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Why Science is Freemasonry
12-23-2007, 02:01 AM,
Why Science is Freemasonry
Against Archytas: How the West Lost Alchemy or Paranormal Complimentary Opposite Harmonics

by drew hempel, MA

(anti-copyright, free distribution)

The early Greek mathematics used the 60-based number system of Babylon from which Archytas, a collaborator with Plato, received the harmonic tetrachord or the continued proportion 6:8::9:12. This tetrachord creates a geometric mean between the octave, perfect fourth and perfect fifth music intervals, or 1:2:3:4, through "divide and average" logarithmic-based mathematics. So 6:8 and 9:12 are in the continued proportion 3:4, the perfect fourth music interval, while 6:9 and 8:12 are 2:3, the perfect fifth music interval, and 6:12 is 1:2, the octave. The geometric mean is A:B::B:C or B squared = AC or the square root of AC = B. What Archytas added to this Babylon "divide and average" harmonic mathematics was the concept of the Greek "incommensurable" -- the algebraic axiomatic proof of "alogon" or a precise irrational number, the square root of two. This process ushered in what's called "The Greek Miracle" that continues to be the structure of science: symmetry-based mathematics.

Instead of the above system, the alchemical Pythagorean Tetrad relies on complimentary opposite harmonics so that an equilateral triangle of geometric points equals the continued proportion 1:2:3:4 as the octave, perfect fifth and perfect fourth music intervals. In "orthodox" Pythagorean harmonics this was known as the "subcontrary mean" whereby the complimentary opposites of the Tetrad were maintained in violation of "divide and average" mathematics. So for the Tetrad A:B is 2:3 and B:A is 3:4 against the commutative property, A x B = B x A. In music theory this complimentary opposite inversion of the perfect fifth and perfect fourth is taught as 2:3 is C to G while 3:4 is G to C. This process of complimentary opposites is listened to, as the perfect fifth, perfect fourth harmonics, which create all the notes. Most importantly the complimentary opposite harmonics transduces sound throughout the whole energy spectrum, as I've described in previous articles..

Philolaus, one of the early Pythagorean writers, detailed that this "subcontrary mean" or complimentary opposite harmonic caused any attempt at subdividing the scale into symmetry as a failure. In contrast Archytas changed the "subcontrary" complimentary opposite mean into the "harmonic mean" using "divide and average" mathematics. The outcome has precisely opposite the meaning of "harmony" which for Pythagoreans referred to the paranormal source of sound as the Goddess Harmonia or what I call female formless awareness. For Philolaus the perfect fifth as 2:3 could be inverted to 3:2 and then extended another fifth to 9:4 and then divided back into the octave, below 2, for the major second interval of 9:8 or C to D. Yet 9:8 cubed or three major second music intervals equaled the 3:2 perfect fifth music interval, plus a tiny ratio called "the comma of Pythagoras."

This "comma of Pythagoras" is the difference between the "divide and average" octave system adopted by Archytas and the complimentary opposite fifths inverting into fourths, used by the orthodox Pythagoreans. The "comma of Pythagoras" is the key to harmonic alchemy whereby 2:3, the perfect fifth, is yang in Taoism and 3:4, the perfect fourth, is yin. As Gurdjieff desribes the "shock" of the diatonic scale, whereby the "inverse ratios" do not line up with the octaves, is intensified as the octaves expand. In contrast Archytas argued that 9/8 cubed or three major second intervals equals the square root of two as the Greek Miracle, the axiomatic algebra of the precise incommensurable irrational number. What Archtyas essentially did, as I'll describe, is equate the perfect 5th or 2:3 with the perfect 4th or 3:4 as equally-divided or symmetric ratios through a "divide and average" mathematics.

Archytas took the Babylonian geometric mean of 6:8::9:12 used for harmonics and then applied the Pythagorean Tetrad 1:2:3:4 so that the 2:3 ratio of complimetary opposite frequency was converted to 3:2 as a materialistic vibrating string length. This became known as the Law of Pythagoras even though it goes against the true meaning of the complimentary opposites when this "inverse ratio" is combined with the "divide and average" commutative property. Gurdjieff, for example, still relies on the "inverse ratio" of density or string length versus frequency or consciousness. But Gurdjieff does not use Archytas' "divide and average" symmetric-based mathematics, instead Gurdjieff relies on the Law of Three aka the Tetrad, or octave-fifth-fourth, to resonate through the comma of Pythagoras as the "shocks" of alchemy. In Taoism this system of alchemical shocks is taught as the 12 harmonic nodes along the outside of the body, enabling healing and paranormal energy, an exercise called "the small universe."

