therefore God doesn’t need false teachings. Every Teacher has to preach Divine teaching; if he doesn’t preach this teaching, he is not from God. The Teacher has to know that what he preaches, he finds at the face of God; after it is like that, he always has to speak the Truth. What do the contemporary disciples do? They pay attention to show the biggest outside care and respect to their Teacher, but their hearts are far from him. If they invite him among them, they will serve him the best meal and best fruits, but afterwards they will say: “If we were Teachers, it would be the same with us” – it is already a temptation. The devil tempts the disciples, but fools the Teacher when he says to him: “Look how much your disciples love you, they serve you the best meals.” But the real Teacher answers this foolishness in the following way: he takes out of his pocket one pear or apple, takes a piece of bread and starts to eat and he doesn’t look at the meals served to him – he doesn’t lie. – “But there is no other Teacher like you in the world” – the Teacher knows that these praises are devilish. If some disciple wants to praise his Teacher, I shall tell him how he has to do it: let him go to some poor man and invite him in his house to warm up, feed and dress him; and after this to tell him: “This is the teaching of our Teacher!” In the way that praising is not in reading prayers and glorification. But, if this disciple meets somebody and from one insulted word said to him, fights him, he blames his Teacher with his behaviour.

With these examples I turn your attention to your relations to God. What the relations of man to God are, such will be his relations to all people - this is the philosophy of Life; whatever else may be said, it is not the truth. If somebody wants to praise you, let him praise you through his good thoughts, feelings, and actions – if the son wants to praise the father, let he praise him in this way; if the daughter wants to praise her mother, let her praise her in this way too.

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