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Chemical Weapons Tests
12-12-2007, 06:32 PM,
Chemical Weapons Tests
Pentagon To Resume Open Air Germ Warfare Testing?

Quote:The Pentagon has denied President Bush issued a directive for it to resume open-air testing of chemical and biological warfare(CBW) agents that were halted by President Richard Nixon in 1969. Yet, the Pentagon's stated preparations make it appear it is poised to do just that.

Spokesperson Chris Isleib did not respond to a request for comment on a passage from the Defense Department's annual report sent to Congress last April that suggests the Pentagon is gearing up to resume the tests.

Resumption of open-air testing would reverse a long-standing moratorium adopted after a public outcry against them following accidents in the Sixties.


Let's just say this is going to occur. Take two thoughts into account: 1) Can we trust that it has since stopped?
2) If they're "testing biological weapons", could they be to simply poison your biosphere? Come on guys, they're spraying bio shit down on you on a daily basis. You think any more "testing" is needed?

Your take on it?
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12-12-2007, 08:13 PM,
Chemical Weapons Tests
Ithink they do enough chemical tests out in iraq right now. America has a tendancy to say one thing and do the other. look at the nuclear proliferation treaty. didnt do a damn thing.

Personaly i think they allready are doing tests and need to make laws in order for them not to be prosecuted, same with their torture.

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