The equation used by Archtyas, from Babylon, was arthimetic mean times harmonic mean = geometric mean squared. For the Pythagorean Tetrad this means if A = 1 and C = 2, the octave, then B = 3/2 for the arithmetic mean (A + C divided by 2) and B = 4/3 for the harmonic mean or 2(AC) divided by A + C. Meanwhile B = the square root of two for the geometric mean or the arithmetic mean times the harmonic mean equals the geometric mean squared (3/2 x 4/3 = 2).

The error that Archytas makes is ignoring the "comma of Pythagoras" arising from complimentary opposites harmonics so that the square root of two is equated with 3/2 through the "divide and average" converging sequence. The square root of two is greater then one and less than two which can be solved through the "divide and average" geometric-based continued fraction series of (1 + a)squared = 1 + 2a + a squared. 2a + a squared = 1. Or a(2 + a)=1. Therefore a = 1 divided by 2 + a. Then just keep replacing "a" with "1 divided by 2 + a" for an infinite series that converges as the square root of two. The first iteration is 1 + 1/2 or the approximate series solution, 3/2 = the square root of two.

It needs to be emphasized that the square root of two is actually a "transcendental" number although this is only acknowledged in number theory and not in standard math. There is no positive proof demonstrating that the hypotenuse of the 1-1 triangle equals the algebraic symbol the square root of two since there's no algebric equation demonstrating the square root of two, only an infinite algebraic series that is not a closed set. Most people just learn the geometric proof for the square root of two, demonstrating a "proof by contradiction," which simply states that the ratios are not rational, but it does not consider other options for the ratios, especially the case of diverging complimentary opposite harmonics.

In contrast music theory, based on logical inference, uses listening to complimentary opposites, 1:2:3:4, as proof that the foundation of reality is female consciousness with the male number 1 as an infinite resonance creating an octave, 1/2, that expands in frequency through the perfect fifth or 2:3 or yang, inverting to the perfect fourth or 3:4 as yin. In western music theory this is taught as the "circle of fifths" so that the perfect fifth or 2:3 starts with C to G then continues to finish the octave C through the 12 notes of the scale. C-G-D-A-E-B-F#-C#-G#-D#-A#-F-C. This return back to "C" again ignores the empirical fact that the perfect fifth overtone inverts into the perfect fourth interval -- through complimentary opposites, a dynamic that can be heard in music. So if you have a string marked into 1/2, 1, 3/2 and 2, a node at 3/2 actually is 3/4 of the string. Or you could start the string with zero, and again a node at 2/3 is 3/4 of the string. Similarly a node at 3/4 is 2/3 of the string. What's important is the yin-yang dynamic of this complimentary opposite harmonic thereby creating alchemy.

In other words there's a complimentary opposite between the nodes and the numbers which can be heard as harmonious. For this reason that musical "inverse induction" extension of the perfect fifths does not line up with the the extension of the octaves and this difference is called the "comma of Pythagoras." In Nature there is no "circle of fifths," but rather an infinite spiral of energy transduction that starts and ends with the male number one resonating as a complimentary opposite into female formless awareness and then resonating out as the perfect fifth harmonic which inverts as the perfect fourth to pull back to one and then, through its complimentary opposite -- female formless awareness. This process continues as resonance overtones, just as Dennis Gabor's Quantum Time-Frequency Uncertainty Principle describes: As the time gets less the frequency spreads across the whole energy spectrum. It's no accident that in quantum mechanics the commutative property is also violated with momentum times position not equaling position times momentum -- only in science this is converted back into symmetric-based math using logarithms. Quantum physicist Henry P. Stapp makes this paradox of Number and Order central to the mystery of consciousness in quantum mechanics.

The Golden Ratio also does not converge geometrically, unless, like the perfect fifth music interval, 2:3, the order of the Fibonacci number series is reversed so that there is symmetry between zero and one, using the "divide and average" commutative property. In the converging series expansion the continued proportion A:B::B:A + B of the Fibonacci series, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 is reversed to A:B::B:A-B so that A(A - cool.gif gives a positive solution for geometric convergence. What this means, again, in terms of music is that the frequency ratios of 4:5, the major third, and 5:8, the minor sixth have to be reversed to materialistic string length as 5:4, the cube root of two, and 8:5, an approximation for the golden ratio and also the cube root of four. Kepler used this Golden Ratio as the 3:5 music harmonic to combine it with 5:4, the major third, in order to justify his elliptical orbit analysis. Similarly Newton's inverse square law of gravity was derived from his application of Archytas' symmetry-based logic so that it takes four times the weight on the end of a string to increase the tension to twice the string's frequency. Not until the 1960s did the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London publish this newly discovered Pythagorean-based source for Newton's gravity.

