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Molech - The owl god
12-19-2007, 08:24 AM,
Molech - The owl god
Quote:A sofa

Yeah - good ripost.

Cheers (don't steal my sign-off :angry:)
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Please understand that the &Light at the End of the Tunnel& is most likely to be the 7.42 from Kings Cross coming in the opposite direction at Great Speed.
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” - Bapu.
12-19-2007, 08:35 AM,
Molech - The owl god
Quote:Too warped for you Rosebery ? lol

Actually yes. And not particularly funny either for those of us who have lost a child - albeit in our case it didn't actually make it into the world.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Please understand that the &Light at the End of the Tunnel& is most likely to be the 7.42 from Kings Cross coming in the opposite direction at Great Speed.
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” - Bapu.
02-02-2008, 02:34 AM,
Molech - The owl god
Quote:The unholy trinity is:


Vampires. Now, what was Bill Schnoebelen talking about again?

Also, Jerry E. Smith on one page of his book makes a chilling observation.

Just what is the Grail Mystery? That is why Gnosticism is dangerous and why it was secretive.

I was recommended to Bill Schnoebelen web site for information on the Illuminati. which doesn't work.

We have some things on the tracker.
02-02-2008, 02:51 AM,
Molech - The owl god
Quote:Thoughts please (did Gordon Brown offer his first born to molech?)

I always had the thought that there was sort of payment element in that. I have't read your post fully yet but am going to now. I thought that in a dark world he agreed to some sick shit for gaining through to a 'seat' of power. grim thoughts. cheers for posing that question Crysta1
and fr opening this thread MDZMS
03-16-2012, 09:27 AM,
RE: Molech - The owl god
[Image: pope-benedict-baby-feeding-cage.jpg]

Molech Shmolech, What about this guy?


In all seriousness, does anyone remember an old Saturday Night Live skit involving stars like Casey Kasem talking about how their careers took off after they started worshiping "Molech the god of fire"?

That freaked me out as a kid.
"Be seeing you!"
03-24-2012, 09:06 AM,
RE: Molech - The owl god
I think it's strange that people always seem to refer to Moloch as an owl when discussing his worship amongst the new world order. If you notice throughout Alex Jone's whole documentary on Bohemian Grove no one at the retreat refers to Moloch nor does the pamphlet even allude to Moloch being represented by the stone owl. Moloch is represented in this world as a bull and always has been. The following is the passage from Le Dictionnaire Infernal that describes Moloch. If any of you are not familiar with Le Dictionnaire Infernal it is a very basic, but essential dictionary and reference of demonology written by Jacques Collin De Plancy and first published in the 1800's. The passage reads as follows:

"Moloch, prince of the land of tears, is a member of the infernal council. He was worshiped by the Ammonites. He is depicted in bronze with the head of a calf surmounted by a royal crown and seated on a throne of the same metal. His arms were stretched out to receive the human victims that were sacrificed to him, often as infants. In Milton's Paradise Lost Moloch is a terrible demon, covered with the blood of children and the tears of their mothers."

I have also taken a picture from my copy of Le Dictionnare just to clarify this and it can be seen below, unaltered:
[Image: moloch.jpg]

Im not sure if Jones was the first one to refer to Moloch as being an owl, but since it was said people seem to repeat it as if it were fact. I've heard countless times that Moloch appears on the dollar as well as in the lay out of the city streets in Washington D.C. No doubt do I believe that these are indeed owls hidden for some sort of occult reason, but they do not represent Moloch.

And I read further down on the post that Lilith could possibly be represented by an owl and once again I must disagree. If anyone is familiar with the story of Lilith then you will know that it goes as follows. God created Adam and Lilith as equals from the dirt. To God and Adam's horror they soon found that Lilith was defiant and refused sex in the missionary position. Lilith, angered by the domineering and oppressive nature of both Adam and God spoke the magical 4 letter name of god and ascended towards the heavens. God, obviously not willing to allow her admittance, closed the gates of heaven leaving Lilith no choice but to descend into darkness and then god created eve from adam's rib to be subservient to adam. Accounts of what happen after this vary and each gnostic teaching has a different legend that it holds as the truth. The old hebrew plates say she went to the dead see and dwelt from then on in the surrounding caves. A common tradition among various gnostic Satanic and Luciferian sects is that Lilith went on to copulate with Sammeal, who is often represented as the angel of death or the serpent in the garden, and as a result gave birth to Naamah who is the mother of demons in this realm.

What most people dont realize is that there are 2 types of magic, white and black. White magic, as was allegedly used by king Solomon, is most likely what the elites of our day practice, but this still does not mean that they aren't working with demons. White magic binds demons in this world as workers via the name of god. With both forms of magic an offering is necessary. Depending on the purpose of the ritual, the type of magic, type of deity, and especially the culture from where the ritual being practiced originated from the offerings can differ significantly. For example certain spirits in Voodoo require that you actually consume alcohol (normally rum) and smoke cigars so that the spirit can experience the sensations of these things through your body while in ancient Moloch worship an actual live infant was required. Offerings/sacrifices are essential for two reasons, the first being obvious is that the spirit requires payment for its services and the other is that if a sacrifice/offering is not made then the energy needed for the services required by the spirit is then taken from the adept and this can be permanently debilitating or even fatal. The reason I think the elites practice white magic is because black magic, contrary to popular belief, is often used as a destructive force against the cosmos and as a way for the adept to connect himself with the outer darkness which is not of this world. As shown by their character and obvious values, the elites tend to be interested in earthly control and materialism so one could assume that destroying the cosmos and bringing everything back to primordial darkness and oneness wouldnt really assist them in amassing more control. Moloch himself is a anticosmic deity and one of the most powerful ones, second only to Lucifer himself. In often cases Moloch is associated in this world with money and having control over the flow of money so for this reason it can be made easy to imagine why the worship of him would be so appealing to the elites of the present and past. A human sacrifice and definitely an infant sacrifice also makes sense in this regard because of Moloch's high standing within the demonic hierarchy and his considerable distance from the cosmos as a result of this (each sphere of the kliffot starting with Naamah progresses away from god and the cosmos). But, because of his aforementioned power and considerable distance and powerful anti cosmic energy a considerable amount of energy must be generated here on earth within the ritual to properly summon and bind him, the type of energy that can only be generated through something as evil and sinister as a sacrifice of pure innocence and it is done so by an agonizing burning process to ensure that enough pain and suffering is caused to generate the energy to bind him. Only then can this be done safely. Below I have included an image of the Kliffotic Tree of Death to help assist you in understanding the power of Moloch in comparison to the other main demons that govern the Kliffot.

[Image: kliffot.jpg]

In any case neither Moloch or Lilith are owls nor is Lilith Moloch's feminine side. It never ceases to amaze me how willing people are to take someones word on something just because they think they're listening to a critical thinker. Its a sad phenomena within the truth movement. Often times you see people that have taken the first step and acknowledged that they are being lied too and that there is a massive conspiracy, but as soon as they do they then hand the reigns over to some self proclaimed "prophet of truth" and then take what he says as truth because he apparently claims to be on your side while making remarks about how youre all being lied too. Im not saying this is the case with all of you or even any of you, but the information on Moloch and other deities is readily available on the internet from legitimate occult sources. Most of the time youre reading some sort of christian speculation comprised mainly of guesswork when you could just go right to the source. I have been a Luciferian since a very young age, but for those who arent and are still interested just for the sake of knowing I urge you to do your own research.

whenever there is a truly intelligent man a confederacy of dunces will conspire against him

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