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Reality New World Order Slaughter
12-16-2007, 12:11 AM,
Reality New World Order Slaughter
Darfur, Rwanda, Iraq, Israel etc... China/''Free-trade'', UN, World Bank, IMF etc... The New World Order slaughter and power grab depends on the silence of Muslims killing Muslims, Jews killing Muslims, Muslims killing non Muslims, Jews killing non Jews, Fake Christians accepting the slaughter and the New World Order system of slaughter for it's own interest. How can the Muslim nations be silent in Darfur? Where are all the Muslim peace keepers? Why does the UN stand by and record the slaughter? Isn't it clear, Islam and Israel are just tools of slaughter used by the New World Order? Isn't it clear, no nation on Earth cares about people. The U.S. and all the fake Christians support global counter intelligence by aiding and abetting the two party political liars in the U.S.. Why are they so equal with Muslims and Jews? Is this not the nature of ''Freemasons''? Doesn't what happened to Christ well define what it means to compromise with evil by agreeing to hand over a Jew to be tried by the gentiles, in order to gain power and sustain control over the people? If you are a Muslim or a Jew, you are free to slaughter people under the law but, not if you are a Christian. This fact does not agree with any New World Order Freemason bound brotherhood or law abiding Christians. If you are a Christian, there is no nation on Earth in your defense, that's a fact. There is no Constitution on Earth, including Americas, that represents you... So don't look to any government for help for people, even charity is designed to maintain the poor shall remain poor. The governments of this world offer no defense or any principle peace with the Love of God in Christ...

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