I discovered that Archytas' proof for precisely doubling the cube, his most famous equation, relies on this secret harmonic conversion of ratios into irrationals. Up until now, only a geometric magnitude proof is given for doubling the cube so that A:X::Y:2A refers to X being the side length of the cube that needs to be doubled while the volume as 2A needs to be cubed with the geometric mean equation as 1:2::4:8. The original side length equation is 1:cube root of two::cube root of four:2. In fact these geometric mean ratios are from music harmonics as the major third and its inverse, the minor sixth or Golden Ratio, giving 1:5/4::8/5:2. None of the mathematicians have been able to make this connection to Archytas' conversion of the 2:3, perfect fifth music interval, for this "doubling the cube" proof that creates the Greek Miracle -- an axiom for an irrational number. David Fowler's Mathematics of Plato's Academy book certainly acknowledges the mystery of the music ratios origin for Archtyas' doubling the cube proof. Other mathematicians, like Professor Luigi Borzacchini, with whom I've corresponded, have certainly pondered the math-music incommensurability issue.

And so again the continued proportion proof for the square root of two in its first iteration gives the value 1 + 1/2 or 3/2 = the square root of two which is what Archytas relied on. This same proof is tested by squaring both sides so that 9/4 = 2 (a first iteration in the series) or algebraically y squared + or - 1 divided by x squared = 2. In the geometric mean proof, also used for the Golden Ratio, AC = B squared or N = x(x-1). This also converts back to the Babylonian geometric mean equation so that 6:8::9:12. Because 9/4 = 2, as the first iteration of the square root of two series, this is actually based on the Tetrad harmonics of 3/2 squared which must be divided back into the octave, less than two, as 9/8, the major second interval. Or again Archytas combined the complimentary opposite harmonics of 1:2:3:4 into the geometric mean 6:8::9:12 for an algebraic solution to the square root of two with the iteration of 3:2. So the geometric mean became paradoxically 1:8::9:2 or 1:2 cubed::3 squared:2 but the order is reversed to 9/8 since it's a materialist string length, and not just frequency ratios. In terms of the geometric mean for doubling the cube we can see that 5/4 is just 9/8 as two major second intervals or 10/8 reduced to 5/4, now justified as the cube root of two as the major third while the minor sixth, as 8:5, is just the half and then inverted.

Again Archytas' use of "just tuning" diatonic ratios, also used by Gurdjieff, such as 9:8, 3:5, and 5:4 were solely due to Archtyas' conversion of 2:3:4 as complimentary opposites into the "divide and average" symmetry or the arithmetic mean. So 2:3 became 3:2 from A + C divided by 2 = B with A = 1 and C = 2 as the octave. This conversion of the complimentary opposite Tetrad perfect fifth of 2:3 into 3:2, as an arithmetic mean, then could be doubled, 9/4, and inverted back into the octave as 9/8, the major second interval and then converted to the geometric mean as three major second intervals or the square root of two also known as the "Devil's Interval," the tritone -- C to F#.

An easier way to understand this is described on this physics website:

"Solution …
The ratio of the diagonal of a square to a side is √2:1. (Galileo stated the order of the ratio the other way around, but this is a minor detail.) Each half step (a semitone) up the equal tempered scale multiplies the previous note by the twelfth root of two, two half steps (a whole tone) multiplies the note by the twelfth root of two squared, three half steps by the twelfth root of two cubed, and so on …
1 semitone minor second 12√2 12√2
2 semitones = 1 tone (whole tone) major second 12√2 12√2 6√2
3 semitones minor third 12√2 12√2 12√2 4√2
4 semitones = 2 tones (ditone) major third 12√2 12√2 12√2 12√2 3√2
5 semitones perfect fourth 12√2 12√2 12√2 12√2 12√2 2.4√2
6 semitones = 3 tones (tritone) augmented fourth 12√2 12√2 12√2 12√2 12√2 12√2 2√2

Six semitones is equal to the twelfth root of two to the sixth power, which is equal to the square root of two. This interval is called a tritone, an augmented fourth, or a diminished fifth; for example, C and F♯ (G♭) or F and B. Had I given you a more complete quote from Galileo you would have already known this."

