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Chrismas Terror DVD for The Kids
12-19-2007, 12:15 PM,
Chrismas Terror DVD for The Kids

i would post the article here, but you must see the pictures, its realy amusing

also have a look at the google search

heres the bbc article on this topic:
Quote:Counter-terror police examine DVD
Counter-terror experts are examining a DVD found in West Yorkshire which uses images of a young girl and appears to glorify suicide bombings.
The disc shows a dramatisation of a girl vowing to follow in the steps of her suicide-bomber mother, set to music featuring children singing in Arabic.

The disc, which has English subtitles, was passed to West Yorkshire police by the Yorkshire Post newspaper.

Officials said the DVD material was also on an "open source" internet site.

They are investigating whether the DVD contains the same footage as a video available on the YouTube website.

The counter terrorism team are working to establish where the DVD was put together.

The Shipley MP Philip Davies, who has seen the footage, said the material was "sick and totally and utterly unacceptable".

Police review

The first sequence, said to describe martyrs in action, shows a woman playing with her two children before leaving home with explosives hidden in her dress.

She is then approached by uniformed soldiers and the camera pauses on her expression before there is an explosion.

After finding out about the suicide on television, her daughter finds a stick of dynamite in her mother's wardrobe.

The girl is seen turning to the camera and speaking while subtitles in English show the words: "My love will not be by words. I will follow my mother's steps."

The head of Leeds counter terrorism unit (CTU), Det Ch Supt John Parkinson, said: "We can confirm a DVD has been passed to the CTU for further investigation.

"The DVD has been initially reviewed and officers are carrying out further inquiries regarding its content to establish whether or not any offences have been committed."

Three of the suicide bombers who carried out the 7 July bombings came from West Yorkshire - Mohammad Sidique Khan, from Dewsbury, and Hasib Mir Hussain and Shehzad Tanweer, both from Beeston in Leeds.

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