In orthodox Pythagoreanism this use of an attempt to equal-temper the scale into 12 fifths, using the 9/8 ratio as the geometric mean, would not have been allowed since it enables setting up a quadratic equation based on the commutative property and the Pythagorean Theorem. A square x B squared = C squared was always averaged in other mathematic systems but now it could be combined with zero to create a geometric convergence as an irrational number -- the Greek Miracle based on a deep disharmony. The complimentary opposite harmonics which naturally resonate as yin-yang dynamics have now been destroyed. Even supersymmetry is just an extension of what Professor Oliver Reiser called "the music logarithmic spiral" so that mass squared is inversely proportional to energy frequency distance, as detailed by physics professor Gordon Kane.

There is no pure science. Archytas' "doubling the of cube" miracle was used for catapult technololgy while Newton's "inverse square law" from Archytas' geometric mean analysis has been the key for all projectile military technology just as Galileo's Pythaogorean math was used for cannons.

What enabled Archytas to ignore the "comma of Pythagoras" which in alchemy creates an infinite resonance of energy through complimentary opposites was the vast difference of error between the Golden Ratio, the slowest converging irrational number and the square root of two series. So that the inversion of 5:8 into 8:5 for both string length use (instead of frequency) and for use of the quadratic zero, geometric convergence, does not greatly affect the harmonic series accuracy. It's inverse is the conversion of 5/4 or 10/8 into the cube root of two. This is the true secret of the Greek Miracle -- combining the Brahmin cipher system of the commutative property, using zero, with Babylon's equation of the arithmetic mean times harmonic mean equaling the geometric mean squared. Eudoxus simply extended Archtyas' use of the harmonic mean so that it could be applied as the Golden Ratio mean. As the book Excursions into Number Theory notes: "For instance, 99/70, the sixth convergent of square root of two, differs from square root of two by .000072; but 13/8, the sixth convergence of the Golden Ratio, differs from the Golden Ratio by .0070, showing an error nearly 100 times as large." (p. 134)

In conclusion -- mathematicians have never been able to figure out why the ratio 2/3 was sacred in Egypt. Now you know the secret -- or at least to what extent complimentary opposite alchemical harmonics have been covered up.
12-23-2007, 05:54 PM,
Why Science is Freemasonry
Great job, Drew. I won't pretend that I can comprehend half of what you said, even with my now ancient Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, but the message is always the same. Suppression of true knowledge by the G-d hating Talmudic Pharisees running this world are in serious jeopardy because of the lethal combination of skilled researchers such as yourself and the information superhighway.


12-23-2007, 09:59 PM,
Why Science is Freemasonry
Yes you'll probably want to read my "mission statement" of sorts -- my summary of the Actual Matrix Plan --

Thanks for your valient efforts.
12-24-2007, 05:50 AM,
Why Science is Freemasonry

The first step to revolution is consciousness,
So I wont stop screaming at you until this all make sense.
12-24-2007, 06:55 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-24-2007, 06:57 AM by nixed.)
Why Science is Freemasonry
Dr. Hempel, I'd like to know your take on Marko Rodin's work with Vortex Based Mathematics. It seems what you and he teach have a lot in common. Of course, his emphasis is on the Baha'i faith whereas yours is on correcting Freemasonry's/Plato's/Archytas' errors, but the fundamental theory of everything that both of you are talking about is the same.
12-25-2007, 01:26 AM,
Why Science is Freemasonry
Yeah that Vortex system is still based on symmetry-based mathematics, using decimals.
12-25-2007, 07:56 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-25-2007, 07:58 AM by nixed.)
Why Science is Freemasonry
Well, Marko Rodin is saying that there are only truly 9 numbers, and demonstrates this with the base-ten system, as well as with the toroid and the enneagram. He also talks about how this applies to music.

Truly, one could use base-8 or base-16 and still see the same patterns based on the 9 fundamental numbers.
12-25-2007, 08:10 AM,
Why Science is Freemasonry
It's not the modular system at issue but how it's translated back into phonetic symbols using set-theory logic or "one-to-one correspondence" with the commutative property. Quantum mechanics violates the commutative property since momentum times position does not equal position times momentum but this is translated back into logarthmic-based or "divide and average" mathematics, even for higher dimensions - past quintic equations.

Music is not a visually based measurment but a logical process of pure inference whereby there is not a one-to-one correspondence of letter and number so that results are not predictable in an algebraic equation.

OK I just had a long conversation with my relative
who is an engineer -- about this research of mine.

He described how in his work there are amazing
examples of huge energy systems that have a "natural frequency" resonance which must be avoided since it
will cause the system to self-destruct. He mentioned
one engineer who specialized in harmonics and even
used a tuning fork to fix a system that had always
broken down every 3 years. Another system he
described was designed to work by acoustics but
never became commercially feasible.

This type of analysis misses the point of what I'm
getting at -- the West defines frequency as a
materialistic phenomenon, the vibration of an
object, using symmetric-based measurements (divide
and average, and doubling of harmonics for geometric
mean). But if we are honest about frequency we need
to recognize that the overtones are not based on
symmetry but rather complimentary opposites. That
in fact the West has a psychological imbalance --
with a patriarchal use of technology, through
left-brain and right hand dominance.

It would appear that what I'm advocating is
right-brain dominant -- through nonwestern music, but in fact the logical inference of harmonics relies on left-brain analysis. Only the results of the logical inference
are not repeatable because the results are beyond time itself!

Pure consciousness is also not something "neutral"
but in fact is female since it's listened to as the complimnetary opposite source of the one or the

So the West may seem practical but psychologically
it's cut off from this female formless awareness
foundation and the trajectory of the West is
increasing tension and materialistic destruction.
This is not to say that technology is not part of
Nature, only that there is also something beyond
technology which is the foundation of Nature: pure consciousness.

To resonate with consciousness is to go the
opposite direction of Western technology and it's an experiential practice of physiology and light synchronization and bending of spacetime.

While this path is unrealistic in a modern environment since it involves a deeper transformation of psychology,
the process of seeming results inherently relies on a foundation that is more solid than the structure of
12-25-2007, 10:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-25-2007, 10:24 AM by nixed.)
Why Science is Freemasonry
Quote:But if we are honest about frequency we need
to recognize that the overtones are not based on
symmetry but rather complimentary opposites.

What I'm talking about though, is the 1 2 4 8 16 32 pattern, or 1 2 4 8 7 5 which can be arrived at via theosophical addition.

16 = 1 + 6 = 7,
32 = 3 + 2 = 5,
64 = 6+4 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1

This pattern follows that of the 6 connected points of the Enneagram, which as you propose, uses this complimentary opposite system of understanding frequencies.

[Image: enneagram3.gif]

The complimentary opposites would be 1 4 7, 2 5 8, or as depicted, 4 1 7, 5 8 2

To follow the pattern on the ennegram, 4 1 7 decreases by 3's, whereas the opposite 3 numbers, 5 8 2, increase by 3's. Complimentary opposites.

Each opposite, when added together, equals 9:

4 + 5 = 9
1 + 8 = 9
7 + 2 = 9

4 + 1 + 7 = 12 = 3
5 + 8 + 2 = 15 = 6
3 + 6 = 9

No matter which way you cut these six numbers, each side will be the complimentary opposite of the other

1 | 2 4 8 7 5
2 + 4 + 8 + 7 + 5 = 26
2 + 6 = 8
1 + 8 = 9
12-25-2007, 07:56 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-25-2007, 08:00 PM by drew hempel.)
Why Science is Freemasonry
The enneagram is created from the Law of Three triangles but the process can not be contained into a sum of 9.

The idea is not to see how many combinations of nine can be created.

Instead the enneagram remains incomplete as nine precisely because it resonates as formless female awareness.

So consider the 6-pointed star -- which the enneagram does not contain.

The 6 pointed star is two equilateral triangles each made up of the Tetrad -- 1:2:3:4.

BECAUSE THE HARMONICS ARE COMPLIMENTARY OPPOSITES the Tetrad triangle resonates into it's opposite.

This same process causes the enneagram to cycle around -- but the full cycle of equilateral triangles -- the law of three -- is 12 points.

The enneagram is converted into decimals -- as the vortex system you refer to is converted to decimals.

So the concept is not that the total is nine as opposite sums (which is a symmetrical concept).

The concept is that 2:3 and 3:4 do not line up with a 10-based symmetric mathematics whereby A x B = B x A.

So you can't give different multiples of nine to recreate the opposite sums, as you have done, yet still have complimentary opposites -- because decimal-based math relies on the commutative principle, using ZERO.

The "circulation of energy" exercise is actually 12 points -- from the same Law of Three that Gurdjieff derived the enneagram -- it's just that in the West the enneagram has been converted back to decimals and therefore the complimentary opposite dynamic has been lost.

So the ratios expand in value and can not be divided and averaged because 2:3 = 3:4.

Here's the actual practice to achieve this complimentary opposite harmonics -- it's LISTENING (not a visual symmetry system).
12-28-2007, 09:14 PM,
Why Science is Freemasonry
Hey Jeff I ate 3 BULBS of garlic in 12 hours -- it completely destroyed the flu! I also did the below following research as a follow up to the article you posted. Thanks and happy holidays.

"How Birds Sing" by Crawford H. Greenewalt, Scientific American, Nov., 1969 has the secret of "positive coupling" so that an increase in membrane tension increases frequency but also retracts the membrane from the air tube thereby increasing amplitude.

A normal resonant chamber has an exponential decrease in amplitude as harmonics increase exponentially with increase in tension or string length inverse to frequency.

The secret again is waveform with it being a pyramid, tetrahedron, spirochete, vortex or full-lotus body position, that must be measured from logical inference complimentary opposites.

For Descartes a body thrown up vertically with twice the velocity takes twice the time to descend. This is force(t) = momentum x velocity. To convert this back to Archtyas -- mass = the square
root of momentum x velocity just as string length or geometric mean equals the square root of arithmetic mean times harmonic mean.

Leibniz used work as Fs = mv(squared) divided by two -- which is equating arithmetic mean with harmonic mean as an average.

So, like the secret of bird song, this also is a
"positive coupling" because normally the Law of Pythagoras
states that twice the string length = 1/2 the
frequency. So the longer the string the lower the
frequency, as an inverse ratio.

The secret of Archytas was that geometric mean changes
the harmonic mean to arithmetic by using WEIGHT for
geometric mean and in classical physics this means
momentum and velocity HIDE the complimentary opposites
because weight is the average of the extremes. So
twice the velocity is Archytas' "twice the string
length" or 3/2 (Arithmetic Mean) x 4/3 (Harmonic Mean)
= 2 which also means 1/2 the frequency.

But since it's also geometric mean squared the same
new "positive coupling" creates an increase in
string length as momentum or amplitude and an
increase in frequency NOW AS TENSION from weight.
This is where Newton got his "inverse square law"
with 4 times the weight (or pressure) stretching
the string length to twice the frequency, again
in contrast to the law of Pythagoras stating that
twice the string length would be half the frequency.

What Einstein did was just consider that at the speed of light the change in velocity © now just converges
at its own maximum (so it's c squared) while the
weight or momentum changes as mass.

Again Einstein is relying on mass which was originally weight
as frequency turned into amplitude as string length --
the concepts combined as geometric mean to create mass
while the concept of complimentary opposites was lost.

But the "positive coupling" of natural resonance whereby
subharmonics of frequency create a significant increase
in amplitude, as biology professor Brian Goodwin
details in his "Temporal Order of Cells" book, indicates
not the use of weight as mass, with geometric mean,
but instead the change of wave-form with nonlinear
feedback that actually diverges to consciousness
or what some biologists call "sound-pictures." This
positive coupling, instead of being based on weight,
is simply using the complimentary opposite harmonics
and is modeled in science as the Time-Frequency
Uncertainty Principle.
01-04-2008, 06:10 PM,
Why Science is Freemasonry
OK Bryan Olson, you didn't understand Bertrand Russell so well and this may be embarrassing for you.

In consolation, it is true that there is a "positive solution" for the square root of two, given in the
book "Number: The Language of Science" by Dantzig
(praised by Einstein as the best book on number

The positive solution for the square root of two
is only found by SQUARING the continued fraction
series of 1.414 which, while an infinite irrational,
does converge to 2, again when squared.

This is the reason that the square root of two
is not considered "transcendental" by mainstream
science but, as Bertrand Russell argued, the continued
fraction to solve the square root of two is not a
closed converging geometric set, rather it is a
THINGS or just pure geometry.

This difference between calculus as geometry and
algebra as number theory is also the focus of the 1999 Philosophy journal article, "Did the Greeks Discover
the Irrational?" by Professors Hugly and Sayward.
The proof by contradiction that combines algebra with geometry is a negative proof referring to AREA and
SIDE (pure geometry notions) not the LENGTH as a
algebraic NUMBER. Again this is why the square root
of two is transcendental, because the algebraic
proof is not logically valid.

What this means is rather esoteric yet crucially
important for the issue of alchemy through
complimentary opposite harmonics.
As I detailed
Stephen Hawkings notes that in India there was no
concept of the GEOMETRY being "incommensurable" or
irregular. Rather the Indians (Babylonians, Chinese,
etc.) understood that the divide and average
continued fraction was infinite as a time-based
iteration but the SACRED geometry was finite and
regular (not incommensurable).

Western science converts time as an infinite process
to space as an infinite process but the space is
IRREGULAR (asymmetric). This means that mathematics
relies on symmetric-based algebraic equations but
the result is a convergence on space through
destructive technology.

In contrast, in alchemy, time is not defined through
distance but rather as something that is listened
to, through complimentary opposite harmonics. Again
this is why the major second, as 9/8 cubed, equals
the Perfect Fifth (YANG) or 2:3 PLUS THE COMMA OF
PYTHAGORAS. Archytas converted the doubling of
frequency through octaves into a SQUARING of frequency
so that there is now a "positive coupling" of
string length (using weight) for time, now as
distance. Now half the octave is the square root
of two, based on 9/8 cubed, in disregard of the
difference between the fifth-fourth inversions and the
octave doubling. In algebra, using the harmonic series,
half of the octave as string length, 2, is 1/2 -- NOT THE SQUARE ROOT OF TWO. What Archytas did is convert
time as an infinite resonance which reverses itself
through consciousness and instead defined space
as an infinite process that is "incommensurable"
or irrational. Time became a linear finite process
that converges to zero or in terms of technology,
the apocalypse.
01-13-2008, 02:45 PM,
Why Science is Freemasonry
Well not to rain on the Kunlun parade but true samadhi means you no longer sense your body because it's so full of electromagnetic energy. So any talk about full-lotus in a physical sense is still just at a "beginners" level. This true samadhi -- nirvakalpi samadhi -- is explained in Christopher Isherwood's book on Pantajali's yoga sutra. Or you can read Master Nan, Huai-chin's books which will explain the difference between true samadhi and the physical sensations in detail. As a Monk Master Nan is not allowed to give details of what he experiences while in true samadhi but both he and qigong Master Chunyi Lin have stated you can see the stars during the day. Whether that means you travel into space or not....

Anyway before true samadhi is achieved most modern people (like myself) FALL BACK INTO WORLDLINESS as Master Nan, Huai-chin details -- because of HEROIC OVER-EXUBERANCE to use Master Nan, Huai-chin's words. Before nirvakalpi samadhi is achieved the strong electromagnetic fields emanating from the pineal gland enable telepathy, telekinesis and precognition. I had these abilities in a strong way after doing an 8 day "bigu" training (just half a glass of water and lots of small universe, tai-chi, and full-lotus).

Before nirvakalpi samadhi is achieved a vortex of spacetime spins around the body, while in full-lotus. This freaked me out a bit. When a student of Sri Chimnoy asked about this Chimnoy responded: "oh that's just the cosmic energy." But then Peter Kingsley's book "In the Dark Places of Wisdom" details how the ancient Greeks even knew about this necessary vortex experience.

The best detailed analysis of this training is the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality." Right before true samadhi is achieved "immortal breathing" occurs (chapter 10) -- which is probably the type of breathing referred to in conjunction with the golden Dragon body. I achieved "immortal breathing" for a few days -- during my 8 day bigu training. It's deeper than fetus breathing. Immortal breathing means the main acupressure points of the hands and feet actually transduce oxygen through electromagnetic pulsations while the lungs no longer need to contract.

Sri Yuketswar, the guru of Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi," calls this true samadhi state:


Have fun grasshoppers.
01-26-2008, 05:00 PM,
Why Science is Freemasonry
Drew, I have been wondering about something:

What is your take on the number 144,000 and harmonic resonance as it relates to the book of Revelation? I notice the number is highly significant in the occult world.

I would appreciate whatever insights you may have on this.

01-28-2008, 03:44 AM,
Why Science is Freemasonry
It's just another Pythagorean-Platonic number -- the same as 666, a factor of the yang 2:3 resonance. What the bible doesn't clarify is that the Aramaic already relied on symmetric-based gematria, from Platonic cosmology (using logarithmic math from Babylon). So the bible names the problem but doesn't give the solution.

Intentional awareness is the language or images or other internal sensations that enable us to comprehend the emptiness which is pure consciousness aka female formless awareness.

The energy starts as yin or electrochemical energy which turns into blissful heat when it's ionized. This yin energy must be further ionized (by the ultrasound harmonics resonating from listening to the source of our language) so that yang electromagnetic fields are created aka chi.

When the chi gets strong enough (this process is accomplished by combining simple standing exercises with the small universe exercise and with "self-concentration" meditation) then the electromagnetic fields enable the pineal gland to create light which can be projected and seen outside of the practitioner.

That's the opening of the third eye process. Before the third eye opens a person will have strong electromagnetic fields filling up their body so that full-lotus is easy, so that telepathy and telekinesis are achieved along with precognition.

What happens is that this yang energy is sucked in by yin sources outside of the body -- usually females, but not necessarily. A person with strong yang energy will be tempted to use the energy as powers (telekinesis, telepathy, healing, etc.) and also the people with strong yin energy will want the love energy and because of this it's very difficult to FULLY open the third eye (called "stabilization" by Master Nan, Huai-chin).

So having a teacher to transmit the energy into the third eye enables a student to still have a permanent magnetized bliss in the pineal gland which enables the body's energy channels to be opened up again.

When sitting in full-lotus the energy builds up and the right-side vagus nerve transduces the electrochemical lower emotions (sadness, worry, fear, anger, lust) into bliss or love yang light energy which is then shot out of the pineal gland, as directed by the eyes. The pressure of the full-lotus then, like a vortex, sucks up the lower emotion yin energy outside of the body -- creating a cyclic exchange whereby the person in full-lotus shoots out bliss-light while taking in lust, fear, anger, sadness, and worry. This is the "O at a D" mutual climax process creating an internal climax while in full-lotus -- shooting the emission up the spine where it's ionized in the brain.

What enables this complimentary opposite harmonics to occur is the female formless awareness. If there's strong enough yin energy sources around then this enables a person in full-lotus to not need food because the lower emotions serve as preferable electrochemical energy. You need about 10 to 15 internal climaxes a day to not be hungry while in full-lotus. People have extra energy in their bodies but it gets stored as disharmony, creating disease -- so the full-lotus around other people just takes in their extra disharmonic energy and then shoots back harmonized love-light energy. The yin energy is strongly attracted to the yang energy that develops while sitting in full-lotus.

If a person eats normal food in this process it also gets transduced by the vagus nerve and then the anerobic bacteria goes up the brain, along with the serotonin, melatonin and oxytocin, etc. Normally these hormones can not pass the blood-brain barrier but they are ionized by the ultrasound created by the trance-full-lotus harmonics. So after emotions, nutrition is the second cause of blockages and the full-lotus person essentially has switched to a free energy system, not needing food. I eat food anyway and I'm still working on the nutrition bit -- using tea tree oil and peppermint, etc. Sometimes I run out of peppermint or use too much garlic, etc. Also since I eat meat this makes more nutritional blockages -- so diet is kind of a pain. The food is extra energy that most be transduced and shot out of the body as yang energy or otherwise it might turn into water, draining as an emission. As long as I regulate food (about a meal a day) plus make sure to shoot yang bliss-light out of the third eye, then there is no loss of seminal fluid. This means that my lower emotions (and those around me) are being cycled into love-light.

Also as you build up the energy again the body fills with electromagnetic fields which people will want even more than the electrochemical bliss -- and also their reactions will be stronger since you'll be harmonizing deeper blockages. This can actually be dangerous -- not just strange, as is the cause with the cycling of bliss-light.

As for males and yin energy -- I recommend reading how Gurdjieff explains Number One and Number Two people in the book on his philosophy -- "In Search of the Miraculous." Basically Number One people are perverts who consciously have their awareness focused in the sex center or their instinctual center -- the tailbone chakra -- and then act as parasites to suck off other peoples' energy -- without giving anything back. The reaction I have with these type of males is usually lust on their part which means they are attracted to me, and aggressively hit on me, but then assume that I don't know they are doing this because they try to hide their actions with lies. Then when I don't respond or don't look at them (thereby making it harder for them to suck off my energy) and they enquire further or take stronger action and then find out my energy is harmonized (sending out bliss-light -- not lust) -- the reaction is fear. In other words the male pervert trys to suck me off, transducing my bliss-light back into water as seminal fluid, but if I sit in full-lotus this is impossible for them to do. Then when I don't use my energy to express anger as I should, since they realize I know that they are hitting in me, their reaction after they get over the fear, is to use anger against me (as a way to cover up their previous lustful actions) in a new level of psychological denial about their true motivations. Then the cycle returns to self-gratifying lust on their part -- which they are actually controlled by -- it's an addiction usually due to abuse in their youth -- pain that they can't heal yet. That's a deep blockage that would take strong electromagnetic fields to undo.

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